And if you ever try and rat me out again... you're toast... for real.
Marcus to Leo

"Concert in a Can" is the 19th episode in Season 1 of Lab Rats. It first aired on October 29, 2012. It features the first appearance of Marcus Davenport


Adam and Chase befriend new kid named Marcus from school. They form a band, but when Leo gets suspicious he joins the band, only to get blamed for breaking Marcus's guitar. Meanwhile, Bree plans to bond with Mr. Davenport on Career Day, but gets upset when she finds out Davenport had been planning something with the boys. Leo brings along a tablet with Eddy's home system recording installed on it, showing that he did not break Marcus's guitar, but before he shows everyone Marcus confesses and finally tells everyone the truth. After a pretend breakdown, he then tells Leo to never tell on him again or else he's toast.


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  • This is the first appearance of Marcus.
  • This is the only episode that has Marcus in it and not Douglas, who wasn't shown until Mission: Space even though it was unknown because his face was never shown until Leo vs Evil.
  • Donald says that he's more of a fun uncle than a school activity dad. This proves to be accurate later on in Bionic Showdown, where it's revealed his brother, Douglas is their biological father.  
  • In this episode, Chase is playing the guitar. Billy Unger, who portrays Chase, also plays guitar in real life.
    • Hal Sparks, who portrays Donald, is also a guitarist.
  • This episode started the main storyline of the show.
  • Adam is revealed to have a third nipple.

Cultural References

  • When Adam, Chase and Marcus practiced for their band, they played 'Paradise City' by "Guns 'n' Roses".


  • When Chase starts his guitar riff at the beginning of the episode, the portable amp is sitting on the bench. When he finishes the riff, it's on the floor.
  • Chase is playing an electric guitar that is not connected to the amp. Mr. Davenport turns off the amp running his fingers over the quarter inch inputs where the guitar cable should have plugged into it.


Marcus: You know, you guys are the only people who have talked to me at this school. I HATE being the new kid.

Chase: Yeah, we used to be the new kids that no one talked to. Now we're just the vaguely familiar kids that no one talks to.

— Marcus and Chase
That's okay, guys. We don't HAVE to jam. Not everyone needs a bright spot in their otherwise horrible life.
— Marcus
Leo, this reminds me of a story of a boy named Wolf, who cried a lot. And after that, his friends never believed him. And then... his grandmother ate him.
— Adam to Leo
Does he have a plug? Because I would really like to yank it.
Bree to Donald about Eddy


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Clip - Concert in a Can - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

Clip - Concert in a Can - Lab Rats - Disney XD Official

"Lab Rats" Episode "Concert in a Can"

"Lab Rats" Episode "Concert in a Can"



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