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Brob (Br/ee and B/ob) is the shipping of Bree Davenport and Bob. Bob has a crush on Bree. Bree does not return his feelings, but sometimes takes advantage of it.

Other Names

  • Boee (Bo/b and Br/ee)
  • Breb (Bre/e and Bo/b)


Season 3

First Day of Bionic Academy

  • Bree and Bob in Left Behind

    Bob flirts with Bree, and asks for help with his uniform.
  • Bob calls Bree "Breezy" and "Little Momma".

Season 4

Bionic Rebellion

  • Bob calls Bree "Boo".
  • Bob asks Leo how it is to live with Bree.
  • Bob wants to see Bree in bikini.
  • Bob says that he loves Bree too.

Left Behind

  • Bob wanted a hug from Bree twice.
  • Bree feels pity for Bob.
  • Bree wants to save Bob.

Space Elevator

  • Bree feels pity for Bob.
  • Bree tries to help Bob.
  • Bree says that she's proud of him.
  • Bob calls Bree "My Little Bumble Bree".

Forbidden Hero

  • Bob gave Bree a seaweed necklace.
  • Bob said Bree was the hottest thing he's ever seen.

The Curse of the Screaming Skull

  • Bree looked for the weapon that would cause Bob the most pain.
  • Bob tells Bree her eyes look really pretty.
  • Bob tells Bree he will miss her.


  • Their relationship is similar to Zack and Maddie and Luke Ross and Jessie from the Disney Channel shows "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and "Jessie," It is also similar to the relationship of Dipper and Wendy from the Disney XD show "Gravity Falls".
  • Bree tried to kill Bob in The Curse of the Screaming Skull .