Chaitlin (Cha/se + Ca/itlin) is the pairing between Chase Davenport and Caitlin. They're okay friends. In Robot Fight Club, Caitlin had a crush on Chase, but Chase didn't like it.

Other Names

  • Caitase (Cait/lin + Ch/ase)
  • Caise (Cai/tlin + Cha/se)


Season 2

Robot Fight Club

  • Caitlin was following Chase.
  • Chase told Caitlin to leave him alone.
  • Caitlin told Chase not to resist her, and she called him 'Bookworm'.

Season 3

Zip it

  • Caitlin wanted to spare Chase from doing the gross jobs.

Not So Smart Phone

  • Chase asked Caitlin if she was okay.
  • Chase looked worried at Caitlin.
  • Caitlin told Chase about her experience.
  • Chase yells very loudly, and comes charging towards Caitlin as if he was going to tackle him, but instead, he crashed through 100 boxes of ePhones7s.
  • Caitlin crushed Chase's ePhone 7.

Alien Gladiators

  • Chase let Caitlin go first.
  • Chase was fighting with Caitlin.

Season 4

Forbidden Hero

  • Chase tried to stop Caitlin from fighting with Bree.
  • Chase was surprised when he saw Caitlin walking out of the hydroloop.


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