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70 bucks, final offer.
— Bill to Adam

Bill is the buyer who bought Tasha's jewelry box. Adam sold him the jewelry box for 70 dollars, not knowing it was important to Donald (since he wanted to fix it for Tasha). His only appearance was in Chore Wars.

He is portrayed by BK Kennelly.


Bill was first seen looking around the house during the yard sale (inside the Davenport Household). He see's Tasha's old jewelry box, and offers to buy it for 30 dollars. Adam is surprised, and repeats the amount of money he says, it's assumed Bill thinks Adam doesn't think that's a good amount, but Adam does. So he increases the amount to 50 dollars. Adam, shocked, repeats it again, so Bill offers 70 dollars, and he says that's his final offer. Adam says "Sold!" and Bill takes the jewelry box, and walks away.

After knowing that the jewelry box is actually special to Donald, since he was going to fix it, Adam, Bree and Chase try to get the box back.

Bree contacts Bill, and she says he will sell the jewelry box back, but for 200 dollars, which was higher than which he bought it for. Although, Bree it was an antique, so that's how much he's selling it for.

In the end, Donald buys back the jewelry box back from Bill, for 200 dollars.


  • It seems he is bit selfish, due to not selling back the jewelry box for how much he got it for.
  • Bree and Donald both contacted him, but it wasn't shown. He only appeared in the house when he was buying the box from Adam.
  • Bree said that Bill is their neighbor, although, it is unknown if he is still their neighbor.