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Broliver (Br/ee and Oliver) is the romantic pairing between Bree Davenport and Oliver. It's shown Skylar is jealous of them. Oliver is Bree's eighth love interest.

Other Names

  • Olivee (Oliv/er and Br/ee)
  • Brever (Bre/e and Oli/ver)
  • Olivree (Oliv/er and B/ree)
  • Breliver (Bre/e and O/liver)
  • Olree (Ol/liver and B/ree)


Season 4

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

  • Bree thought Oliver was cute twice.
  • Bree thought that Oliver had a trustworthy face.
  • Bree wanted Oliver to go with her.
  • Oliver thought that Bree was also cute.
  • Bree was going to miss Oliver.
  • Bree thought that Oliver was smart and kind.
  • Bree stopped liking Oliver after he reminded her of Chase.
  • Oliver gives Bree a flirty wink right before she leaves.
  • Bree flirted with Oliver many times throughout the episode.


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