We let our money do the talking, and right now it's saying "You don't have as much as I do!"
— Clayton to Leo in The Bionic 500

Clayton Harrington is the spoiled son of Pierce Harrington, who appeared in the episode The Bionic 500.

He is portrayed by J.T. Neal.


Clayton first appeared when Leo discovered that he already gotten the corner that Leo had wanted from Principal Perry first, in exchange for giving her an all-expense payed trip to anywhere around the world. Like his father, Clayton would brag about him being richer then Leo. Later after Pierce lost the race to Mr. Davenport, Leo told him to pack up his stuff from the corner locker since he's about to move.



  • According to Clayton, no member from his father's side ever loses.
  • When Clayton brags how rich he is to Leo and the others, he would make his wallet talk.
  • According to Clayton, Harringtons hate waiting.


  • It is never explained that whoever won the race would get the corner locker. This is probably because the loser would have to move so they must leave the corner locker.


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