I have a new army. Your colonists. They are about to be injected with bionics, which brings me to Dr. Gao!
Victor Krane to the Davenport family and Perry

The Davenportia Incident is the last part of Victor Krane's legacy to create a bionic army on the space station and to send the army to Earth while they are trained on the colony.



When the Lab Rats defeated Krane with their fusion ability, Krane was blasted into the sky, and his mind control was deactivated. However, he landed in China and was injured greatly. A scientist named Dr. Gao found him and took him in, giving him a faceplate that allowed him to breathe. Krane repayed him by sharing the secrets of bionics with him. By combining his scientific knowledge with those secrets, Gao created Liquid Bionics.



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