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Leo2468 Leo2468 13 December 2021

If you remember me you're an OG

Some of yous might remember me from way back when, I used to be super active. I spent many nights on my parents old dell laptop editing. I never had any actual knowledge of CSS or coding but I bascially taught myself by looking at other pages and websites. I was a kid I don't know how I did it.

Anyway, I check in every now and then. I haven't spent a lot of time editing on this Wikia since we archieved it after the show ended. Yes, I still call them Wiki's (wikia.com) not Fandom pages cuase back in my day Fandom wasn't a thing.

Honestly I am probably going to rewatch the series and update/fix/edit pages for a while if I can get a break in my work & studies.

I loved Lab Rats so much when I was younger and still do today. If you're wondering ho…

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LabRatsMemeCreator LabRatsMemeCreator 7 September 2021


Hi! It's Firefly, and because of the lack of Lab Rats memes on the internet in general, I decided to create some! Here's a little sample of what I'll be making in the future.

Let me know if you like this!

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MagicalFirefly2526 MagicalFirefly2526 18 July 2021

Leaving for a bit

I'm leaving for a short while, and I won't have any internet access where I'm going. I don't really know why I wanted to post this lol. I'll be gone for 4-5 days and won't be able to use Fandom at all, so I won't be able to edit any pages, reply on any posts, etc. Well, if you see this, have a great day!

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MagicalFirefly2526 MagicalFirefly2526 5 July 2021


Hellooo strangers! Firefly here! This probably won't be seen by anyone haha. Anywho, if you DO actually see this, have a nice day and message me if you want to talk about the underappreciated awesomeness that is Lab Rats. 😁

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Glaciersong Glaciersong 22 March 2021

Glacier's Changelog

Changelog for any big changes I make, given that consensus is not entirely possible amongst a smaller wiki.

  • 1 Showing Data on Fandom
    • 1.1 Tables
    • 1.2 Infoboxes
    • 1.3 Notice
    • 1.5 Narrative
    • 1.6 Other
  • 2 Articles on Fandom
    • 2.1 Length
    • 2.2 Readability
    • 2.3 Stub Pages
    • 2.4 Transclusing Info/Repetitive Info
    • 2.5 Portability
    • 2.6 Section Headings
    • 2.7 Images
    • 2.8 Notices
    • 2.9 Tables
    • 2.10 Page naming
  • 3 Splitting Pages

  • Collapsible tables contain data, and have to be clear
  • Should be more spreadsheet-like
  • DO NOT USE THEM FOR LAYOUT: Do not use them to make notices, quotes, hatnotes... especially do not use them to construct the entirety or majority of your pages!

Conclusion: rewrite Template:Quote, rewrite the majority of Userboxes

  • Should not be too long in length

Conclusion: Looks good so far, p…

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Monstermcx Monstermcx 22 May 2020


Hello, stranger!

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Jmyster09 Jmyster09 27 April 2020

Having fun :D

Bruh is there anyone else on this wiki?

Answer if so

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Iluv80s Iluv80s 4 April 2020

My new Wiki

Remember the Speed Queen Wiki?

That was originally my wiki, called Bionic Guy Wiki

I eventually abandoned it and it got repurposed

At the same time, I made a new wiki

It's similar, but more amped up episodes

You will find a love story better than Twilight

And it has lots of 80s music

Like totally

Alright, enough talking. Here it is


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Iluv80s Iluv80s 22 March 2020

What would you think?

If they had this song play in Leo's Jam, when Leo was dancing, instead of the original one

Both are real songs

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Iluv80s Iluv80s 20 January 2020

At this point, we just have to assume the following

The Elite Force defeated the shapeshifters

The list was retrieved 

Mighty Med was rebuilt

Bree and Chase go back to the Academy

Kaz, Oliver and Skylar go back to Philidelphia

Oliver and Skylar get married 

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Iluv80s Iluv80s 4 January 2020

I lay claim to this wiki

I'm going to adopt it as soon as possible

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I am all the Jedi I am all the Jedi 19 December 2019

Wiki Adoption

This wiki has been abandoned as the last person with user rights to edit edited in April. We need people to get admin in order to clean up the wiki and delete fanon content people added.

I suggest we come to a consensus as to who we wish to have adopt the wiki.

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Trevor Jaco 0 Trevor Jaco 0 27 November 2019

Mission suits

I want my own mission suit.--Trevor Jaco 0 (talk) 20:07, November 27, 2019 (UTC)

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Trevor Jaco 0 Trevor Jaco 0 24 November 2019

I’m bionic

I’m bionic.--Trevor Jaco 0 (talk) 05:05, November 24, 2019 (UTC)

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 12 May 2019

Bionic Guy 1984 ad parody TV spot

Reese: Today we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the destruction of Mighty Med

(Stewie runs in with a hammer)

(shapeshifters march in)

(Peter, Brian, Lois, Meg and Chris run behind him with guns)

Reese: It was the greatest time in all of history

(more shapeshifters march in)

Reese: A garden of sweet revenge secure from the pests of Davenport Industries

(Stewie continues to run in)

Reese: We are more powerful than any superhero on Earth. We are one people

(Stewie continues to run in)

Reese: One will

(Peter, Brian, Lois, Meg and Chris run in)

Reese: One resolve, one cause.

(Stewie swings the hammer as Reese talks)

Reese: The Elite Force shall taunt themselves, and we shall bury them with their own confusion

Stewie: (throws the hammer) Ahh!


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MiraculousFan2018 MiraculousFan2018 18 April 2019

Evil Bree Davenport (FanFiction)

Evil Bree Davenport is an evil bionic robot, which is a copy of Bree Davenport, created by Marcus Davenport, to defeat the Lab Rats. She has all the bionic abilites, and when she was created, first ended up in a virtual reality land, because Marcus thought the Rats were there, and sent Evil Bree to get them. She was assembled in Marcus' lab, along with her siblings, Evil Leo, Adam and Chase. Evil Bree was programmed for annilation. She never learnt love. Marcus also created her to match the Rats abilites, so it would be easier to defeat them.

She was assembled, alongside, Evil Leo, Chase and Adam in January 2016, in Marcus' lab. His plan for them, was for the team to go to the Bionic Academy and defeat the Lab Rats, so he can finally have h…

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MiraculousFan2018 MiraculousFan2018 18 April 2019

K.C. Cooper

K.C. Cooper is the main protoganists of K.C. Undercover and is a special crossover on Lab Rats. She is a skilled secret spy whom does what she can to save the world from evil people. Her idenity as a spy is remained a secret, and only a few people know her confidential identiy, such as her family and friend, Marissa, including the Lab Rats. She is the oldest Cooper child, and is a smart girl. K.C. gets good grades at school, and doesn't have time to go to parties and other things, because she takes things seriously. She is best-friends with Marissa Miller, who urges her to go to parties and have fun, but K.C. insists she studies. Her spy life, gets in the way of her normal life. K.C. has a little brother, Ernie, who people don't compare hi…

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 18 February 2019

Lucky there's a Bionic Guy....

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 2 January 2019

Kiki (Lightning Point vs Skylar Storm



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Heronimbus Heronimbus 16 December 2018

FANDOM seeks to remove comments

You might not know me but I need your thoughts on this.

"Eventually, we expect to retire all of the current "thread" features in favor of this newer Discussions platform. The current focus is on the "forum" and "community conversation" uses, and we don't have specific details or timelines for Comments or Message Wall."


If you want to keep comments, we need to make our voices heard. Comments have been an integral feature of Wikia/FANDOM for several years, and our wikis just won't be the same without it. If you stand with those who support comments staying, contact the FANDOM staff and let them know how you feel.

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 7 December 2018

"Having long hair is a source of pride for many little girls."

NVM just delete   It

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 28 November 2018


In 2016, we lost Lab Rats: Elite Force. Hours ago, we lost spongebob. What are we gonna watch next?

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 23 November 2018

I messed up

On FANDOM, all I did was harrass users,vandalise wikis, and post creepy comments about actors I like. I want to start over

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Imperator Andronicus Imperator Andronicus 22 October 2018

I'm creeped out at the aspect of being old.

Who relates

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Glenn Quagmre Glenn Quagmre 16 September 2018


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ALiveFangirl ALiveFangirl 21 July 2018

Tetris Benhill (fanmade character)

Name : Tetris Angora Benhill

Gender : female

Age : 18

Family : Anita Benhill (mother), father - unknown

Bionic Abilities : molecular kinesis, cloning, face database + hologram

Glitches : Bugging Glitch {see the 'Bugging Glitch (fanmade glitches)' article coming soon}, Commando App

Other Abilities : martial arts, well-knowing science

Appereance : medium height & bodytype; short, brown hair; hazel eyes

Short Backstory : her mother is another 'genius' who knows bionics, but secretly a villain . When Tetris joins the Davenports, after she helped in one of their missions, Anita disinherits her . She (Tetris) goes to the Bionic Island with The Team .

Friends : Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, Chase Davenport, Leo Dooley, Donald Davenport, Taylor

Enemies: A…

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 24 December 2017

My True Thoughts on Lab Rats: Elite Force

From the first scene of the spin-off, I knew something was horribly wrong. It was supposed to start with Mighty Med being destroyed by a band of unknown supervillains. Not with the Lab Rats cast. Apparently, Mr. Terror's ark had already been wrapped up, as they had captured her. And that meant...she hadn't destroyed Mighty Med. I was hoping Gao, Lexi, Tank, or Sebastian had destroyed Mighty Med, but nope. They just introduced some new villains and called it a day. The following episodic scenarios would have been acceptable to me:

1. A two-parter premiere, showing Skylar, Kaz, and Oliver's last day at Mighty Med, battle with Mr. Terror, discovery of the destroyed Mighty Med, searching for the superheroes, and showing up in Mission Creek to t…

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Spongebob fan 84 Spongebob fan 84 22 November 2017

Favorite Season?

What is your ranking of the Lab Rats seasons?

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SaveLabRats SaveLabRats 27 May 2017

What part of Lab Rats do you think is more mature: Seasons 1-2 or 3-4?

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 31 December 2016

So cringy...

I made a series of freaky comments when I joined this wiki, none of them which I would make today. Want to see a link to one of my cringy comments?

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StevieNaga1020 StevieNaga1020 27 October 2016

Lab rats the next generation (S4) Episode 14 - Droid training.

Tony: Jackson...are you done?

Jackson: Hold on, im almost done!

Tony: Ugh...

(Meanwhile in the Bionic overlords lab)

Soldier #23: Sir, we have spotted intruders on the coast of your kingdom, sir!

Bionic Overlord: Any other news?

Soldier #91: Sir, sadly the progress on the Bionic Cyborgs are not done....

Bionic Overlord: Not done...?

(The overlord would turn, then punch the soldier to the wall)


Soldier #23: Oh boy....im out..

(Soldier #23 would storm out of the room)

Soldier #91: Well, i might have spilled some bionic liquids on the sys-

(The Bionic overlord would force choke soldier #91)

Bionic Overlord: ONE MORE CHANCE! if you botch this operation, i…

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StevieNaga1020 StevieNaga1020 25 October 2016

Lab rats the next generation (S4) Episode 13 - New battle

Data Overmind: Hello.

Tony: Who are you?

D.O: I am the data overmind, or you can call me D.O i have created your new bionic body for you.

D.O: When i reach one, you'll be transferred to the physical world.

D.O: 10...

Tony: (Mind: what do they mean?)

D.O: 9....

Tony: (Mind: OH NO!)

D.O: 8...

Tony: I should get ready to fight Jake again..

D.O: 7......

Tony: How will he can that bionic army though...

D.O: 6......

Tony: I need some time to think..

D.O: 5.....

Tony: Im coming...

D.O: 4....

Tony: Getting ready...

D.O: 3...

Tony: A little bit more...

D.O: 2.....

Tony: 2...

D.O: 1...

Tony: LETS GO!

D.O: You are now transferred to physical WO-

Tony: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Tony would fly through the digital world, getting clos…

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StevieNaga1020 StevieNaga1020 25 October 2016

Lab rats the next generation (S4) Episode 12 - Contrasting and Bionics

Tony: I can't believe Jake turned....He promised me he'd never use his bionics for bad...

Tony: Jake is not Jake anymore...he is the bionic overlord 

Bionic Overlord: Who are you talking to...ehehehehe....TELEKINESIS!

  • Tony would struggle to breathe by the force of the choke*

Bionic Overlord: I'm getting rid of you....then i'll get rid of chase and leo!

(They haven't seen leo and the original gang since mid season 3)

Bionic Overlord: Laser vision!

(He'd shoot white strong beams at Tony, burning his arm)

Tony: ...Thats...It!

(He'd smack Jake and then headbutt him)

Bionic Overlord: Lets fight without bionics eh...?

(Jake would slap him, then push him to the wall, rapidly punching his face)

Tony: You..........TRAITOR!

(He'd knee Jake in the stomach, kickin…

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Rockergirl94 Rockergirl94 16 October 2016

Story Of My Life

My name is Rockergirl94, but my name real is Maggie.

I love to chat with my friends and having out with my family ,

I also love to watch Lab Rats / Lab Rats Elite Force .

I also love math and history as school subject ,

I also love to dance , sing and poems :) 

I also like to role play

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StevieBoy1256 StevieBoy1256 27 September 2016

In about a few hours, my account will be disabled

In about a few hours. this account will be disabled. I'm doing this because i am not using the wikia that much anymore, I really like this wikia and it has been a fun time, but all good things must come to a end.

Favorite Episode: You posted WHAT?!?!?

Favorite season: Season 2

Favorite character: Leo

Least favorite season: The first half of S1

Least favorite episode: Spider island.

Least favorite character: Bree (waiting for fans to bash on this)

It has been a real nice time, but i am leaving, you guys had been the best.

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Lab rats Bionic Island Fan Lab rats Bionic Island Fan 17 September 2016

Lab ratBionic

This blog is about Lab rats so Lab rats are some superheros they have Bionic Chips in there Necks I have Bionics but I don't have a Chip

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Buckmana Buckmana 28 August 2016

Lab Rats episodes are being slow to release via iTunes

It seems that iTunes Australia is rather inconsistent when it comes to releasing Volumes of Lab Rats.
The releases are stop and go, they make some available, then there's an extended hiatus before the next batch are made available.

I was expecting the next volume of Season 3, after You Posted What?!? to be released two weeks ago, but it still hasn't happened.

I did make some enquiries and it turns out that the tv stations in my country won't let iTunes release the episodes of shows they are currently screening, most likely to force the viewers to watch them on the tv instead.
But since I don't watch television anyway, all this achieves is to stop me seeing the episodes at all!

And it's not just Lab Rats that is slowed down, there are many other…

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Conner111 Conner111 5 August 2016

new movie


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StevieBoy1256 StevieBoy1256 4 June 2016

Lab rats the next Generation (S3) Finale: (You Did, WHAT?!?!??)

-Part 2-

Tony: Dang, I lost again. 

Tony: Oh well, atleast it isn't that annoying kid, briana.

Tony: Speaking of Which, Where am i?

Tony: (thinking: Dang! im in NerdFaces Lab, her new one)


(Tony, however would hear Jake from the otherside of the lab)

Tony: I gotta be careful, he can just be a clone of NerdFaces abillites.

(Tony would scan the room)

Tony: Luckily He isn't a clone.

Jake: Hey, Tony we have to get outta here.

Tony: Did you forget, There is 4 android guards..

Android Soilder 44AB: HEY! WHO IS THERE?

(Tony would lit up a swarm of fire from his hands)

Tony: When i say, "Mark" Use your White laser vision

Jake: got it!




Android 32AJ: HEY!


Android 12AB: I WILL DESTROY …

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BigTimeRusher19 BigTimeRusher19 19 May 2016

Favorite Lab Rats Episodes

This is a list of my favorite episodes!

Lab Rats

Season 1

Can I Borrow the Helicopter?

Night of the Living Virus

Mission Invisible

Season 2


Spike's Got Talent

Memory Wipe

No Going Back

Season 3

Sink or Swim

The Jet-Wing

Zip It


Which Father Knows Best?

Rise of the Secret Soldiers

Bionic Houseparty

First Day of Bionic Academy

Season 4 (Lab Rats: Bionic Island)

Left Behind

Bionic Dog

Spider Island

Lab Rats: On the Edge

Space Colony

Lab Rats: Elite Force

Season 1

Holding out for a Hero

Need for Speed

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StevieBoy1256 StevieBoy1256 24 April 2016

Lab rats - The next generation (S2) E1

-A Time of Great Darkness-

Tony: Like i Said, She is Scrapped, Her chip is still active but lost her Memory.

Jake: Oh really? She Actually Did Lose her memory? 

Tony: Yep pretty much.- A slight grin would smack upon Tonies face-

Jake: Why are yo-

Tony: Cause, I was nearly killed by Her Pheonix Funny how a Over-Powered Bionic Android can Slaughter Something Like Marcus (DA) And lose too Someone who is a Average.

Jake: Yeah.

Jake: So are you going to come back to the team?

Tony: Not yet, I need some time to recover from that challenging battle.

Jake: Oh, Can ya Show me your New Sword of Light?

Tony: Hm, Whats this?

Jake: What are you talking about?

-Tony picks up a Letter lying around on the Floor-

-From ???:

I'll Kill your Pathetic Bionic Team I have And…

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ScottStephenJones ScottStephenJones 24 April 2016

Watching Lab Rats

Chillin in my bedroom watching Lab Rats on Netflix.

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StevieBoy1256 StevieBoy1256 24 April 2016

Lab rats - the Next Generation (S2) 1

So Pretty much S1 ended with: Aqua Burst When Tony dived deep into the water

And Yeah, Tony has Mega Super Strength Thats why he punched Briana To the Other side of the City.

Tony also Stated He Has Plasma Lighting and Plasma Itself, Whenever he uses those abillites his Bionic Chip Has a Ultra Reaction.

Tony Will Die in S2 and get a New form called: Tony (VO) All his abillites are the same, just mostly stronger.

Tony and Jakes Chip is Awfully Simillar and whenever they are in trouble the activate: (Burst mode) Which is 10x Stronger than Pheonix Mode or Aqua King Mode

S2 will begin soon.

And there is one scene i came up with for later on in S2:

Tony: Knock Knock!

Android 408B: Whos there?

Tony: Super

Android 408b: Super who?


(Tony kn…

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 1 April 2016

My own wiki

Does anybody want to join my fanfiction wiki? You can find it at this link:[http:// http://chase-mcflys-elite-ant-force-fanfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Chase_McFly%27s_Elite_ANT_Force_Fanfiction_Wikia  http://chase-mcflys-elite-ant-force-fanfiction.wikia.com/wiki/Chase_McFly%27s_Elite_ANT_Force_Fanfiction_Wikia]

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 19 March 2016

It's A Wonderful Life Spoofing Fanfiction

Guys, I  wrote this super awesome Lab Rats fanfic that spoofs it's a wonderful life. Find it under my fanfiction account, MartyMcBean.

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Chase McFly Chase McFly 19 March 2016

Inactivity is increasing

I totally get why the activity is increasing. After all, practically everyone's on the Elite Force Wiki. But it's a bit sad t see in the recent actiity edits made months ago. I hope some users have stayed part-time on this wiki to keep it safe.

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Anakin739 Anakin739 17 February 2016

Demotion from Lab Rats Wiki

I doubt anyone will read this, but this is to inform everyone that I am demoting myself from the position of administrator and bureaucrat from the Lab Rats Wiki effective immediatly. I've spent the past year and a half here, and it's been a lot of fun, but it's time to move on. 

I will continue my positions on the Elite Force Wiki, but I'm retiring here. 

Goodbye Lab Rats Wiki,


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Taytay313 Taytay313 15 February 2016

Taylor's Blog

I Love Lab Rats. BTW: Bree is my fave character.

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Labratsisbest Labratsisbest 15 February 2016

Lab Rats Fangirl

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StevieBoy1256 StevieBoy1256 14 February 2016

Lab rats 2 / Tonies Training

-At the Academy-


Chase: I been watching spin for 3 hours. his spinning is boring.

Bob: Well adam and I Made You out of a burito

Chase: why would you do that?

Bob: So Adam could eat you and tell you "I ATE CHASE!"

Chase: ?

Daniel: Yay! my package came in the mail!

Chase: Why are you telling us?

Daniel: Cause i won tickets to go to 82023 Flaboro City Apharouge but i can only take 4 people

Daniel: Anyone wanna come?

Chase: FLABORO! thats where the scitentist Alserto is!

Adam: Flaboro has the best Chicken places in the world!

Spin: And has a person who can spin very fast!

Bob: and im just going because adam is going!

Leo: I'll stay here. Im not that intrested in flaboro. I remember the time Big D Took me t…

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