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Come on, Chase. I know my brother is in there. Where is he, Chase? Where is my brother?
Leo to Chase when his Triton App was activated in Sink or Swim

Cheo (Ch/ase and L/eo) is the brotherly pairing of Chase Davenport and Leo Dooley.

Other Names

  • Lase (L/eo and Ch/ase)
  • Chaseo (Chas/e and L/eo)
  • Dooport (Doo/ley and Daven/port)

Top Cheo Episodes

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Chase told Leo that all they do is just eat, sleep, and train for missions.
  • Chase told Leo they were like human lab rats, but Leo said it couldn't be that bad.
  • Leo told Chase what a school bell was, when he asked.
  • Chase told Leo that the chess club was where all the action is at.
  • Leo asked Chase why Adam's eyes were turning red, and Chase explained Adam's heat vision glitch to Leo.
  • Chase asked Leo what he was doing in the lab.
  • Chase couldn't believe Leo threw a party in the living room for them.
  • Chase said he thinks Leo is gonna miss them when they get relocated.
  • Chase said Leo was the best friend they ever had.
  • Leo gave Chase a banana peel for breakfast.

Commando App

  • Leo advocated for Chase going to school even though Donald was concerned he hadn't controlled his Commando App.
  • Leo tried to warn Chase about sitting with the cheerleaders at the cool table.
  • After Spike reverted by to Chase, Leo tried to intimidate and lift Chase to bring Spike back.
  • When Spike was creating his football team, he apathetically picked Leo.
  • Leo felt selfish for depriving Chase of his first day of school.
  • Chase helped carry Leo off the field after the game.

Leo's Jam

  • Chase created a plan to help Leo get Danielle to go to the dance with him.
  • Chase pulled Leo off of Adam.
  • Chase told Adam that it wasn't cool to go with Danielle since Leo wanted her first.
  • Chase said he would talk Danielle into liking Leo instead of Adam.
  • Leo jumped on Chase when he said Danielle was going to the dance with him.
  • Chase asked Leo if he sure he wasn't mad he was going with Danielle.
  • Leo taught Chase the "Refrigerator Dance."
  • Chase was visibly bitter during and after Leo's dance routine to impress Danielle.
  • When Leo apologized to Chase and Adam, he called them his brothers.
  • Chase also apologized, saying that they were all jerks.
  • Along with Adam, they agreed not to let a girl come between them again.

Rats on a Train

  • Leo helped warm up Chase after he partially froze during training.
  • Chase was surprised to see Leo pop out of the mission bag.
  • Chase asked Leo where the decelerator was.
  • Chase looked annoyed when he found out Leo left the decelerator in the lab.
  • Chase told Leo that without the decelerator, they couldn't stop the train.
  • Chase called Leo crazy for staying behind with them.
  • Chase applied Leo's Wile E. Coyote example into stopping the train.
  • Leo held onto Chase as Adam pulled the rope to stop the train.
  • Chase helped Leo up.
  • Chase praised Leo for wasting his time watching cartoons.

Exoskeleton vs. Grandma

  • When Leo wanted to get in on "The Call," Chase said there wasn't any room for him.
  • A small part of Chase was happy when Leo was knocked back by the electron field destabilizer, and helped him up afterwards.
  • Tasha lied to Grandma Rose and said Chase was Leo's manny.
  • Chase started to get jealous of Leo's participation in "The Call," including winging the presentation and his new handshake with Donald.
  • Leo covered Chase's ears over the word ".
  • Chase purposely sabotaged the exoskeleton when Donald said Leo would demonstrate it instead of him.
  • Chase got angry at Leo when he stole his "thunder" during his presentation.
  • Leo said he didn't want to bump Chase out, and Chase angrily congratulated Leo for winning "The Call."
  • Acting as Leo's manny, Chase pulled him away from the stove.
  • Chase thought Leo grabbing the electron field destabilizer was a great idea.
  • Leo offered it to Chase as an apology for taking away his sizzle, and Chase apologized admitting he still had to get use to having another brother.
  • They worked together to defeat the exoskeleton.
  • Chase used his force field to protect Leo.
  • They high fived and shared a hug.

Smart and Smarter

  • Leo told Chase about the Student of the Semester competition.
  • Leo pointed out to Chase that he was losing the competition to Adam.
  • Leo laughed as Chase defaced Adam's photo.

Bionic Birthday Fail

  • Chase thought Leo was turning 9.
  • Chase realized Leo wasn't having a surprise party and helped plan one instead.
  • Chase told Eddy to keep Leo in the lab until he gave the signal.
  • Chase never gave Eddy the signal to let Leo out.
  • Chase thought of giving Leo the chance to go on a mission with them in the simulator as his gift.
  • Chase told Leo to use his force field.
  • They fought Donald together in the simulator.

Death Spiral Smackdown

  • Chase warned Leo about how eating Powdered Sugar Cookie Donut O's slows down brain activity.
  • Chase showed Leo his Override App on Bree and laughed as he made her slap herself.
  • Chase watched Leo in the smackdown.
  • Leo laughed at Chase's humiliation from Bree.
  • Leo was amused seeing Chase in the drum major uniform from the lost and found.
  • Chase used the Override App on Adam to stop him from hurting Leo.

Back From the Future

  • Chase called Leo a hero.
  • Chase realized that Leo was still alive.

Drone Alone

  • Chase created a chart of all the catastrophes that could happen with Leo in charge.
  • Leo stopped the prank Chase was going to do to Davenport.
  • Chase needed Leo's help since he couldn't see.
  • Chase mocked Leo's baby talk.
  • Chase blamed Leo for turning on the LEMP.

Air Leo

  • Chase gave Leo Davenport's "air shoes" to help him beat Trent in basketball.
  • They played basketball to test them out.
  • Chase acted as Leo's hype-man at the school.
  • Chase used electron beam generators against Trent and the shoes to help Leo win.
  • Chase cheered for Leo.

Mission Invisible

  • Leo was embarrassed by Chase's dancing.
  • Chase needed Leo for his plan to grab the cameras hard drive.
  • Chase thanked Leo for helping them keep their bionics from being revealed to Perry.

Concert in a Can

  • Chase really didn't want Leo in the band.
  • Chase believed that Leo did break Marcus' guitar.
  • Chase thought Leo was acting a bit jealous because they started hanging out with Marcus.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Chase didn't want to invite Leo with them to the new yogurt shop.
  • Chase told Leo he couldn't tell him, Adam or Bree what to do.
  • Chase told Leo he was gonna use his cell signal to locate the car with his bionic GPS.
  • Chase tried to tap into the car remotely and shut it down to save Leo.
  • Leo was yelling at Chase when all he did was make the car features go off.
  • Chase used his force field ability to block the cars signal and saved Leo.

Missin' the Mission

  • Chase congratulated Leo on becoming the team's Strategic Mission Specialist.

Robot Fight Club

  • Leo asked for Chase to help him compete in the Robot Throwdown.
  • Leo didn't believe Chase when he said he was a man.
  • Initially Chase wanted to refuse Leo, but agreed after finding out the grand prize was $500.
  • They watched a video about the throwdown and saw Kevin Stone, when Leo explained who that was, Chase said it sounded like he was better than Leo.
  • Chase said they would make a perfect team cause he's an amazing engineer and Leo picked him.
  • They teamed up and worked together to create a robot.
  • Chase told Leo that he always loses to Kevin because he relies on flash instead of speed and stability.
  • They both allowed Donald to be on their team, but they later kicked him out.
  • Chase didn't know the robot name was supposed to be scary, then Leo told him the name was supposed to be scary.
  • When they saw Donald's robot, Leo told Chase "Bet you wish we had the flamethrowers now."
  • They worked together in the robot throwdown and beat every other robot, including Donald's.
  • They gloated and danced the robot after defeating Kevin.
  • They hugged after defeating Donald, and mocked him by copying his dance.
  • They took a photo together with their robot after their victory (this didn't happen in the episode, but was featured in Sink or Swim).

The Rats Strike Back

  • They played table tennis together, and Chase won.
  • Chase told Leo he was right.
  • Chase turned on a tennis ball machine, and made tennis balls hit Leo and what he was making.
  • Chase told Leo it was time to belt him up.
  • Chase said the gravity belt works better on a normal-sized person, meaning he doesn't think Leo is normal-sized.
  • Chase asked Leo if he was ever planning on taking the outfit off, but quickly figured out that Leo couldn't take it off.

Parallel Universe

  • Leo told Chase Henderson he was annoying in two universes, meaning that he thinks the original Chase is annoying as well.

Spike's Got Talent

  • Leo told Chase he was going to build his fan base at the talent show, but Chase said he didn't have a fan base. Leo said he knew, that's why he had to build one.
  • Leo said he's been practicing with a magic kit, but Chase thought that was kind of lame.
  • Leo did some card trick magic in front of a couple girls, and Chase tried to do the same, but failed.
  • When Chase said he can do magic, Leo was shocked and muttered saying that he can't.
  • After Chase stole Leo's spot in the talent show, Leo congratulated him (with sarcasm) and told him to remove the knife from his back (an expression).
  • Leo was mad at Chase for stealing his act, but Chase said he panicked, and asked what he was supposed to do, which Leo replied saying he should suffer.
  • Leo used the bionic signal interrupter on Chase during the show, which made him humiliated, and turn into Spike, which Leo hoped he was actually doing an impression, which he was not.
  • Leo says that Chase is little and weak.
  • Leo made Chase turn into Spike, again.
  • Leo tried to disengage Chase's Commando App.
  • Chase pretended to turn into Spike to scare Leo at the end of the episode, since he kept talking about how Chase got pinned by Perry.

Leo vs. Evil

  • Leo told Chase there was no way he was going to beat Adam in arm-wrestling, and compared it to a chicken wrestling an alligator.
  • When Leo explained the rules of no whining, screaming, crying or tap outs, he looked at Chase.
  • Leo grabbed Chase's hand, and said he won, but he asked which hand he licked. Chase said it was the one he was grabbing. So Leo wiped the germs on Chase's shirt and grabbed his other hand.
  • Just before Leo and Marcus shook hands, Leo licked his just like Chase did against Adam.
  • Leo said the same thing Chase said to Adam, which was "Clever beats strong any day", to Marcus.
  • Chase was relieved that Leo came down to the lab to interrupt his apology to Adam.
  • Chase didn't believe Leo about Marcus.

Trucked Out

  • Leo kept rubbing it in towards a jealous Chase that he got invited to Caroline Davis' party.
  • Leo freaked out at Chase when he recommended to Tasha she should chaperone Leo at the party.
  • Leo asked for Chase's and Bree's help to stop his mom for winning president of the PTA.
  • Chase would only help Leo if he got him and Bree in on the party.
  • Initially Leo refused, but caved shortly after.
  • Chase figured out a plan to get Principal Perry to run for PTA president.
  • They cheered when Tasha didn't win.

Bionic Showdown

  • Chase apologized for not believing Leo about Marcus.
  • Chase acknowledged that Leo was looking out for them by not telling them about Marcus being bionic.
  • Leo went to save Chase and the others from Douglas.
  • Chase helped Leo up in the exoskeleton.

Memory Wipe

  • They tried to sneak into the house past curfew.
  • Leo put his arm around Chase and asked if they could go to the movies.
  • Chase used Leo's name as a verb: "Leo'd" meaning to mess things up badly.
  • Leo called Chase "nerd."

The Haunting of Mission Creek High

  • Leo and Chase, along with Adam, teamed up to scare Trent.
  • Chase convinced Leo to lay off on Trent.
  • They formed a ghost hunting team to capture Jasper.
  • Leo and Chase hit each other with their ion blasters.

Perry 2.0

  • They worked on their homework together in the lab and complained about their old textbooks.
  • They both thought the school needed to be more high tech.
  • They both didn't want Donald's help because they were afraid his ego would get out of control.
  • They were both mad at Donald for creating Robo-Perry.
  • They ate outside of the cafeteria because the whole school hated them.
  • Donald admitted that when Chase first met Leo, he couldn't stand him.
  • They worked together to reprogram Robo-Perry before the school board meeting to mess with Donald.
  • They danced with Robo-Perry after successfully resetting her settings.
  • Chase looked at Leo to be used as bait for Robo-Perry.
  • Chase asked Leo if he was okay after they trapped Robo-Perry.
  • They fist bumped.

My Little Brother

  • Chase asked Leo to help search for Adam.
  • Leo came up with a lie to cover for Chase.
  • Leo helped Chase look for Adam.
  • They panicked when Adam got thrown in the trash can.
  • They both grabbed the trash can and said they lost their retainer.
  • They searched for Adam in the trash can back in the lab.

Trent Gets Schooled

  • They were bullied by Trent and used as tackling dummies for the football team.
  • They purposely gave Trent false info so he'd fail his physics test.
  • Leo stomped on Chase's foot to give himself a head start when they were chased by an angry Trent.
  • They tried to help Trent pass his test for real.
  • Chase put Leo in a gyroscope to motivate Trent.

No Going Back

  • Leo felt like it was his fault for Chase leaving (along with Bree and Adam).

Season 3

Sink or Swim

  • The first thing Chase asked (who he thought was) Donald in the helicopter was where Leo was.
  • Chase then asked where Leo was when they first arrived at the "safe house."
  • They hugged after they were reunited.
  • Leo first noticed Chase's eyes were different.
  • Chase tried to kill Leo while he was under the control of the Triton App.
  • Leo tried to help snap Chase out of the Triton app.
  • Leo referred to each other as brothers and reminded Chase of all the times they shared together.
  • Leo showed Chase a photo of them when they won the robot throwdown.
  • Leo suggested Chase use his Override App on Adam and Bree.

The Jet-Wing

  • Leo and Chase worked together at the control station during Donald's stunt. 
  • They panicked trying to figure out a plan to get Donald down safely. 
  • Chase didn't disagree with Leo when he blamed himself. 
  • Leo and Chase almost exposed Chase's bionics.
  • They both said "Bioni-Hi!"
  • They both tried to save Donald.
  • Leo grabbed and shook Chase.

Mission: Mission Creek High

  • Chase and Leo danced when Donald showed them the new lab.
  • Leo showed Chase (along with Adam and Bree) the new lab.
  • Chase put his arms around Leo and pushed him to safety when Perry almost hit them with her car.
  • Chase tried to save Leo by stopping the rocket before it hit Mission Creek High.

Not So Smart Phone

  • Leo hinted to Chase a list of gifts he wanted for his birthday.
  • Leo told Chase he doesn't photograph well.
  • Leo recorded Chase bowling using his bionics.
  • Leo commentated Chase's hobbies included being a tattletale and creeping out girls.
  • Leo declared Chase the loser.

Principal From Another Planet

  • Chase was a part of Leo's movie.
  • They both laugh at the movie at the end.


  • Chase and Leo were mad at Douglas when he showed up in the lab.
  • Chase reassured Leo that they'd save them from Krane.
  • Chase wanted to go rescue Leo and Tasha.

You Posted What?!?

  • Chase and Leo were together in the lab.
  • Chase was sad they wouldn't have the chance to say goodbye to Leo.
  • Chase was concerned about Leo and begged Agent Graham to let them see him in the hospital.
  • Chase was shocked when Principal Perry said they lost Leo, mistakenly thinking he died.
  • Leo threw a laser sphere at Krane as he was about to attack Chase and Adam.

Which Father Knows Best?

  • When Adam called Bree more useful than Chase, he (Chase), Leo & Donald all glare at him for his incompetence.
  • After Adam blurted out the thought everyone deserved a second chance, Chase, and Leo both glare at him.

Alien Gladiators

  • Chase and Leo were excited about Alien Gladiators.
  • Chase described the plot of Alien Gladiators while Leo was motioning it.

Spike Fright

  • Leo was shocked that Sabrina was interested in Chase.

Merry Glitchmas

  • Leo laughed at Chase when Adam pelted him with the Nerble.

Rise of the Secret Soldiers

  • Chase ran to help pull Leo away from the protestors.
  • Chase congratulated Leo for ma

Bionic House Party

  • Chase got protective of Leo when the bionic soldiers surrounded him after he collapsed.

Adam Steps Up

  • Chase was ticked by Leo for bringing Janelle to the island.

Unauthorized Mission

  • Chase tripped Leo onto the mat.
  • Chase said Leo excelled in his training which is why he was selected to go on a mission.
  • Leo had his arm around Chase while they were helping Donald.

Season 4

Bionic Rebellion

  • Chase told Leo the only reason he's living with them and not the dorms is because he put up a tantrum.
  • Leo saved Chase by falling on Sebastian.
  • Leo helped Chase up.
  • Chase unknowingly stole Leo's pun.
  • Leo look exasperated at Chase for telling Sebastian everything about his bionics.

Left Behind

  • Leo knew they were talking about Chase when Adam said "fun killer."
  • Leo knew Chase would freak out at Donald for wearing his mission suit, and tried to get him out of it.

Under Siege

  • Chase woke up Leo.
  • Chase panicked when Leo didn't respond.

Mission Mania

  • Chase got angry at Leo for using them as a bionic side business.
  • Chase realized that Leo was in trouble and assembled the team.

Forbidden Hero

  • Chase supported an injured Leo walk out of the hydro-loop.
  • Chase called Leo 'Buddy'.
  • Chase stroked Leo over his head.
  • They both tried to let Adam know that he had to cut it out.
  • Chase asked Leo if he was coming on a mission.
IMG 20151112 173816 7244.jpg

Spider Island

  • Leo wanted to hang out with Chase.
  • Chase told Leo that he's a great tech guy.
  • They were blaming each other.
  • They were fighting about the harpoon.

One of Us

  • Chase admonishes Leo for taking out S-1 with one of his laser spheres.
  • Leo didn't realise what's happening to all the bionic people about what could happen to everyone, causing Chase to yell at him very loudly.
  • Chase yells at Leo again for telling him that he would make a very good impersonation of S-1.
  • Leo helps Chase uninstall the doomsday virus.
  • Leo tells Douglas that Chase is nothing but trouble.

Lab Rats: On The Edge

  • Chase counted Leo's been on 31 and 1/2 missions with them.
  • Chase thought Leo's new EMP ability with Taylor was dangerous and ordered Leo to stop.
  • When Leo was named the leader of his own team with Taylor and Logan, Chase thought it was joke.
  • Chase yelled at Leo to stop the EMP when it was getting out of hand.
  • Chase blamed Leo for Taylor's injury and proved to him that Leo wasn't ready to be a leader.
  • As Leo was leaving the academy, he agreed with Chase that he wasn't ready to be a leader.
  • Chase didn't mean for Leo to leave.
  • Chase tried to talk Leo back into come back to the island.
  • Chase believed that Leo should be standing up with them at the awards ceremony.
  • Chase suggested Cardboard Leo should wear the blue suit.
  • Chase gave Leo a 10% chance of saving them.
  • Leo went to rescue Chase.
  • Chase wanted Leo to save himself, but Leo wouldn't leave him behind.
  • Leo saved Chase from falling off the bridge.
  • Chased apologized to Leo and they hugged.
  • They also hugged after Leo's promotion to mentor, and Chase said he was proud of him.
  • Chase lifted Leo on to his shoulder.

The Vanishing

  • They hugged each other goodbye when Leo had to supervise the Academy and Chase joining the Elite Force.


  • Chase and Leo both got bullied by Trent.
  • Chase and Leo are almost the same age.
  • Chase is probably older as seen in Bionic Birthday Fail.
  • Both have been made fun of because of their height.
  • Chase and Leo are both shown to be very smart and great with technology.
  • They were both not invited to their own birthday celebrations.
  • At the beginning, it seems Adam is Leo's Hero. But near the end of season 3 he began to dress a lot like Chase.


Chase: Leo, you have to let go or it's gonna take you with it!

Leo: I'm not letting go!

— Chase & Leo in Lab Rats: On The Edge
Couldn't be prouder of you, buddy
— Chase to Leo in Lab Rats: On The Edge
Chase: Wow. Leo, you did it! I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

Leo: I'm just glad you're okay.

— Chase & Leo in Lab Rats: On The Edge


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