Hi, everyone! I'm here!
— Caitlin in Forbidden Hero

Caitlin is Bree's best friend who always has lots of boyfriend troubles. Bree is always on her phone giving her advice about her current boyfriend. She also worked at Tech Town, however, she was fired in Not So Smart Phone

She is portrayed by Michaela Carrozzo.


Caitlin is a resident of Mission Creek and Bree's friend. She thought that Bree was weird, due to Chase messing with Bree with his Override App in Death Spiral Smackdown. She cried and screamed to Bree about her last break-up, possibly Rodney, in Can I Borrow the Helicopter?. Caitlin also had an obsessive crush on Adam, however she later switched to Chase in Robot Fight Club. Caitlin says that she is nearly blind without her glasses, even though she is never seen wearing them. Caitlin is described as weird. She was also seen in Llama Drama participating in the Domino Domination competition. Caitlin also supposedly comes from "four generations of domino droppers", and is shown to be proud of it. She most likely has been working with domino's her entire life.

In Zip It, Caitlin gets a job at Tech Town and convinces Bree to get a job there as well. She tricked Bree into getting the job, because the new kid has to do all the bad jobs, like cleaning the bathroom, and she most likely was stuck with the bad jobs. Caitlin says she finally enjoys the job since Bree was the new kid. Caitlin seems to be good friends with some of the girls at Mission Creek High School seen in Death Spiral Smackdown. She isn't really liked by the manager Scott. In Not So Smart Phone, Caitlin crushes Chase's ePhone 7 (also known as the display model) and Scott fires her. In Three Minus Bree, Caitlin befriended Bree when Bree showed up two hours late to lunch but when Bree showed up one hour late to something, Caitlin didn't speak to her for a week. In Forbidden Hero, she comes to visit the Davenport Bionic Academy.


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