I thought it'd be funny to watch a little tow truck pull that huge thing away. It was.
— The Beach Sheriff to Adam in Dude, Where's My Lab?

The Beach Sheriff is a character who only appeared in Dude, Where's My Lab? as a beach sheriff while the Davenport/Dooley family was at the beach.

He is portrayed by Judson Mills.


The Beach Sheriff first appeared when Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo was trying to figure out how their R.V. was missing. He tells them that he had their car towed, because the alarm was going off for about an hour, and in order to get it back, they would have to pay two hundred clams (dollars).

He later appears in the episode when Adam, Bree, and Chase are performing to make money, and tells them to show him their performance permits. They don't have performance permits, so he puts them in jail. He is last seen when he got a phone call about his scooter being towed.


  • He patrols the beach by riding around on a scooter, and he wears flip flops. Chase doubted that he was a real cop because of this breech in common law enforcement etiquette.
  • His main resoning for wanting the R.V. towed is because he wanted to watch a tow truck (which compared to the R.V. was small) pull the R.V. away, which he found amusing. 
  • His voice emulates a Californian surfer's accent, which could be either due to him working at the beach, or the reasoning for him being stationed there. 
  • He was the last guest character in Season 1  
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