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You're pretty.
Bree to Troy

Broy (Br/ee and Tr/oy) is the former romantic (currently enemy) pairing between Bree Davenport and Troy West. Bree had a crush on him until it was revealed that Troy was a killer android. Troy is Bree's ninth love interest.

Other Names

  • Troe (Tro/y and Bre/e)
  • Brey (Bre/e and Tro/y)
  • Tree (Tr/oy and Br/ee)


Season 4

Bionic Action Hero

  • Troy asked Bree for her help.
  • Bree called Troy pretty.
  • Bree gave Troy Chase's chip information.
  • Bree asked Troy if he wanted to go to the pool with her.
    • He agreed, but then left the island without going to the pool.
  • Bree said Troy was self-absorbed after looking at pictures of him in his room.
  • Troy held a gun to Bree's head and threatened to kill her.
  • Bree dunked his head into a sink of water and deactivated him.
  • Adam said "I should give you two some alone time".


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