Leo just saved our lives. That was supposed to be us.
Bree to Adam and Chase

"Back From the Future" is the 11th episode in Season 1 of Lab Rats. It first aired on June 21, 2012. It features the only appearance of Future Leo


Future Leo travels back in time to tell Leo that Chase, Bree, and Adam won't make it to the future and that the only way to stop them is to not let them go to their ultra collider mission. Adam, Bree and Chase go anyway since the whole world is in their hands. After Leo goes after them and saves their life by pushing them aside when the dome collided, Adam digs up Leo ending up saving every one of them. Leo misses his date with Janelle, and Future Leo ends up with a dog instead of Janelle.


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  • Donald gains a lot of weight in the 7 years after Adam, Bree and Chase get crushed by the rubble.
  • Future Leo is played by Tyler James Williams, who is the real-life brother of Tyrel Jackson Williams.
  • The events in this episode were discussed twice in Bionic Rebellion. Except the second time, with just Leo, Leo made it seem way more dramatic.

Cultural References

  • The title is a reference to the late 1980s film franchise, Back to the Future.


  • Future Leo claims that Janelle gave him the pink tie shown in the picture of the two of them, but when the dog replaces Janelle in the picture, he is still wearing the pink tie.
  • When Current Leo explains to Janelle, he most likely revealed that Adam, Bree, and Chase have bionics to Janelle. Janelle however, did not believe him.
    • However it could be possible Leo told her the story because he knows she won't believe it.
  • When Donald says "backup," Chase is standing by him, but when the scene changes to another camera, Chase is leaning with his elbow on the counter.
  • When Future Donald was on the holophone, he was in the old lab but in Mission: Mission Creek High they get a new lab.
    • However, this may be due to the fact that saving the Lab Rats completely changed the timeline, because in the original timeline, their deaths would have prevented Douglas from kidnapping them, and by extension, his subsequent act of destroying the lab.


Bree: We were a good team while it lasted, guys.

Chase: Yeah. Thanks for always being there.

Adam: Of course.

Bree: You too.

— Bree, Chase, and Adam at the mission
Chase: He didn't need bionics to be a hero.

Adam: He owed me five bucks.

— Chase and Adam about Leo's presumed death
Donald: So, uh... heh-heh... what did time-travel feel like? Did your body mass increase exponentially as you accelerated towards light speed?

Future Leo: Uh, I pushed a button, felt a lot of wind, there was a big flash, but - yeah - mass and speed stuff.

— Donald and Future Leo
Leo: Whoa. What is that?

Future Leo: It's a holophone.

Donald: I invented the holophone?

Future Leo: No, but you did wait in line six days to get one.

— Leo, Future Leo, and Donald
Leo: He didn't fit into the time machine?

Future Leo: You saw that man. He doesn't fit into anything.

— Leo and Future Leo about Future Donald
Donald: That's me? Please tell me the holophone adds a hundred pounds.

Leo: Even if it did, what about the other two hundred?

Future Leo: The next seven years are pretty hard on you, Big D.

Leo: (snickers) Or should I say "Bigger" D? Am I right?

— Donald, Leo and Future Leo about Future Donald
Leo: Hey, Big D, I got an A on my history test.
Donald: Yeah, did you cheat by getting the answers off of future you?
Leo and Future Leo: So, how's that rover comin' along?
Donald: Would you do me a favor? When I see you in seven years, would you remind me to tell me how awesome I am? Let me just high five myself like that: Uh!
Leo and Future Leo: Oh, I'm sure you forget. Hey, you just said what I said! Well, technically I just said what I said. Okay, you need to stop that right now. Stop, stop stop! (Future Leo covers Leo's mouth)


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Lab Rats- Back From the Future (Clip)

Lab Rats- Back From the Future (Clip)

Clip - Back From the Future - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

Clip - Back From the Future - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

Lab Rats- Back From The Future Trailer

Lab Rats- Back From The Future Trailer



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