Adam is 6 foot 2, a rare combination of incredible strength and nothin' much else.


Adeo (Ad/am and L/eo) is the brotherly pairing of Leo and Adam.

Other Names

  • Leam (Le/o and Ad/am)
  • Ladam (L/eo and Adam)
  • Aeo (A/dam and L/eo)
  • Adao (Ada/m and Le/o)


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Leo asked Adam what the toilets say.
  • Leo stopped Adam from explaining what the toilets say.
  • Adam asked Leo why he didn't like gym class.
  • Adam threw Leo really high, making him do a slam dunk in front of the whole gym class.
  • Leo was sleeping on Adam's leg in his capsule.
  • Adam said that Leo was drooling on his socks.
  • Adam said that it was Leo's fault that they were getting relocated.
  • Adam said that Leo was the only friend they ever had.
  • Adam mocked Leo for saying he "loved" them.
  • Leo slapped Adam.
  • The two hugged.
  • Leo gave Adam wheat bread and sugar packets for his breakfast.
  • Adam said Leo was a sweet kid.

Leo's Jam

  • Adam and Leo played with toy robots in the lab.
  • Adam helped Leo get Danielle to go to the dance with him.
  • Adam used his super strength to make it look like Leo lifted the lockers off of him.
  • Leo was mad at Adam because Danielle asked him out instead.
  • Leo jumped on top of Adam.
  • Adam sniped at Leo saying going to the dance with Danielle would look like he's going with his babysitter.
  • Adam and Leo were both angry at Chase when Danielle agreed to go to the dance with him.
  • Adam briefly danced during Leo's dance and clapped afterwards.
  • When Leo apologized to Adam and Chase, he referred to them as his brother, and Adam called Leo the brother he never had.
  • Along with Chase, they agreed not to let a girl come between them again.
  • During the ending dance scene, Adam was wearing Leo's jacket.

Rats on a Train

  • Leo grabbed Adam's communicator for the mission.
  • Adam told Leo that he wasn't like them and that they had super cool fun features and Leo doesn't.
  • Adam said that Leo wouldn't survive the train crash.
  • Leo suggested Adam should stop the train with his pinky.
  • Adam knew Leo's middle name was Francis.
  • Leo believed in Adam and that he would be able to pull the rope and stop the train.

Exoskeleton vs. Grandma

  • Adam used Leo as a bar for his bench presses.
  • Leo was fearful of Adam's cooking and didn't want to eat it.

Bionic Birthday Fail

  • Adam helped plan Leo's surprise birthday.
  • Adam called Leo "bro."
  • Adam was just about to bring Leo up before they got distracted.
  • Adam distracted Donald and stole the cyber key from his desk for Leo's gift.
  • Adam let Leo throw him against the wall.

Death Spiral Smackdown

  • Leo paired up with Adam for the smackdown and called him his "secret weapon."
  • Adam told Leo he wasn't using his bionics for the smackdown.
  • Leo poured orange juice in Adam's cereal, and remade it for him with added power pellets.
  • In their first match, Adam braced Leo on the spiral as he stopped it with his foot.
  • Against Gordo, Leo jumped on Adam's back as he sped up the spiral.
  • Leo blocked Adam from eating more cereal.
  • Leo tried to lock Adam in his capsule before the smackdown.
  • Adam said he will crush and destroy Leo as gently as possible.
  • Adam was about to throw Leo before Chase stepped in.
  • Leo pushed Adam off to win the smackdown
  • Adam was angry at Leo for making him use his bionics and said nothing could fix it.
  • Leo offered Adam his victory cape as an apology.
  • Adam forgave Leo, called him buddy and the two hugged.

Back From the Future

  • Adam congratulated Future Leo for growing out of his awkward phase.
  • Adam dug Leo out of the rubble.
  • Adam picked up Leo and hugged him.
  • Adam told Leo he owed him five bucks.
  • Leo hit Adam in the stomach for making fun of his height.

Chip Switch

  • Adam won an arm wrestling match against Leo without his super strength.
  • Adam thought Leo had three other bionic friends and knew superheroes.
  • Adam asked where Leo was during the fire drill.
  • Adam figured out the plan to save Leo in the trapped elevator.

Drone Alone

  • Adam told Leo to blow up the inflatable raft.
  • Leo told Adam to keep Davenport away from his cold cuts.

Mission Invisible

  • Leo couldn't call Adam to shake his cookie bits from the vending machine, which Adam loves.
  • Adam caught the air conditioning vent that was going to fall on Leo.
  • Adam convinced Leo to help grab the hard drive.
  • Adam didn't think they could rescue Leo.
  • Adam thanked Leo for helping them keep their bionics from being revealed to Perry.

Concert in a Can

  • Leo signaled Adam by coughing when Adam mentioned the Lab
  • Adam thought Leo broke Marcus' guitar
  • Adam reassured Leo that he was still their best friend.

Mission: Space

  • Adam revealed the nickname they have for Leo was Mister Tiny McLittlestein.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Leo told a student Adam had a horrible disease.
  • Adam told Leo he wasn't the boss of them.
  • Adam told Leo to put his foot and step on the brakes.
  • Leo said to Adam "Don't you think I would have tried that already?!"
  • Adam told Leo if he wasn't gonna be polite, the conversation was over.
  • Adam agreed with Leo when he said he wasn't a very good enforcer.
  • Adam used his strength to throw Chase's force field towards the car and saved Leo.

Missin' the Mission

  • Adam congratulated Leo for being upgraded to mission specialist.
  • Adam lied to Principal Perry saying the reason they keep missing school is because of Leo and that he's pulling off these crazy pranks called "missions."

Robot Fight Club

  • Adam initially planned to see Leo, and Chase, in the Robot Throwdown finals.

Bro Down

  • Leo didn't believe that Adam could throw Chase over the kitchen counter.
  • Leo tried to warn Adam about Chase's trap prank.
  • Leo fainted after seeing Adam's dislocated arm.

The Rats Strike Back

  • When Leo said he smelled a victory, Adam told him it was feet.
  • Adam threw a large yellow barrel at Leo, making him fall.
  • When Leo was flying around in the air, Adam told him to look for his football.
  • When Leo landed, Adam hugged him, and asked where his football was.

Parallel Universe

  • Adam told Leo to stop making up words and just tell them what happened.

Leo vs. Evil

  • Leo thought Adam was going to win the arm-wrestling match against Chase, and compared Adam to an alligator and Chase to a chicken.

Hole in One

  • Leo told Adam if he was going to destroy paintings, he had to do it the Davenportraits.
  • Leo quipped if Davenport was sent to jail for 20 years, he'd be out in time for Adam's graduation.
  • Adam texted Leo saying they were playing put-put with Perry.
  • Leo didn't think Adam could make the golf shot in the living room.

Trucked Out

  • Leo helped Adam practice for his driving test by rigging one of Davenports golf carts.
  • They high fived over Adam successfully buckling his seatbelt in under 5 seconds.
  • Leo really wanted Adam to pass his driving test so he could drive him to Caroline Davis' party.
  • Leo was happy for Adam for passing his driving test.

The Bionic 500

  • Both Leo and Adam were annoyed from Pierce's midnight joyrides.
  • They both helped Davenport win the race.
  • Adam backed up Leo when he said that Clayton and his wallet have the same voice.
  • Leo was able to get a locker upgrades for Adam, Bree and Chase.

Bionic Showdown

  • Adam pushed Leo back in the lab when he got caught up in the moment and almost ran out with them.
  • Leo went to save Adam and the other from Douglas.
  • Adam threatened Douglas he would destroy them after Marcus injured Leo.
  • Adam discovered a new hidden ability when protecting Leo from Marcus.
  • Adam help Leo up in the exoskeleton.

Adam Up

  • Adam and Leo had plans to play human bull's-eye bounce before Adam was stopped because he needed to train more.
  • Adam and Leo created a duplicate of Adam.
  • Adam and Leo played human bull's-eye bounce upstairs as the duplicate continued training.
  • Leo went to school with duplicate Adam.
  • Adam froze Leo's fish tank to go ice fishing and cooked Leo's goldfish, Beyoncé, for dinner.
  • Leo helped find the missing Adam duplicate.
  • Leo ran after the last duplicate Adam who was working as a pizza delivery driver.

The Haunting of Mission Creek High

  • Adam got angry at Trent for picking on Leo and referencing Leo as his brother.
  • Adam and Leo, along with Chase, teamed up to scare Trent.
  • Leo jumped up into Adam's arms.
  • They formed a ghost hunting team to capture Jasper.

My Little Brother

  • Leo agreed to help Chase find Adam.
  • Adam tried to get Leo's attention.
  • Leo searched for Adam in the garbage bin.

Season 3

The Jet Wing

  • Adam misinterpreted Leo's stunt plan.
  • Leo tried to high five Adam.
  • Leo ran to get Adam and Bree from the school to help save Donald.
  • Leo had to guide Adam back to the launch site.
  • Leo got Adam to hold down the box Bree was in as she was glitching.

Mission: Mission Creek High

  • Adam referred to Leo's date with Janelle as a disaster.

Zip It

  • They were playing video games together.
  • Leo and Adam were responsible for taking care of the chores..
  • Leo and Adam built the zip-line together and rod them through the house.
  • They both shot each other down with T-Shirt cannons.
  • Adam apologized to Leo for shooting him with a brick in his pocket.
  • Adam and Leo both wanted to knock Davenport off. 
  • They went to knock Tasha off the zip line. 

Not So Smart Phone

  • They were setting up bowling pins in the lab.
  • Leo recorded Adam bowling with his bionics.
  • Leo commentated that Adam was a combination of incredible strength and nothing much else.
  • Adam didn't think Leo photographed well.

Scramble the Orbs

  • Leo wanted to get Adam to attack him, which Adam refused because he knew Leo was just taunting him.
  • Leo then threw a water bottle at Adam which made him snap and called Leo "little man".
  • Adam suggested Leo should go to the gym.
  • Adam pushed Chase towards Leo.
  • They high fived.
  • Leo went to Adam's play.
  • Leo asked for Adam's help destroying the orbs.


  • Adam wanted to go save Leo and Tasha from Krane.

Three Minus Bree

  • Leo asked Adam to look after Eddy (inside Tasha) and told him to keep him in the house.

Cyborg Shark Attack

  • Leo and Adam went to see the movie "Shark Beach" with Chase.
  • Adam questioned Leo's man-hood after he explained why he was afraid of sharks.
  • Leo told the school it was Adam and Chase who were screaming at movie.
  • Adam helped Chase get back at Leo with Donald's robotic sharks.
  • Leo told Adam he would understand why he lied when he meets a girl.
  • Adam told Janelle it was Leo who was really screaming at the movie.

You Posted What?!?

  • Adam said Leo was in his top 50 friends.
  • Adam wanted to go see Leo in the hospital.
  • Adam was shocked when Principal Perry said they lost Leo, mistakenly thinking he died.
  • Leo threw a laser sphere at Krane as he was about to attack Adam.

Armed and Dangerous

  • Leo got jealous when Janelle turned her attention to Adam and his bionics for her science fair project.

Rise of the Secret Soldiers

  • In Adam's blog, he wrote that Leo is their "adorable 8 year old sidekick, Lee Clooney."
  • Adam drove the protesters (including Principal Perry) away from Leo with his breath ability.
  • He told Leo not to screw up his first official mission with them.

First Day of Bionic Academy

  • Adam told Leo to call him Mr. Adam.

Season 4

Forbidden Hero

  • Adam was shaking Leo's head.
  • They were sitting on the couch together.
  • When Tasha wanted to take Leo home, Adam said: 'You can't do that'.
  • Adam helped Leo save Tasha.

Lab Rats: On The Edge

  • Adam made a cardboard cutout of Leo.
  • Adam wanted to be sure that the real Leo knew he was apart of the team.
  • They shared a hug.

The Vanishing

  • They both volunteered to stay back at the academy.


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