What would happen if we all just stopped for a second and just... existed.
— Adam Henderson

Adam Henderson is a parallel version of Adam Davenport. He appeared in the episode Parallel Universe.

He is portrayed by Spencer Boldman.


Parallel Adam is a nerd, very introspective, philosophical and non-bionic, while the original Adam isn't very intelligent, and is bionic in the original universe. Their feelings are the same, just not their personalities.

Just like the original Adam, he makes offhanded (though philosophical) comments on everything. He does not tease Parallel Chase unlike the original Adam, who often teases Chase about his height. This Adam, however, along with Parallel Chase, gets annoyed with Bree due to her behavior.



When a Parallel Leo came to them in the cafeteria in school, the Hendersons don't recognize him. When Leo revealed his bionic abilities, they were frightened and ran away. After some time, the Hendersons turn Leo in to Agent Gordon of the Department of Homeland Special Ops Unit, but Leo, with the help of Parallel Principal Perry, escapes.

Later, when Leo and the Parallel Donald Davenport accidentally landed back in school, Adam, Bree, and Chase Henderson is searching for Parallel Leo and Leo and Parallel Donald managed to hide from them. When Leo and Parallel Donald Davenport plans to escape, Adam, Bree, and Chase Henderson found them, and calls out the government agents. However, Parallel Leo and Parallel Donald escapes.

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