Chabrina (Cha/se and Sa/brina) is the pairing of Chase Davenport and Sabrina.


Sabrina first appeared in the episode Spike Fright, where she had a crush on Chase. Sabrina has not come back since.

Other Names

  • Sabrase (Sabr/ina + Ch/ase)
  • Sabrinase (Sabrin/a + Ch/ase)
  • Chasebrina (Chase + Sa/brina)
  • Chasina (Chas/e + Sabr/ina)


Season 3

Spike Fright

  • Sabrina was looking at Chase during lunch.
  • Sabrina asked Chase to be her partner for a chemistry project.
  • Sabrina thinks Chase is charming, funny, sweet and sensitive.
  • Chase seemed very happy when he realized Sabrina wasn't just using him for the project, but actually wanted to hang out with him.
  • They were sitting close to each other while working on the molecule project.
  • Sabrina seemed unconvinced when Adam told her that she might be Chase's first kiss, implying that she thinks Chase is too cute to not have had his first kiss yet.


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