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Did you really think I would betray my own family? (...) Even if you could offer me every ability there is, I would never go to your side. We're a team, and teams never quit on each other.
Chase to Douglas

Avalanche!” is the 17th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It aired on September 26, 2013. This is the 37th episode overall.


As the Lab Rats return from a mission, Chase feels like the odd man out, after Adam and Bree are given all of the credit for the mission's success. Out to prove himself, Chase heads to the Arctic to retrieve rare minerals that Davenport needs for an invention, but finds himself trapped in an avalanche. Meanwhile, Leo invites Janelle over and things go a little awry.


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After returning from a mission, Chase is annoyed that he isn't being credited enough for his smarts, and only his siblings get the credit. The matter is quickly put aside, no one really taking an interest in it. Donald shows off a new invention: a Cryoblaster. Donald then tells them about their new mission, which is to travel to an remote place in Antarctica to collect a rare material for his machine, Cytanium. When Donald finds out that a 'Category 5' storm is approaching he calls off the mission. Chase objects Donald, saying that they could do it. Adam and Bree tell him not to worry about it and leave. Ignoring Davenport's orders, Chase goes anyway to prove that he can be as good as Bree and Adam even if he doesn't possess their enhanced speed or strength. Donald finds out about Chase's whereabouts once Bree questions his absence. On the com-set, Donald warns Chase of an approaching avalanche that will hit any second. Chase reassures him that he is fine and that he is collecting the last samples of the mineral needed. But before Chase knows it, the avalanche hits and Donald loses contact with him. Hope is not lost, though, and Donald sends Adam and Bree on a rescue mission to save Chase.

Douglas finds and rescues Chase first. Chase learns that he had been stalking them, or as Douglas would call it, "lovingly lurking in the shadows", and that Adam and Bree were retreating and not coming for him. Douglas then tries to persuade Chase to join his side, telling him that he understands the difficulties that Chase is going through, can help him achieve "all that he were meant to be" and give him Adam's and Bree's abilities (and many others) as well. Chase doesn't know what to choose, and Douglas adds another reason why Chase should join his side. "The same family that mocks you and never gives you the credit that you deserve?" Chase then agrees to help him, asking "What would I have to do?" Douglas explains to him that they need to get to the lab to use Donald's gadgets to download Chase's bionics into his chip. Chase sneaks Douglas into the lab, and as the download is being completed Donald, Adam, and Bree enter the lab. They are surprised to find Chase there, unharmed.

Meanwhile, upstairs, a study session with Janelle turns into disaster when Leo accidentally freezes her with the Cryoblaster. He tries to think of ways to unfreeze her, while hiding his frozen friend from his mother. Tasha finds out eventually and is enraged. She tries to take the Cryoblaster away and Tasha gets frozen by it as well. Leo soon receives a phone call from Janelle's mother informing him that she was coming to pick her up soon. Leo, now desperate to unfreeze the two people in the ice cube, runs down to the lab for help.

Leo barges into the lab, saying: "Alright Big D, I know I'm not supposed to touch your stuff, but you know how things happen when you really don't want them to happen and that just happens to be what just happened. Upstairs.", not realizing the presence of Douglas. When he does, he gets scared, letting out a scream. Douglas goes on to explain that Chase is now on his side and that the download is complete, Chase will have all three bionic abilities. To Douglas' surprise, he learns that Chase double-crossed him. Chase states that "Even if you could offer me any ability there is, I would never join your side". Douglas finds himself in a tight situation and takes out a hidden weapon to use against the family, but Chase freezes him with the Cryoblaster before he could do any harm.

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As the family are thinking of what to do with "Frozen Uncle Dougie" Leo tells his family of the problem that is awaiting upstairs. In the end, Adam uses his laser vision to melt Tasha and Janelle.

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Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • This episode marks the return of Douglas Davenport after his disappearance in Bionic Showdown.
  • This is the second time Adam has used his heat vision in front of people. The first being in front of Caitlin.[1]
  • The events of this episode were mentioned in Rise of the Secret Soldiers.
  • Chase double crosses Douglas.
  • Janelle, Tasha and Douglas all get frozen in a giant block of ice. However, the former two get thawed out by Adam's heat vision.

Cultural References

  • The freeze machine that Donald has is like the Freeze Ray that Gru in Despicable Me has.


  • After Tasha discovers Janelle in the ice block, Leo is holding a hairdryer. Moments later, it is on the couch behind him.
  • When Adam and Bree are searching for Chase in the snow, Adam switches between having his goggles on and off between shots.
  • After Adam unfreezes Tasha and Janelle, there's no water on the ground where Tasha and Janelle is standing even though the ice was supposed to turn into water. If this isn't the case, the ice must have evaporated the second the ice melted.
  • After they unfreeze Janelle and Tasha, they are still in their mission suits, possibly exposing their secret.
    • It might be possible the mission suits were mistaken for insulating snow weather clothing created by Davenport Industries.


Look... Chase... you and I have a lot more in common than you think. I know what it's like to be unappreciated, to have a sibling who always steals the spotlight. I know how hard it's been for you... and I can help.
— Douglas to Chase
Oh, that's a great team name! Hustle, muscle and...chu...sle Don't worry, we'll find you an 'usle'.
— Donald
Chase: I am so tired of these two getting all the attention because they have super-speed and super-strength. I never get any of the credit.

Donald: That is not true, Chase. They just have a lot of flash, but you're the glue that holds that flash together. You're... flash glue.

— Chase and Donald about Adam and Bree
Douglas: I just did. The download's finished! I now have the power to give Chase all three abilities. And now you can't stop us!

Chase: Actually, they can. That USB you're holding is completely useless.

Douglas: Then what just took an hour and a half to download?

Chase: A list of everything Adam's ever eaten.

Adam: Not my Incredible edibles!

— Douglas, Chase, and Adam
(gasps) It's Evil Uncle Daddy!
— Adam
Yeah, but I think we all know who did the heavy lifting. Look, I'll give you a hint: Starts with an 'A', ends with an 'M', there's a big 'da' in the middle. Okay guys, it's me.
— Adam
Yes. I flew ten thousand miles around the world in a massive storm and risked my life in an avalanche to RESCUE YOU so I could then poison you.
— Douglas using sarcasm to Chase
Chase: You've been stalking us?

Douglas: You call it "stalking," I call it "lovingly lurking in the shadows."

— Chase and Douglas
Chase: Did you really think I would betray my own family?

Douglas: Well, it's always worked for me.

— Chase and Douglas



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