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Blast Wave ability is a bionic ability that can penetrate through objects, renders victims unconscious for hours, make buildings fall down, and break metal technology (objects or robots). Anything targeted will either be short circuited, blasted aside, or broken down. It appears seismic in nature, as targeted objects or areas experience tremors and vibrate to the point of breaking.


This ability is powerful, however, that can be the user's weakness. The user needs to see where he or she is to safely use the ability. For example, if the user stays in the same place too long, the place could fall down and crush everyone inside the building, including the user.

Adam uses the blast wave ability


  • Adam Davenport: Adam unlocked this ability in Bionic Showdown. He blasted a powerful blue wave that nearly took down Douglas's lair/house. Adam is the main user of this ability.
  • Marcus Davenport: Marcus demonstrated this ability when he knocked out Donald with it. His blast wave is green, and it only knocks out a person temporarily. It appears the blast wave is more of a large energy blast.
  • Bionic Soldiers: (some members; possibly)

    Marcus using blast wave


Season 2

  • Bionic Showdown (Marcus; used to knock out Donald) (Adam used to kill Marcus and bring Douglas's lair down)
  • No Going Back (Adam; used to destroy an x-ray machine)

Season 3

Season 4


  • The blast wave is followed by a similar ability used by Bree Davenport in Lab Rats: Elite Force called the "Thermo Nuclear Body Blast".
    • One known difference is that the Thermo Nuclear Body Blast is a superpower in contrast to bionics.