Now I know why you guys are always making fun of me so much. I'm stupid!
Adam to Bree and Chase

"Chip Switch" is the 12th episode in Season 1 of Lab Rats. It first aired on June 28, 2012.


The Rats switch their bionic chips after talking about how they want a different ability. Adam has Bree's speed, Bree has Chase's intelligence, and Chase has Adam's strength. Ignoring Davenport's warning, they go to school and Chase, not used to heat vision, accidentally traps Leo and Principal Perry inside the elevator during a drill as part of Emergency Preparedness Week at the school after Bree complains about the noise the fire alarm bell makes. Right before Chase traps them, Adam finds out that he has guacamole on his shirt and super speeds home to get tortilla chips for it. Chase is unable to do anything, so the Rats race home try to switch back their chips, but accidentally end up with Chase with Bree's speed, Bree with Adam's strength, and Adam with Chase's intelligence. Adam figures out that Bree can pull the elevator cables, lifting Leo and Principal Perry to safety. This works, but Davenport busts them, but is glad that they learn their lesson about chip switching, and that it didn't cost him a dime.


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  • Leo's shirt matches the plot of this episode, because there was a fire drill.
  • The robotic hand that Chase picked up from the lab (the one that Donald said he invented) is the same hand that rose from the debris in Bionic Showdown.
  • Adam thinks he's less stupid without his super strength.
  • This episode reveals that Principal Perry's full name is 'Terry Cherry Perry'.
  • It is revealed that at Leo's old school, he was called Leo Doody.
  • This is the first and only episode where the bionic siblings switched their chips.
  • This is one of few episodes where Leo and Principal Perry get along.
  • This is the first time Chase is without his super intelligence, and he feels useless without it.


  • Adam, Bree, and Chase need Leo to push a button to switch their chips, but when they switch them later on, there's no Leo to push the button, yet the switch is successful.
  • When Adam explains to Chase that he has to stretch before lifting something heavy, he has more guacamole on his shirt than he does when Bree realizes it.


Bree: (To Chase) I call your super-smarts!

Adam: (To Bree) I call your super-speed!

Chase: (To Adam) I call your super-strength!

Leo: I call good looks and charisma! Oh, too late. Already got 'em.

— The Team when they decide to switch their chips
Chase: Ahh, Mr. Davenport was right. We never should have switched our chips. Without my bionic intelligence, I'm just a dumb bag of meat. No offense, Adam.

Adam: Aw, none taken. Man, without my super-strength, I just feel like a puny, weak, doll-bodied chump with an ugly shirt. No offense, Chase.

— Adam and Chase
Chase: Now, Leo, I have the most important job of all for you. Now, once we get inside, I'm going to need you... to push... this green button.

Leo: Yeah. And then I'll push the button that makes you stop talking to me like I'm FIVE.

— Chase and Leo

Principal Perry: (As the elevator goes up) Did you push a button?

Leo: No. You must have bumped it when you shifted your center of gravy... GRAVITY!

— Perry and Leo in the elevator

It's times like these I think: Who's gonna feed all my cats? I hope they don't eat Mother. I hope she doesn't THEM!
— Principal Perry
Chase: Okay. If I cross a red wire with a pink wire, I'll end up with a red wire crossed with a pink wire. Wait a second. This is still all just a bunch of pretty colors to me! Where are my super-smarts?

Adam: Since traction elevators operate on a pulley system, we just have to calculate the weight of the cars plus passengers, multiply that by the height we need to move it, and that will determine the energy needed. Also, a group of twelve or more cows is called a "flink." (pauses)Oh! I think my brain just threw up!

— Adam and Chase
(Points to head) I got all sorts of smarts up in here. Like numbers, and mathy stuff.
— Chase when he doesn't have his smarts


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Lab Rats - 'Chip Switch'

Lab Rats - 'Chip Switch'

Clip - Chip Switch - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

Clip - Chip Switch - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

"Lab Rats" promo for "Chip Switch"

"Lab Rats" promo for "Chip Switch"



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