I don't care what you have to do, save my son!
Donald about Chase to the others in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med
Donald about Chase when Krane attacked him in Space Colony

Chonald (Ch/ase and D/onald) is the pairing of an adoptive dad and his adoptive son, which is Chase Davenport and Donald Davenport.

Other Names

  • Donase (Don/ald + Ch/ase)
  • Donse (Don/ald + Cha/se)
  • Chasald (Chas/e + Don/ald)


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn

  • Donald was training Chase.
  • Chase deflected what Donald threw at him with his force field.

Rats on a Train

  • Donald told Chase if it gets too cold in his capsule, Chase should give him a sign.
  • Donald said he thinks he likes Chase better frozen.
  • Donald told Chase to locate the on-board braking system.

Exoskeleton vs. Grandma

  • Donald and Chase prepared for "The Call."
  • Donald and Chase did a handshake.

Bionic Birthday Fail

  • They fought each other.
  • They group-hugged.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Donald put his arm around Chase.

Missin' the Mission

  • Chase thanked Donald when he said that's how you lead a mission.
  • Donald told Chase he was talking about himself.


  • Chase told Donald about Bree and Owen.
  • Chase told Donald about why Bree was contaminated.
  • They had special names for each other to communicate.
  • Chase told Donald it was neurothroxin Bree got exposed to, which Donald said was terrible.
  • Donald told Chase it was actually him when he was wearing his cyber mask.

Robot Fight Club

  • Chase couldn't believe Donald smashed the robot.
  • Chase told Donald he didn't want him hijacking their team.
  • Chase questioned Donald when Donald said he hopes they beat Kevin.
  • When Donald asked how they figured it out, Chase told him it was the principles of aikido, and that they used his own momentum and force against them.
  • Chase thanked Donald and told him it takes a big man to say that when Donald said "very well played."

Bro Down

  • Chase told Donald he wasn't trying to hurt Adam, just get even with him.
  • Chase didn't want Adam to join the team again, but Donald convinced him.
  • They both thought of a way to outsmart Adam into joining the team.
  • Adam knew it was a plan, so Donald told Chase to get out of the capsule.
  • Donald tried to get Chase out of the locked capsule.
  • Donald helped Chase get up after Adam threw him.

The Rats Strike Back

  • Chase told Donald that they were on strike.
  • Chase told Donald they were striking for a day off, because they need downtime to have fun.
  • Chase asked Donald if he doesn't care about their needs, then why should they care about his.
  • Chase told Donald he couldn't do the presentation without one of them, but Donald told Chase he can, because they've all been replaced.
  • Chase figured out that Donald was bluffing.
  • Chase told Donald he should train Leo, unless he had no intention of actually putting him in the presentation.
  • Chase said they wouldn't help Donald unless they gave them time off.
  • Chase told Donald he needed to know when to be their boss, and dad.

Parallel Universe

  • Chase asked Donald if it was dangerous to tinker with the fabric of the universe, and Donald said technically, yes.
  • When Donald told everyone to be amazed, Chase said "Or gravely injured."
  • Chase asked Donald (again) if that (his invention) was dangerous, which Donald said (again) technically, yes.

Leo vs. Evil

  • Chase asked Donald a question about the teleporter.
  • Chase told Donald to get on with it.
  • Chase didn't want to admit to Donald they put Tasha through the teleporter.

Hole in One

  • Chase asked Donald what happened after he was done talking on the phone.
  • Chase said that Donald was one weird dude.
  • Chase didn't want Donald to see the painting.
  • Chase gave Donald the idea of doing a Daven-Sculpture, which Donald liked a lot.
  • Donald was sending Chase a photo play-by-play.

Bionic Showdown

  • Chase told Donald he made them who they are.
  • Chase told Donald they consider him as their real father.
  • Chase laid his head on Donald's shoulder.


  • Donald was worried about Chase when he was trapped in an avalanche.
  • He didn't want to give up with finding Chase.

Twas the Mission Before Christmas

  • They shared a hug.

Season 3

Sink or Swim

  • Donald sent Chase a message.
  • Chase immediately ran over to Donald when they came home.
  • They shared a hug.
  • Donald was worried about Chase when he used two abilities at the same time.
  • Chase told Donald he didn't have to blame himself.
  • Donald walked over to Chase and put his arm around him.
  • They group-hugged.

The Jet-Wing

  • Chase tried to save Donald.
  • Donald called himself Chase's father.

Bionic Houseparty

  • Chase was worried about Donald.

First Day of Bionic Academy

  • They've designed the rank system together.
  • Chase handed over the tablet to Donald.
  • They shared a hug.

Adam Steps Up

  • They face-timed with each other.
  • They said the same thing about Adam.

Unauthorized Mission

  • Chase knelt down next to Donald.
  • Chase helped Donald get up.

Season 4

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

  • They worked together to make an energy transponder for 5 years.
  • Donald made Chase's name really small on the sign.
  • Donald was really worried about Chase when he got hurt.
  • Chase called Donald his dad.

Space Elevator

  • Chase panicked when Donald tested out the space elevator and possibly would die.
  • Chase tried to tell Donald that he was going to die.

And Then There Were Four

  • Chase offered to hang out with Donald.

Space Colony

  • Chase was mad Donald colonized a planet and discovered a new galaxy without him.
  • Donald checked to see if Chase was okay when he was attacked.


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