Hey, everyone check it out. We got an exchange student from Nerdistan. Ha!
— Chase about Leo

Chase Henderson is a parallel version of Chase Davenport. He appeared in Parallel Universe. Parallel Chase is a high school jock and non-bionic, while the original Chase is very intelligent, nerdy, and bionic in the original universe. Their feelings are the same, just not their personalities.

He is portrayed by Billy Unger.


When Leo first arrives in a parallel universe through one of Davenport's inventions, he quickly discovers that he has bionic abilities. When he arrives at school, he soon finds the Hendersons and shows them in excitement- his abilities.

The Hendersons freak out because they've never even heard and seen bionics before, and promptly turn him into Agent Gordon of the Department of Homeland Special Ops Unit, but with the help of Parallel Principal Perry, who seems to really like him, gets away. When he returns to school later on, Chase Henderson and his siblings are looking for him, and when they see him they quickly call him to the attention of a nearby agent. Leo and Parallel Donald however, manage to get away using Leo's super speed.



  • He has no bionic powers, or bionic chip.
  • He is, however, a high school jock, which means that he likes sports, unlike the original Chase Davenport, who is bad at sports.
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