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This is a complete transcript of the episode Bionic Rebellion.


Part 1

(in the training area)

Bree: Okay, Lexi, when you're under attack, use your superspeed as a distraction to catch your enemy-- (Lexi uses superspeed to trip Bree) off-guard.

Lexi: I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Bree: Yeah. Tomorrow we'll cover timing.

Adam: Okay, guys, this is called Bionic Arm Wrestling. Now, it's not really training, but it's fun. So we're doin' it. All right Tank, you're up first. Go! Okay, Tank, you can let go now! Let go!!! Uh, since you guys have never arm wrestled before, let me explain what just happened. I won.

Sebastian: Wow. Looks like we've all learned a lot from you guys. Pretty soon I might even be smarter than you.

Chase: (chuckles) Don't ever say that again.

(Leo walks in)

Leo: Good morning, everyone.

Spin: Not for me. Bob kept me up all night with his snoring.

Bob: It's not my fault. You try breathing with this thing. I've got a Spin-sized nose on a Bob-sized body.

(Donald walks in)

Donald: Greetings, everyone. I hath returneth from the mainland. (accidentally slaps Leo in the face with hand gesture)

Leo: And no one careth. (slaps Donald in the face with hand gesture)

Donald: Aw, come on. No fanfare? No balloons? No rousing round of applause?

Bob: I didn't even know you were gone.

Spin: If you're looking for applause, try adding a couple more bathrooms in the student dorm. Maybe just one exclusively for Bob.

Bob: I gotta agree. It ain't pretty in there.

Donald: I'm gonna take your word for it. Guys? (gestures for Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo to follow him) So, how have things been going here without me?

Bree: Amazing! I mean, uh...we miss you! (makes heart shape with hands)

Sebastian: Don't worry, Mr. Davenport. Adam, Bree, and Chase have been doing a great job. They're amazing mentors.

Donald: Well, good. Maybe I can cut my trip short and head back to the mainland tomorrow.

Adam: Cool. He finally got the hint. I mean, "She loves you!" (attempts to make heart shape with hands)

(Perry walks in)

Perry: Not so fast, Donnie Come Lately. Things around here aren't as peachy as the droid babies say they are.

Leo: Really? Name one problem, Sergeant Short Set.

Perry: Well, for starters, they've been littering in the hallways.

Bree: That was you.

Perry: Making rude gestures to passing Coast Guard ships.

Adam: Also you.

Perry: And sneaking extra dessert from the cafeteria.

Chase: Seriously? You're wearing the evidence.

Perry: No. That was from a different stolen meal.

Donald: Great. You're my head of security and you're the one breaking all of the rules.

Perry: Well, I know I didn't steal a set of key cards from my own security office, so it had to be one of your students.

Donald: These kids would not steal your key cards. Knowing you, you probably lost them.

Perry: Hey! I will not have my employees talk to me like that!

Donald: You work for me!

Perry: Keep telling yourself that, boss man. Don't walk away! There's something sketchy going on!

(everyone except for Sebastian leaves the room)

Sebastian: Getting revenge on all of you...is gonna be easier than I thought. (holds up keycards)

(Theme song plays)


(in the Mentor's Quarters)

Donald: So, how do you like your new living quarters?

Bree: I love 'em! We went from a dingy basement to paradise. It's like we won the lottery. Or finally got a parent who cares about us.

Adam: Yeah, I mean, people would pay to stay here. Oh, that reminds me. I rented the place to an Australian family for the month of August. Hope that's cool.

Leo: Guys, you're forgetting the best part. You finally get to share a room with me! Isn't that awesome?

Bree: Wait. So, this is like a permanent thing?

Chase: Leo, we only let you sleep on the couch because you threw a tantrum when you were assigned to live in the student dorm.

Leo: I do not throw tantrums. I just express my passion loudly through tears.

(Bob, Sebastian, and Spin walk in)

Bob: Hey, dudes. (to Bree) 'Sup, boo.

Bree: No, Bob.

Bob: I love you, too.

Donald: Hey, guys, what's going on?

Sebastian: Just came to say hi, see how you guys are doin', make sure everything's okay.

Spin: I'm here to see how the mentors live. Ocean view, fireplace...is that a swimming pool?

Bob: Wow! I've never seen one before. (to Bree) Maybe you should throw on a bikini and show me how it works.

Bree: All right, tour's over.

Spin: Hey. If Leo's a student, how come he gets to live in the mentor quarters?

Leo: Because I'm more than a student. I'm family. Which is another way of saying...adiós.

Donald: You know, this place is pretty great. I might just bunk in here with you myself.

Chase: No, that's okay.

Adam: Yeah, we're good.

Bree: Please get out.

(everyone except for Chase and Sebastian leave)

Sebastian: Hey, Chase. I've been meaning to ask you. Am I doing okay with my training?

Chase: Yeah. Of course. You're the best student here by far.

Sebastian: Well, I did learn from the best.

Chase: Say it again. But slower.

Sebastian: I just get so bored of using the same abilities all the time. I wish I could unlock a new one like you did. Think you could do that for me?

Chase: No way. Only Mr. Davenport is authorized to do that. I could get into serious trouble.

Sebastian: You're right. I shouldn't have even asked. I just didn't think it was such a big deal. I mean, I thought we were best friends.

Chase: We are!

Sebastian: Don't worry about it. It's totally cool. (starts to walk away)

Chase: W-Wait. I'll do it. But you can't tell anyone.

Sebastian: I promise. Thanks, Chase. We really are best friends.

Chase: Can you say that again? I want to make it my ringtone.


(in the training area)

Bob: Hey, Spin. Ready for another great day of training? (stretches slightly) All right, that's enough of that.

(Leo walks in)

Leo: Morning, everyone.

Spin: Hey, you're late.

Leo: Yeah, well, you're annoying, so I guess we're even.

(Adam, Bree, and Chase walk in)

Chase: All right, everybody, listen up. Today we're going to take you step-by-step through a real-life mission where we had to shut down a particle collider.

Leo: I was there! I was also on that mission. In fact, I had to rush in there to push these guys out of harm's way. That's right-- I mentored the mentors.

Spin: Liar. You weren't there.

Bree: Actually, he was. He saved our butts.

Adam: Yes, he did. And it was then I realized that he and I would be friends for the rest of...that year.

Leo: I don't even know why I'm in the same group with these amateurs. They're the ones that need to learn, not me.

Spin: You know what I don't need to learn? How to kick your butt!

Leo: Can you even reach that high?

Spin: Oh, you're about to find out! (they start to tussle)

(Perry pushes her way through the crowd)

Perry: Hey hey hey hey! Fight on your own time. And preferably in a large area where I can make a mud pit and charge for admission. I need to see you three. Outside.

Adam: Uh, Leo, we'll be right back. You lead the class. (they leave)

Leo: Got it. Now, where were we?

Bob: Uh, I believe you were telling us what it's like to live with Bree.


(in the common area)

Donald: What's going on?

Perry: Someone stole explosives from the weapons area.

Donald: What?

Adam: No worries. All we have to do is wait for someone to explode, and boom! That's our guy.

Perry: Oh, I already know who did it.

Bree: Who?

Perry: The creepy-looking guy. You know, dark hair, whiney voice, always making googly eyes at you. So right there we know he's messed up in the head.

Chase: Wait. Sebastian? No, he wouldn't do that. He's my best friend. We talked about it. We're official now.

Perry: Well, I scanned the surveillance tape, and he's the only one that was in that area. It all adds up. First, he stole the swipe cards. Then, he broke into the weapons area. Now, if I were a criminal, which I'm not, because community service cleared my record, I'd say that his next move is to blow this place to smithereens!

Donald: Look, you can't just go around accusing students without any proof. And last time I checked, hoarding feral cats in a Winnebago does not count as community service.

Perry: It does it you're dating an animal control officer. (Sebastian walks in) There's the perp right there! Hey! Where ya headed, Sebbie? Out for a stroll? Little break between classes? Give me those explosives!

Sebastian: What's she talking about?

Bree: She thinks that you stole explosives from the weapons area.

Sebastian: What?! Why would I do that?

Perry: Don't play coy with me. I'll find those explosives. I have the nasal cavity of a bomb-sniffing dog. Literally. That's what I get for saving a few bucks on a nose job in New Guinea.

Donald: Look, let's just all go down to the weapons area and figure out what's going on.

Adam: Suit yourself. I'm more interested in Perry's dog nose. (feels her nose) Ooh. It's cold-- you're healthy.

(Perry growls and Adam hisses back)


(in the training area)

Leo: Which brings me to minute 337 of the particle collider mission. There I was, far beneath the rubble, clinging to what little life I had left. (gasps) Aaah! Help me!

Bob: Man, this is getting scary. I hope he makes it.

Spin: Really? I was thinking we should put him out of his misery.

Leo: Shh! The hero is speaking. Anyway, I was about to come up for air--

Spin: Spoiler alert: No one cares!

Leo: All right, smart guy. You don't care about today's training, then you get to run sprints for the rest of class.

Students: Oooooh.

Spin: I don't think so. You may be living with the mentors, but you're still a student. You're not in charge.

(Adam pops in quickly)

Adam: Hey, Leo, we have to run to the weapons area, so you're in charge. (leaves)

Leo: Sprint.


(in the weapons area)

Perry: See? What'd I tell ya? The explosives are--

Donald: Exactly where they're supposed to be.

Perry: But it's impossible. They were gone!

Bree: Yep, and so were the dinosaurs. But through the magic of cinema, we can see them again.

Perry: This is fishy. Somebody took these and put them back.

Chase: Well, we are in the middle of the ocean. Maybe it was a mermaid.

Adam: Yeah, or a dolphin.

Chase: That doesn't even make sense.

Adam: And a mermaid does?

Chase: At least they have arms.

Adam: Mermaids don't have arms. Now mermen, their arms are--

Chase: Stop talking!

Donald: Look, I appreciate you trying to do a good job, but I think you're being a bit overzealous. This isn't Mission Creek High where every student is guilty until proven more guilty. Understood?

Perry: Yeah, I understand.

Donald: Understood?!

Perry: Yes, Don!

Donald: And another thing: My name is not Don. You call me Mr. Davenport.

Perry: Sorry, Don!

Donald: All right...

(everyone except Sebastian leaves)

Sebastian: It's called a hologram, Don.

(Perry peeks in just as Sebastian deactivates the hologram with his watch and runs away as he reactivates it)


(in the common area)

Donald: (on the phone) Hey, Tasha, I'm hopping on the hydraloop now, I should be on the mainland in just a little bit and I'll see ya at home. Love you. Bye (hangs up)

Perry: Donnie! Donnie!

Donald: Aah! (frantically tries to close hydraloop doors but Perry pries it open) Did you just pry open my titanium doors with your bare hands?!

Perry: My mother always said I had the strength of a Dutch-belted ox. The explosives you saw weren't real! Sebastian tricked you with a hologram! Come on, I'll show you!

Donald: Oh, so now the explosives are fake. That makes a lot of sense. You know what? Adam was right. This was clearly the work of an evil dolphin. Let go of the door.

Perry: No! I'm not leaving until you believe me!

Donald: Let go!!!

Perry: No!!!

Donald: Achh! You have the grip of a Kodiak bear!

Perry: And the kick of a kangaroo! (kicks him and shoves her way into the hydraloop)

Donald: Ow!! Aah! No!!! (the hydraloop departs from the island)

Perry: Listen, I know what I saw.

Donald: Yeah, this coming from a woman who said she saw a Yeti standing in line at the bank.

Perry: You don't know. You weren't there.

Donald: Okay, that's it. I'm turning this hydraloop around. (a loud boom suddenly sounds and the lights go out in the hydraloop)

(Perry screams and when the lights flicker back on, she's sitting in Donald's lap)

Perry: What was that?!

Donald: You're touching. You're touching. You're touching. You're-- It sounded like there was an explosion in the tunnel.

Perry: So we're stuck in the middle of the ocean?!

Donald: Yes.

Perry: Oh, boy. Did I pick the wrong day to eat sardines and milk.


(scene changes to Donald fiddling with the console in the hydraloop)

Donald: This is bad! This is really, really bad!

Perry: Don't worry, Donnie, I'm here.

Donald: I know. That's why this is so bad.

Perry: Now do you believe me that Sebastian took the explosives?

Donald: You know what, there's an emergency phone. I've gotta call Adam, Bree, and Chase and warn them. The cord's been cut. And our cell phones won't work this far under water.

Perry: Uh-oh. Here come the fish burps. (starts to burp repeatedly while Donald watches in horror)


(in the training area)

Spin: You know what? This is stupid. I'm done running.

Leo: Are you talking back to your superior?

Spin: No. I'm talking back to you.

(all the students start laughing)

Leo: Oh ho. You guys thought that was funny. Okay, well, guess what. Thanks to Spin's big mouth, now you all have to run.

Bob: Wait. What? Spin, tell him you're sorry.

Spin: No way. I'd rather run till my legs fall off.

Bob: I've never heard a more heartfelt apology in my life.

Leo: Run. Run!!! (everybody gets up reluctantly to run) Go! Everybody run! You get to run and you get to run and you get to run!


(in the Mentor's Quarters)

(Chase is typing on a laptop while Sebastian sits next to him with a sensor on his neck)

Sebastian: Are you sure this is working? I don't think these sensors are doing any-- Whoa,

Chase: There you go. We just unlocked you a brand-new ability. All I had to do was tap into your chip with Mr. Davenport's secret password. FYI, I also accidentally tapped into your digestive system-- you're now allergic to papaya.

(a video call of Adam pops up onto the screen behind Chase and Sebastian)

Adam: Chase, we need you in the common area. There's a situation.

Chase: Uh, what is it?

Adam: If I wanted everyone to know there's a life-threatening emergency, I wouldn't have used the secret code of calling it "a situation." Think, Chase, think! (call ends)

Chase: Okay, quick, put those sensors away and meet me downstairs.

Sebastian: Yeah, go! I'll be right there.

(Chase runs out of the room and Sebastian enters the secret password on the computer instead)


(in the common area)

Chase: What's going on?

Bree: There was an explosion in the hydraloop tunnel.

Adam: No, there was a situation in the hydraloop tunnel.

Bree: Perry must have been right about somebody stealing the explosives.

Chase: Okay. Bree, go check the weapons area to see if anything's missing. (Bree super speeds away) Adam, we need to put this place on lockdown until we figure out what's going on. Where's Mr. Davenport?

Adam: He went back the mainland.

Chase: Well, get him on the phone and tell him what happened. (over intercom) Attention, students. Remain where you are. The academy is on lockdown. I repeat: the academy is on lockdown. This is not a drill.

(in the training area)

Spin: What's going on?

Leo: I don't know!

Bob: Who cares? As long as we don't have to keep running.

(Bree super speeds back into the common area)

Bree: The explosives are gone. Somebody used a hologram as a decoy.

Adam: Yeah, Mr. Davenport's not answering.

Chase: This is crazy! Do you really think that one of our own students would blow up the hydraloop tunnel

(Sebastian is revealed to be on the other side of the room)

Sebastian: I'm gonna go with "yes."

Chase: Sebastian? What are you doing?

Sebastian: Is it not clear? I'm turning on you.

Adam: It was clear to me. Wait, what are you doing?

Sebastian: I'm taking my family back.

Chase: I thought we were your family.

Sebastian: No. Families fight together for what's right. At least that's what my father believed before you took him out.

Bree: Your father? Wait, how does he know about Krane?

Sebastian: Well, my buddy Chase told me all about him. He told me all sorts of things.

Adam: Oh, great. Did you also tell him I've been wearing his shoes?

Sebastian: I always wondered where we came from. Luckily, Chase put the pieces together for me.

Chase: Sebastian, Krane was--

Sebastian: My father fought for what he believed: that bionic humans are superior. And when his beliefs were challenged by a non-bionic human like Davenport, he fought back.

Adam: Yeah, well, he lost.

Sebastian: And that's why I'm gonna carry on his legacy. See, you took away our leader and tried to pretend like nothing ever happened. I think it's time for a little payback.

Adam: Look...if this is really about the shoes, you can have 'em back.

(Sebastian presses a button on his watch and a live feed of Donald and Perry pop up on the screen behind Adam, Bree, and Chase)

Bree: Mr. Davenport!

Sebastian: You destroyed my father. Now you get to watch me destroy yours.

(Sebastian presses another button on watch and the other end of the hydraloop tunnel explodes)

Bree: No!

Sebastian: I just blew up the other end of the hydraloop tunnel...which means they should be out of oxygen in about thirty minutes. Nah, maybe less. That sweaty one's a heavy breather.

Bree: Guys, we have to go save them!

Sebastian: (into comm set) Now!

(Lexi and Tank geo-leap from the training area to the common area besides Sebastian)

Lexi: You're not going anywhere.

Bree: Lexi?

Lexi: Hey, teach.

Adam: Tank, you're with him too?

(Tank nods and cracks his neck with his fist)

Adam: Oh, yeah? Well, two can make that noise. (tries to crack neck with fist also) Ah!

Chase: We took down Krane. What makes you think we can't take down the three of you?

Sebastian: We were already the most powerful students here. Now that you've taught us your secrets, we know all of your weaknesses. It's time for the students...to school the teachers. The rebellion has begun.


(in the training area)

Bob: What's going on out there?

Spin: I don't know, Bob. I can't hear anything.

Bob: How did Tank and Lexi just disappear?

Spin: I don't know, Bob!

Bob: Well, where are Adam, Bree, and Chase? What if they don't come back? What if we're locked in here forever?

Spin: I don't know, Bob!!! All right. Leo, what do we do?

Leo: Don't look at me, I'm just a student!

Part 2


(in the common area)

Bree: What are we gonna do? We have to save Mr. Davenport.

Adam: And Perry.

Chase: Absolutely. Time permitting.

Sebastian: You know what? I'll save you the trip. You can say goodbye to both of them from here.

(Sebastian presses button on watch and starts a video conference with Donald and Perry in the hydraloop)

Perry: Look! It's the mechanical people.

Donald: Yes, we're saved.

Sebastian: Not exactly.

Donald: Sebastian.

Chase: He blew up the hydraloop tunnel and cut off your oxygen supply.

Adam: So, bad news we're gonna need a new hydraloop.

Bree: Adam!

Adam: Well, I can't tell him we're gonna need a new father too. That'd be rude.

Donald: Look, will somebody please tell me what's going on?

Bree: Sebastian knows about Krane and he's trying to start a rebellion with the rest of the students.

Donald: What? How does he know about Krane?

(Adam and Bree glare at Chase)

Chase: ...I might have told him. Only because I thought we were friends.

Perry: See? There's your first mistake. Who'd wanna be your friend?

Sebastian: Chase has been very helpful, and once my brothers and sisters hear what really happened to our father, they'll join me. Then...we can fulfill his dreams of bionic humans ruling the world.

Donald: Guys, don't let him near the other students. They're not ready to know about Krane yet! They won't understand why we had to destroy their creator.

Sebastian: Then you probably shouldn't have just told them.

(the students in the training area are shown to be watching the live feed from the hydraloop, and all turn to look at Leo)

Spin: Did you know about this?

Leo: I didn't-- I mean they just-- That is just messed up.

(Theme songs plays)


Donald: Please believe me. I was planning on telling you about Krane eventually, but I couldn't let anything interfere with teaching you to become bionic heroes. I needed you to trust-- (live feed cuts out)

Adam: Great, now we'll never know why we should trust him.

Chase: Sebastian, why are you doing this? We're the ones who took out Krane.

Sebastian: Exactly. And now you're gonna know what it feels like to lose your father.

Bree: Krane wasn't a father to you. He was a deranged madman.

Sebastian: He was our leader. And he was gonna prove to the world that bionic humans are superior. Until you all got in our way.

Adam: Is it too late to say we're sorry?

Bree: That's it. I'm saving Mr. Davenport. Chase, get the door!

(Bree super speeds over to the door, and crashes into it when Lexi uses her bionics to seal the frame)

Bree: Ahh!

Adam: I knew it! You're an interior decorator too.

Lexi: It's carbonex, and it's impossible to break.

Adam: (chuckles) Oh, yeah, well, I'm Adam Davenport and...I break everything. (punches door but it doesn't break) Aww! Yeah, she's right.

Lexi: It's called molecular manipulation. You didn't know I had it because I've been saving it for a special occasion.

Bree: How long have you been working with him?

Lexi: Long enough to know our bionics are being wasted. We're protecting humans when we should be controlling them.

(on the other side of the room)

Sebastian: So where we? Oh, that's right. Davenport's a goner. I'm taking over the island, and-- oh, what am I forgetting? Oh, yeah. This!

(Sebastian blasts Chase across the room with energy, and causing Adam and Bree to run over)

Sebastian: Come on, Chase. You should've seen that coming. After all, you're the one that unlocked the ability for me.

Bree: He what?

Adam: Okay, do you want to hit him again, or is it my turn?


(in the training area)

Spin: So you helped them destroy our creator too.

Leo: Uh, no. Look, I just met those guys a week before you did. I don't even know the fast girl's name.

Spin: Nice try!

Leo: Look, Krane was evil. He kept you in a junkyard under lock and key.

Spin: Isn't that the same thing Mr. Davenport is doing? Keeping us all locked up here on this island?

Leo: No! Well, yes, but we have central air.

Spin: Is that why we're all forced to wear the same clothes and complete training exercises?

Bob: You know, I actually like the clothes.

Spin: Quiet, Bob!

Bob: I hate these clothes!

Leo: Come on, guys. We're family.

Spin: Is that why you're always bragging about how you're not one of us? I think you're just pretending to be a student so you can spy on us for the enemy.

Bob: Yeah. Wait, who's the enemy?

(Sebastian appears on a video call linked to the training area)

Sebastian: Listen up, bionic soldiers.

Leo: Oh, great.

Sebastian: Now you all know the truth. That Davenport, the man who pretends to be your savior is actually your jailer. And it's time to take back your freedom!

Students: Freedom!

Leo: Or keep things they way they are! Are!

Sebastian: Are you gonna stand by the people who destroyed our leader? Or are you gonna join me in my rebellion?

Students: Rebellion!

Leo: (out of the side of his mouth) I say we sleep on it.


(in the hydraloop)

Perry: (inhaling repeatedly) Ohh.

Donald: What's wrong? Are you hyperventilating?

Perry: No, I'm stealing your oxygen. It's every man for himself. (starts to inhale more)

Donald: Get away from me!

(Donald shoves Perry into the seat and an oxygen canister emerges from underneath)

Perry: Hey, what's this?

Donald: Uhh...that would be a tank full of oxygen. I really gotta start attending these safety meetings.

Perry: Ladies first.

Donald: Yeah, well, when a lady shows up, she can have it. Look, properly rationed, this can last both of us a full two hours.

Perry: See, that's the problem. I only care about one of us. Give it! (they begin to fight over the oxygen canister)

Donald: No!

Perry: Give it!

Donald: No. No! Quit tugging! Come on!

(they accidentally press the release button and all of the oxygen comes hissing out the canister)

Perry: Uh, hm. Got another one?


(in the training area)

Students: Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion!

(in the common area, watching video from training area)

Adam: Rebellion! Rebellion--! What? It's catchy.

Bree: Guys, Leo's still trapped in there.

Sebastian: Not for long. (to video conference) Soldiers! If you're truly committed to this rebellion, it's time for you to prove yourselves. Your first order: take...out...Leo.

(scene changes to Sebastian hanging up video call from the training area)

Sebastian: That should take care of Leo. Looks like you're next. Three on three. It's gonna be fun.

Adam: Actually, it's four on three, so it-- (whispering) One, two, three...Oh, wait, no, never mind, you're right, carry on.

Lexi: You're up, Teach, catch me if you can. (super speeds away)

Bree: Oh, I will. (super speeds after her)

(Chase shoves Sebastian offscreen and Adam and Tank start fighting)

Sebastian: Give it up, Chase. We're more powerful than you. You can't stop the rebellion. (takes out red laser bo pitchfork)

(Chase takes out his own laser bo and they begin to fight)

(Adam and Tank slam each other against the wall and grunt in each other's faces)

(in the training area)

Students: Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion!

Leo: Guys, what are you doing? Help me out!

Spin: No way! Sebastian's right. We never should've trusted you!

Leo: Come on, Bob, don't let them do this!

Bob: In case you haven't noticed, I kind of follow the herd.

Students: Rebellion! Rebellion!

Leo: I'm warning you, stay back!

Students: Rebellion! Rebellion! Rebellion!

Leo: Ahh! (fires laser sphere) Yeah, that's right. Stay back, or I'm gonna come after you.


(in the common area)

(all three pairs are still fighting, Lexi uses her molecular manipulation to shatter a chair)

Bree: Okay, these are leather boots. And you're dead.

(Sebastian pins Chase on the ground while dueling with their laser bos)

Sebastian: Once I have my bionic army, anyone who stands in our way will be eliminated.

(Chase pushes Sebastian off and gets back on his feet)

Chase: All right. That's it. We're no longer best friends.


(in the hydraloop)

Donald: If I had a way to splice these wires, I could build a transmitter and call for help.

Perry: And if I had hardboiled eggs and mayo, I could make egg salad. But I only have the mayo. (takes out mayo packet) It doesn't matter. We're doomed.

Donald: Oh, no. I am not gonna leave the planet watching you suck on a mayo packet! There's gotta be something here I can use to save us.

Perry: I can't believe this is the end. I always thought there'd be a chance for me to change and be nice. You know, make a good showing at the finish line.

Donald: Uh-huh.

Perry: I'm serious. You may find this hard to believe, but I've done some pretty bad things.

Donald: I don't find it hard to believe, and I don't care.

Perry: I probably shouldn't have stolen that money from those little girls selling cookies, but it taught them a valuable lesson. Don't ring my doorbell.

Donald: Is it me, or did this hydraloop just get smaller?

Perry: Well, I am known for my 4 o'clock bloat.

Donald: Ah-hah! Just what I need. Ha! (rips piece of cloth from the seat)

Perry: Well, how is that supposed to help—argh! (Donald shoves the cloth in her mouth)


(in the training area)

Leo: (hearing noises of fighting in the other room) Those guys need me. I gotta get in there!

Spin: Not on my watch, punk!

Students: Yeah!

Leo: (fires laser sphere) Ahh! I said back off, or the next one's not gonna miss. (drags Spin and Bob to the other side of the room) Come on, if the tables were turned, I'd help you. Like, say, for instance, oh, I don't know. You call me in a panic because you are stuck in quicksand!

Bob: (laughs) Hey, that did happen.

Spin: Why should we help you save the people who destroyed our father? Sebastian said that we--

Leo: Sebastian's just gonna control you the same way Krane did. Big D gave you the best gift anyone can have: the freedom to think for yourself.

Bob: Yes! Finally, I get to think for myself. (pauses) Spin, what do I do?

Leo: Look, Krane didn't care about you. At least Big D does. If you won't do it for me, do it for him. Please. He deserves a chance to explain everything. You at least owe him that.

Spin: Fine. But how are we gonna get out of here? We're on lockdown.

Leo: Maybe someone can spin through the floor like a drill so I can tunnel out.

Bob: On it. (starts to spin around in one place) Is it working?

Leo: Yeah, I was thinking maybe Spin could do that.

Spin: Maybe? Some of us have had our bionics longer than a week.

Leo: All right, settle down, Turbo. We need to create a distraction. We need to turn their attention to another target.

(Leo and Spin turn to glance at Bob, who then glances in the same direction)

Spin: You're the target, Bob.

Bob: Eh, not the first time I've heard that. (walks over the other students) Hey rebels, fall up. I have a plan to take down Leo. But first, how about some magic? Who here has three rings I can borrow?

Spin: Okay, here goes. (tunnels into the ground with his cyclone ability)

Bob: You know what, forget the rings. Does anybody have a lady, a box, and a saw?

Spin: There. That'll get you through the vent system. You won't be able to see anything, but you can feel your way through and crawl through the other side.

Leo: Got it. Thanks. You did the right thing. (jumps into hole) Ahh!

Bob: Hey, Spin, did Leo get away yet, or should I keep distracting them? Oh, I mean, ta-da! I made him disappear.


(in the Mentor's Quarters)

Leo: (falling out of vent) Ahh!! Ah-ha! Wrong room.

(in the common area)

(all three pairs are still fighting)

Sebastian: You ready to give up yet?

Chase: I could do this all day.

Sebastian: Trust me, you won't last that long. (hits Chase in the stomach and he falls to the floor)

(Sebastian raises his laser bo to finish Chase when Leo lands on him from the ceiling above)

Leo: Yes! Three rooms later, but I finally got it. (helps Chase off the floor)

Chase: Hey, Leo, thanks for "droppin in."

Leo: Come on, I was gonna say that.

Adam: Ha! Now it's four against three. Wait! One, two, three, four...Oh, yeah! I'm right this time!

Lexi: Bring it on.

(Bree and Chase nod to each other, and trick Lexi into running and getting tangled in a bench)

(Adam and Tank resume fighting, and Adam passes Tank to Leo, who lifts him up in the air)

Leo: Ahh! Time to take out the trash. (throws him out the giant window in the back of the room)

Bree: Guys.

Sebastian: (using his bionics) Ahh! Ahhhh!

Chase: How'd you do that?!

Sebastian: Remember how you unlocked my new ability? Well, once you gave me Mr. Davenport's password, I unlocked them all.

(Chase sighs and Adam, Bree, and Leo look at him in horror)

Adam: You have got to be kidding me.

Bree: How can he use all of his abilities at once?

Chase: He can't. Not for long. If we can get him to max out his abilities, it'll fry his chip.

Bree: And he doesn't know that? (Chase shakes his head) Finally! Something you didn't share with your BFF.

Chase: Dah-dah! Ex-BFF. Just follow my lead. We have to keep him on the offensive. Hey, Sebastian, let's see what you got.

(Sebastian fires heat vision at Chase, which he dodges)

Bree: Over here!

Sebastian: Ahh! (uses pyrokinesis, which Bree dodges)

Adam: Hey, Sebastian! (Sebastian growls) Hit Chase again

(Sebastian fires at Adam, and his bionics begin to glitch uncontrollably)

Chase: It's working.

Adam: Ooh-ooh-ooh. It's like a firework show. I bet this is his big finale.

Sebastian: Ahh! Ohh, what's happening? How do I make it stop?

Chase: You can't.

Bree: But if you could, I'm sure Chase would've told you how.

(Sebastian begins to lose control and stands there, shuddering)

Chase: Your rebellion is over. (shoves him onto the floor)

Bree: Wait. What about Mr. Davenport?

Chase: Quick! Check the feed. (they run over to the console to see a blank feed) Mr. Davenport!

Adam: Wait, why can't we see anything?

Leo: The oxygen level in the hydraloop is at...zero.

Donald: (from offscreen) Will you stop sweating on me?

(Donald and Perry walk in holding a large cylinder)

Perry: That's not sweat. My mayo packets exploded.

Chase: You're alive!

Bree: But how did you escape?

Perry: Found an emergency escape pod in the hydraloop. Who knew?

Donald: Yeah, I really need to start attending those safety meetings.

Leo: That does not look big enough for two people.

Donald: (voice wavering) It's not.

Perry: Oh, please. I've wiggled into smaller things than that with bigger men than you.


(in the common area)

(Sebastian, Lexi, and Tank are on the floor handcuffed)

Donald: The authorities are on their way to pick you guys up.

Sebastian: This isn't over. We will get our revenge.

Donald: I don't think so. You're gonna be locked up for a very long time.

Sebastian: You really think prison bars or handcuffs can hold me? (attempts to break out of handcuffs and fails)

Chase: Not gonna work. While you were unconscious, we removed your bionic chips-- (Bree covers his mouth)

Bree: Stop telling him stuff.

Perry: All right. Let's hit it, Sturdy, Creepy, and Butch. You know, for once, it's nice to be on this side of the cuffs.

(Perry walks out of the room with Sebastian, Lexi, and Tank)

Leo: Now all we have to do is convince the rest of the rebellious bionic students not to rip us apart!

Donald: Yeah, but first, I need a couple of hours to wash the Perry off my...everywhere.

(scene changes to the five of them addressing the students in the training area)

Chase: And so, the reason Mr. Davenport didn't tell you guys about Krane was because he was trying to protect you.

Bree: Just like he was trying to protect the three of us when he didn't tell us that Douglas was our real creator. Mr. Davenport was just looking out for you. Does this all make sense?

(the students nod)

Adam: Yeah, but I think the real takeaway here is...that it was all Chase's fault. Goodnight, everybody. (runs off the platform)