Okay, guys, you have been trained for all kinds of missions, but you are about to enter a soul-bruising, confidence-crushing, apocalyptic environment: high school.
Donald to Adam, Bree and Chase

"Commando App" is the 2nd episode in Season 1 of Lab Rats. It first aired on March 5, 2012. It features the first true appearance of Terry Perry, Trent and Spike.


On the Lab Rats' first day of school, all goes awry when Chase is confronted by a football player, and his "Commando App" is triggered, transforming him into Spike, a loud-mouthed, insulting bully with an enormous temper. When Spike stands up to Principal Perry, the school principal, she puts the Lab Rats up against the football team to battle it out for the coveted cafeteria table. While the Lab Rats' bionics and Spike's aggression get them close to winning, Spike reverts to Chase at the last minute. While Chase tries to compute the perfect winning pass, he becomes confused by too many targets, causing them to lose. Meanwhile, Donald tries to work, but is constantly interrupted by Eddy.


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  • This episode is the first appearance of Spike and Trent.
  • This is one of four appearances of Spike. Others are Spike's Got Talent, Spike Fright, and Spike vs. Spikette.
  • This episode is the first physical appearance of Principal Perry. Her voice is only heard in Crush, Chop and Burn.
  • The first part of this episode continues the end of Crush, Chop and Burn.
  • This is the only episode with Spike not having the word Spike in the title.


  • Donald covered Eddy with sticky notes to stop him from annoying him, while he could just have turned Eddy off like he did in later episodes.
  • Leo distracted the football players allowing Bree to use her super speed without getting seen, but Principal Perry was in front of them and should have seen Bree's bionics.
  • After losing the football game, Chase said "we may not be the Alpha Dogs anymore". But he was Spike while they were regarded as the Alpha Dogs, so Chase shouldn't remember that.
  • It was mentioned in Crush, Chop and Burn that the Lab Rats do not know about Santa Claus. However, there is a flashback in this episode involving them celebrating Christmas.
    • However it could be possible that although they celebrate Christmas, Donald never told them about Santa Claus.


Hello, ladies. You may remember me from health class, when I passed out during the miracle of birth video. It's good to see you again.
— Leo to the cheerleaders
Commando App? Put on some underpants. We're going to school.
— Leo
Chase: Well, we may not be the Alpha Dogs anymore, but at least we still have each other. We're not total nobodies.
Leo: No, we are total nobodies, but at least I have you three to carry my broken butt home.
— Chase and Leo
That's Principal Perry. She has the temperament of a junkyard dog stuffed into a really bad pantsuit.
— Leo about Perry
Losing makes me wanna rip out my own intestines and wear 'em as a sweatband.
— Spike
Eddy: Hiya, hot stuff! You look like a million megapixels.

Edie: I bet you say that to all the emoticons.

Eddy: Just the curvy ones with one eye.

— Eddy and Edie


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Lab Rats Season One Commando App

Lab Rats Season One Commando App

Lab Rats - 'Commando App'

Lab Rats - 'Commando App'

Lab Rats - "Commando App" Clip - Spike vs the Principal

Lab Rats - "Commando App" Clip - Spike vs the Principal



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