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This is so ridic. He's not here! Oh, maybe he's at the mall.
— Bree Henderson

Bree Henderson is a parallel version of Bree Davenport. She only appeared in Parallel Universe. Their feelings are the same, just not their personalities. According to herself, her name is pronounced “Breh” instead of “Bree.”

Like Bree, she is portrayed by Kelli Berglund.


Parallel Bree is a very popular girl at school and is non-bionic, while the original Bree is not very popular at school and is bionic in the original universe. She is an extreme mall rat, and finds anything that doesn't have to do with shopping to be boring. She often tries to make excuses in order for her brothers to go to the mall with her.


  • She is the sister of Adam and Chase Henderson. Her siblings get very annoyed with her all the time because of her shallow and extremely shopping-orientated personality.
  • She is not related to Leo, Tasha, or Donald in the parallel universe.


When a Parallel Leo came to them in the cafeteria in school, the Henderson doesn't recognize him. When Leo revealed his bionic abilities, they were frightened and ran away. After some time, the Henderson turn Leo in to Agent Gordon of the Department of Homeland Special Ops Unit, but Leo, with the help of Parallel Principal Perry, escapes.

Later, when Leo and the Parallel Donald Davenport accidentally landed back in school, Adam, Bree, and Chase Henderson is searching for Parallel Leo and Leo and Parallel Donald managed to hide from them. When Leo and the Parallel Donald Davenport plans to escape, Adam, Bree, and Chase Henderson found them, and calls out the government agents. However, Parallel Leo and Parallel Donald escapes.


  • Just as how Chase in the main universe is most disliked by his siblings, this Bree is most disliked by her siblings.
  • She has a pet poodle.