The Davencycle is one of Donald Davenport's inventions.

It first appeared in the episode, Taken. Davenport states that it has autopilot and laser guided weapon systems. It also has a vase to put flowers in. Donald reveals that it can go up to 200 miles per hour. He uses the motorcycle to get to Victor Krane's hideout to save Leo and Tasha.

It re-appeared in the episode, Which Father Knows Best?, when Adam and Chase were going to use the Daven-cycle to get to missions faster without Bree's super speed, because she quit the team. Chase fixed the motorcycle to make it so that it can go up to 400 miles an hour. It only drove 12 inches per gallon, so it ran out of gas really fast, thus making it useless for missions. That might have been fixed, however, because Donald was able to use it to drive Douglas home at the end of the episode.


Season 3

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