You are a bad dog!
Douglas to Otis

"Bionic Dog" is the 5th episode in Season 4 of Lab Rats: Bionic Island. It first aired on April 8, 2015. This is the 77th episode overall. It features the first and only appearance of Otis


When Douglas' long lost dog, Otis, shows up on the island, Chase becomes severely allergic to him and Adam instantly bonds with him. Meanwhile, Leo gets a new smartphone, but becomes addicted to it's assistant, Shelly.


Adam Davenport brought a dog to the bionic island and Douglas reveals that its his long lost dog, Otis. However, Chase started sneezing because he has allergies so Douglas said it's time Otis have to leave but he lied and said to Adam to hide the dog. Meanwhile Leo gets a new smartphone and fell in love with it's assistant, named Shelly. Bree asked him to stop bonding with the assistant because he wasn't going outside or talking to real people. When Leo is gone it seems that Bree also fell in love but with another phone assistant named Liam. Bree accidentally uploaded Liam to Leo's phone. Leo came to take his phone and realized that Bree got rid of Shelly and installed Liam to his new smartphone. Leo got angry and started fighting with Bree to get his phone back. Suddenly there was a crash from the weapons storage room, Douglas was present but not injured. Adam, Chase and Otis went to help Douglas. Chase finds a tripwire that proved it was no accident. Adam asks Otis to sniff the wire to find who did it and he went to Chase to frame him. Otis' motives are revealed: his plan is to eliminate Douglas. Adam and Douglas are playing with Otis when Chase comes in and says he can't find out who did it, then leaves to check the security footage. He sneezes, and pleads with them to get the dog off the island. Douglas decides to take the dog away, but Adam wants to say goodbye. Otis activated the override app on Adam which made Otis able to control him. He makes Adam lick Douglas' face and bite his leg. Douglas and Chase tried to stop Adam from acting crazy because they didn't know that Adam was being controlled by Otis. Chase reveals that Otis was the one who tried to kill Douglas by showing him the security footage. Chase scans Otis's chip and sees many abilities. Douglas said it must be Victor Krane who gave extra abilities to Otis, and gave him a mission to find him and take him out. They figure out that Otis is controlling Adam and that's why he's acting like a dog. Otis continues trying to destroy Douglas by shooting lasers at him. Chase manages to get Otis to stop by covering himself in peanut butter. Otis chased Chase and later he got stuck in a net. Douglas extracted Otis bionic chip and Otis is back to a normal dog. Adam jumped on Chase who was covered in peanut butter and started licking him. Douglas said that Otis's chip was removed and no one is controlling him. Adam reveals that he loves peanut butter and he wasn't being controlled. Then, as Adam, Chase, and Douglas walk toward the Hydroloop with Otis to take him back to the mainland, Douglas says he found a good home for Otis, with the Krane family. Adam and Chase give him strange looks, but he reassures them that the family has no relation to Victor Krane. Then, Leo and Bree came out of a room still fighting and they accidentally dropped the phone. Otis pees (urinates) on the phone which completely ruins it. Leo and Bree stop fighting and neither of them want it anymore.


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  • This is the first time a dog has been on set as a character.
  • It is reveled that Chase Is allergic to dogs in this episode
  • This is the second episode dealing with a remnant of Krane's evil legacy after his death, the first being Bionic Rebellion, in the form of Sebastian.
  • This is the second time in Season 4 that a main character (Donald) is absent.
    • This is also Spin and Bob's second absence.
    • This is the also first episode in the Academy without the Bionic Soldiers, as well as their first absence since their official debut.
  • It is revealed Douglas gave Otis bionics since he was injured.
    • It is also revealed that Krane must have added Otis's override app, and gave him a directive to eliminate Douglas.
    • Otis's chip was removed by Douglas.
    • This is the second time someone's bionic chip has been removed. The first being Sebastian, Lexi and Tank. (Bionic Rebellion)
  • This episode is part of the "Cuddly Wuddlies Go Wild!" episodes.
  • Otis used the override app on Adam.
  • This episode marks the second time Leo's phone breaks.  The first being Leo vs. Evil.
  • This is Douglas's second Season 4 appearance in a row.
  • This is the second episode in Season 4 to have the word Bionic in the title, the first being Bionic Rebellion.
    • This is the 7th episode overall to have the word bionic in its title.
  • Leo has a smartphone assistant on his phone that he talks to called Shelly. Shelly is a loose parody of Siri on the iPhone. (Starting from the iPhone 4s)
    • Bree changed it to a smartphone assistant called Liam, which has a british accent. She talks to him a lot like Leo talks to Shelly a lot.
  • This is not the first time when Adam brings an animal (or living being) back and Chase doesn't approve.
  • Bree watches a video of Laughy Cat, who is a character from Kirby Buckets. Laughy Cat was featured as an Easter Egg in every episode of "Cuddly Wuddlies Go Wild!" week, including Mighty Med.
  • This is the first episode that an animal is bionic.
  • Bree's Irish background is brought up again. It was previously established in Bionic Showdown that the Davenports have Irish heritage.
  • This is the second time Adam is controlled by the override app, the first being Death Spiral Smackdown. Similar to that episode, Adam enjoyed what he was told to do even though he was disconnected.
  • Even though Otis was trying to eliminate Douglas, he didn't (and still couldn't) do anything mean to his pet, showing he has quite the tender heart. He could have been this way even being evil.
  • This is the first episode of Season 4 where Adam, Bree and Chase never where their mentor suits.
  • This the second episode in which a human acts like a creature. The first was Perry in Principal From Another Planet.
  • This is the second episode that featured a dog. The first being Back From the Future.


Lab Rats Bionic Island - "Bionic Dog" Previews

Lab Rats Bionic Island - "Bionic Dog" Previews

Lab Rats Bionic Island - "Bionic Dog" Preview

Lab Rats Bionic Island - "Bionic Dog" Preview


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