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Were you raised by a gang of bikers?
— Chase to Kerry

"Adam Up" is the 18th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on September 23, 2013. This is the 38th episode overall. It features the first appearance of Kerry Perry.


In an effort to get out of training duties, Adam enlists Leo’s help to create a duplicate Adam using Davenport’s experimental cell duplicator, which creates any form of organism by just using their DNA. However, Adam’s clone uses the same device to create another duplicate to avoid going to school and the clones he creates repeat the same process resulting in a mob of ever duplicating Adams. Meanwhile, Principal Perry wants Bree and Chase to babysit her niece, Kerry Perry. They two soon realize that she is not as sweet and innocent as she makes it out to be when Bree and Chase found out about the mob of Adams and tried helping them destroy them.


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  • This is the first and only appearance Donald's Cellular Duplicator.
  • The title "Adam Up" is a wordplay on the phrase "add 'em up".
  • Hal Sparks, who plays Donald Davenport, is absent in this episode.
  • This is the fifth episode with a character's name in the title. The first being Leo's Jam, the second being Air Leo, the third being Spike's Got Talent, and the fourth being Leo vs. Evil.
    • This is the first episode to have Adam's name in the title. The second episode is Adam Steps Up.


  • When Eddy says: "Well now he can", the camera changes. Adam has his hands on his hips in one shot, but in the next his arms hang at his sides.


Little elves called. They want you back at the tree to make cookies.
— Kerry to Chase
Oh, come on! The adults are away! If we don't take advantage by doing something destructive, we're no better than... Chase.
— Leo
Leo: Duplicate-Adam is acting just like you, although he did get a D+ on your geography test.

Adam: A D+? He'd better dial it back or we're gonna get caught.

— Leo and Adam on the phone
I'm going to the skate park to throw marbles in the half-pipe and then sell ice packs in the parking lot.
— Kerry
Leo: (Playing along with Eddy like he's hosting a game show) Eddy, we're gonna go with... the cellular duplicator!

Eddy: Good choice! This lovely state-of-the-art device scans human DNA and creates a life-like double using synthetic bio-plasma!

Adam: Too complicated. Go for the riding mower.

Leo: No, this is how we can make two of you. It makes a non-human twin out of a human.

Eddy: That's right, but be careful. It's not fully tested, so there's a small chance it could go horribly wrong.

Leo: Then why are you telling us to use it?

Eddy: There's a small chance it could go horribly wrong.

— Leo, Adam, and Eddy


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