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Hurry this up, I gotta get this suit back at the funeral home.
— The Announcer to Donald

The Announcer is a character who commentated the Robot Throwdown battles at the Mission Creek Arena.

He is portrayed by Mark Christopher Lawrence.


The Announcer is first seen introducing Kevin Stone and his robot, the Merchant of Menace. Then he introduces Chase Davenport and Leo Dooley with their robot, Josh.

Once he says it's time to get started, a man gives him a card, which is introducing Donald Davenport. The Announcer reads Donald's long intro card, but gets bored, saying he's not gonna read all of it.

He starts to commentate the battles that happen at the arena, then comes out on stage announcing the semi-final contestants.

Once Chase and Leo's robot takes down Kevin's robot, he announces the final contestants. He then tells Donald to hurry the battle up so he can take his suit back to the funeral home.

The Announcer comes out on stage to announce the defeat of Donald's robot, and announce victory to Leo and Chase's robot, Josh.