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Adonald (Ad/am and D/onald) is the pairing of an adoptive dad and his adoptive son, which is Adam and Donald Davenport.


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Adam told Donald that the Davenport Household was his home.
  • Adam said that the robots Donald made were the coolest things he has ever seen.

Commando App

  • Adam was happy when Donald said he was fairly stable.

Rats on a Train

  • Adam told Donald the first thing he would put in his high speed train was a cup holder and a bumper sticker that said "I brake for cows."

Bionic Birthday Fail

  • Adam talked to Donald so he could swipe his cyber key when he wasn't looking.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Adam asked what they could do when Donald asked for help with Tasha's dinner.

Missin' the Mission

  • Adam accidently sent Donald flying, making him crash into the door.


  • Adam kept thinking Donald was a witch throughout the episode.
  • Adam hit Donald causing his cyber mask to turn off, and making them all get caught.

Bro Down

  • When Adam said it was funny when he hurts Chase, Donald told him it wasn't funny.
  • Donald told Adam there was nothing wrong with being cautious but being too cautious could make him overthink things.
  • Donald asked Adam what he was saying when he said he wasn't going on any more missions, and Adam said that he quit.
  • Donald pretended Chase was locked in his capsule, so when Adam came down to the lab, he told him to break open the door.
  • Donald told Adam his foot turned on the heat sanitizer, so Chase was actually trapped in his capsule.
  • Donald told Adam to break open the door.
  • When Adam realizes Chase is actually trapped, he asked Donald why he didn't say anything, and Donald said he did.

The Rats Strike Back

  • Adam told Donald they were sticking it to him (after Leo said it) and it's gonna be really hard to get off.
  • When Donald said they wanted to play hardball, Adam said yes,they did, then they're gonna go back to striking.
  • Donald told Adam the cream was sour cream, after Adam said it was face cream.
  • Donald took Adam's burrito from him, and said he will be having it for lunch.
  • Adam told Donald if they were replacing them with Leo, he should have the same training as they did, but Donald said that wasn't necessary.
  • Adam told Donald he wanted a purple pony named Blue, and later he said he would let Donald ride it.

Parallel Universe

  • When Donald asked if they've always wondered where this stuff came from, Adam said no, but onion rings, yes.
  • Adam asked what Donald's toy did.
  • Donald told Adam his invention was not a toy, and he started to explain what it was in front of everyone.

Leo vs. Evil

  • Adam told Donald to enjoy Tasha being gone, and to take a day off.
  • Donald told Adam about the story of him being locked in the car with the keys.
  • Donald told Adam they owed him an apology.

Hole in One

  • Donald explained to Adam what he got from the auction.
  • Donald told Adam that the painting was abstract art.

Trucked Out

  • Donald was going to buy a car with Adam.
  • Donald and Adam went to school to get Adam's bag.
  • Donald and Adam drove into the school.

Season 4

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