Didn't you send me 87 emails?
— Danielle to Leo in Leo's Jam

Danielle is a girl whom Leo and later Adam and Chase had a crush on. Her first and only appearance was in the episode Leo's Jam.

She is portrayed by Ginny Gardner.


Danielle has chest length blonde hair and blue eyes. Her height is uncertain and is seen to be taller than Leo but closer to the height of Chase. 


Danielle is a pretty girl that goes to Mission Creek High School. Leo wanted to go to the dance with her, so he asked Chase and Adam for help, but she ended up asking Adam, then later on changing her mind to Chase. At the dance, Chase and Adam both try to win her over by dancing, but since they don't know how to dance, she ends up being Leo's date, who she thought danced the best.


  • She uses Leo as a footstool during math class.
  • She likes heroic and sweet boys.
  • Leo, Adam and Chase all had a crush on her.
  • She and Leo had a slow dance together at the school dance.
  • She thought Adam and Chase were weird after they embarrassed themselves.
  • She was impressed by Leo's moves.
  • She received 87 emails from Leo.
  • Danielle thought Leo's name was "Lenny" at the beginning of Leo's Jam.
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