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I'd love to tell you more, but I've lost my ability to trust.
Leo to Chase

Can I Borrow the Helicopter?” is the 10th episode in Season 1 of Lab Rats. It first aired on June 14, 2012. It features the first appearance of Janelle.


Leo borrows Donald's helicopter to take his crush, Janelle, on a flight date. Meanwhile, Bree gets her own room, and Adam and Chase are excited to have the lab to themselves. But things get out of hand and Chase decides to divide the lab in half.


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  • In Robot Fight Club, Caitlin states that she likes Adam because he is real, which means that Rodney was fictional.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Caitlin is a "crier" and a "screamer" after her break-ups.
  • This is Janelle's first appearance.
  • In Sink or Swim, Leo states that he uses Donald's helicopter on weekends. The helicopter used in this episode is possibly the one he was talking about.
  • This is the second time we see a non-bionic human inside a capsule, with the first being Crush, Chop, and Burn.
  • The punching dummy that Chase fell on upon touching the electric fence is used in Kickin' It.


  • One of the dolls Bree purchases in Chore Wars is sitting on a shelf in the converted sewing room, despite the fact she hasn't obtained it yet.
  • While Tasha is talking to Caitlin on the phone, Bree's right arm keeps changing position even though she is not moving because two separate takes were edited together.


That's a great idea! ...In an alternate universe where bad ideas are great.
— Donald to Leo
Bree: Mr. Davenport, I cannot stand them anymore. Can they please go live in your warehouse?

Donald: Bree, the warehouse is where I keep my explosive chemicals.

Bree: Like I said, can they please go live in your warehouse?

— Bree and Donald about Adam and Chase
Leo: Janelle, please don't take this the wrong way, but I did not want you to come here.

Janelle: Yeah. I could tell by the way ya slammed the door in my face.

— Leo and Janelle
Janelle: Aren't you a little young to be a pilot?

Leo: Please! My first diaper was a parachute. I went straight from crying to flying.

— Janelle and Leo
Tasha: Do you have any idea what he's talking about?

Donald: Nope. I just smile and nod until it's over.

— Tasha and Donald about Adam


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