Douglas cybermask

Douglas using a Cyber-Mask

The Cyber-Mask is an invention of Davenport Industries capable of holographically transforming someone to look like another, as well as change their voice through built in voice modulation, a form of vocal manipulation, making the user look and sound exactly like the person they pretend to be. Voice modulation is optional and can be deactivated by pressing one of masks tabs, as Douglas was able to retain his own vocal patterns when posing as a street vendor. It comes in the form of two circuited stickers placed under the ears of the user which have buttons to control the disguises and voice. One of them is pressed to activate the disguise and make the person look convincingly like a specific person. A disguise is made by a wireless transfer of information on a persons appearance and placed in the mask's database. All it takes is an image of the person and physical details on them to more perfectly mimic them. The holographic disguise completely transforms the features of the subject without any signs of the the users true visage, no matter how much the size, shape, structure, and overall appearance of the user's head and face differ from their disguise.


Mr. Davenport using a Cyber-Mask

The lifelike disguise, though being holographic, shows no sign of being so, though does seem to glitch at times, as the holographic disguise can momentarily deactivate and reveal the true face behind the disguise. Also, the disguise has a malfunction where the disguise, or voice, cannot be deactivated, trapping the user in the form of whoever they are pretending to be.

Their is also such thing as a full body Cyber Cloak to holographically transform and disguise the rest of the user's body and not the voice, head, and face. It is also able to perfectly mimic the height and weight of the subject. Chase and Donald upgraded the Cyber-Masks to be a mask and cloak at the same time.  


Bree cybermask

Bree using a Cyber-Mask in Which Father Knows Best?

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