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Cheddy is an app made by Chase Davenport, but was stolen from Davenport Industries. It helps the user with certain tasks like finishing homework, ordering pizza, and some other stuff. Cheddy is the before version of Eddy. At the end of the episode he becomes Eddy, but gets disabled after the app is deleted off the App Store.

He is portrayed by Will Forte.


In the beginning of Scramble the Orbs, Cheddy is actually the opposite of Eddy. He wears a bow tie and has a mustache. Unlike Eddy, he isn't insulting and helps out users. He was made by Chase, but the idea/technology was stolen from Davenport Industries. Eddy also used to be Cheddy, but as Eddy developed he broke out of Cheddy. This happens later in the episode as he infects other devices. He makes fun of customers due to him becoming Eddy. He gets disabled at the end of the episode.