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(Leo, Bree and Chase walk into the room)

Bree: Uh... Bob, why are you wrapped in tinfoil?

Bob: It's not just tinfoil. I'm also wearing three layers of pasta, tomato sauce and cheese.

Adam: I turned him into a human lasagne pan. Forty-five minutes in the sun and it's Bob appetite.

Leo: You know, given what I've seen in Bob's training, this might be the most productive use of him yet.

Adam: (to Bob) Don't move. You need more oregano. (runs away)

(Perry walks into the room)

Perry: Mmm, lasagna. Got any garlic bread?

Bob: You betcha. They're stuck to my shins.

Perry: I'll be back. Save me the greasiest piece.

Leo: Hey, where are you up to? ...And how long can you stay there?

Perry: Your cheap father forgot to pay the trash bill. I'm so sick of working for a guy who won't let me throw trash in the ocean!

(Perry blows her nose loudly, tosses the issue on the ground and climbs onto the hydroloop)

(Douglas walks in)

Douglas: Hey guys, check it out. This is gonna change our Bionic Academy forever. I found a way to replicate Chase's bionic intelligence.

Chase: What?

Douglas: Yeah. Remember how Giselle Vickers wanted to give your intelligence to all of her androids? Well, this inelligence duplicator will wirelessly add it to everyone's chip.

Bree: Wait, so you're gonna make me like him? (Douglas nodds) Pass.

Douglas: Don't worry, none of you will be affected. Your chips are older models, and Leo doesn't have one. But if this works, all of the students will be just as smart as you. I just have to find someone to test it on.

Chase: And you really think someone's just going to let you randomly experiment on them?

(Adam walks in)

Adam: Ugh, sorry Bob.. It's getting cloudy, so I'm going to have to cook you in here with my heat vision.

Bob: Will it hurt?

Adam: Let's find out together.

Bob: Okay!

(Adam uses his heat vision on Bob)

Bob: Ooh, something's cooking!

Douglas: Bob it is.

(Intro plays)

. . .

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