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Stop lights are awesome!
— Donald

Donald Davenport (Parallel Universe), is the parallel version of Donald Davenport.

He is portrayed by Hal Sparks.


In the Parallel Universe, Parallel Donald appears to be nice, kind, normal, curious, gentle, polite, generous and less intelligent. In the original universe, the original Donald, is nice, kind, caring, strict, arrogant, self-centered, childish and very selfish. The original Donald is smarter, more famous, is billionaire inventor and the owner of Davenport Industries, but Parallel Donald's inventions don't work and often end up exploding.


His only appearance was in Parallel Universe, as the lab assistant for Tasha Dooley, a brilliant inventor who is the head of Tasha Technologies.


When Leo comes to the Parallel Universe as Parallel Leo, Leo told Parallel Donald that he came from a different dimension, but Parallel Donald thinks he reads too many comic books. Later, when Leo reveals his bionic secrets to the Hendersons, the Parallel Donald was shocked and confused. This was when Parallel Donald believed that the Leo he met was not from his own universe. Then, when the government agents, led by Agent Gordon raided their house, Parallel Leo and Donald get captured.

However, they escape, thanks to Tasha revealing Leo's new ability, geo-leaping. After escaping from government agents at school, Parallel Leo and Parallel Donald manage to go to the lab, after Leo fought the government agents by using martial arts and Electrokinesis, Parallel Donald successfully fixes the Proton Fuser and opens the portal to the original universe. Parallel Leo asks him what will happen once he enters the portal and Parallel Donald replied that both universes will reset to the instant he left. After saying their goodbyes, Parallel Donald gets captured, however, Leo successfully escapes to his own dimension just in time.


  • He's not allowed to be upstairs when Tasha is not home.
  • He picks Leo up every day from school, which is the few minutes a day where he gets natural sunlight.
  • He usually gets excited at stoplights, and he plays with the windows in the car.
  • He gets motion sickness.


No, I mean don't tell your mother I was up here or she'll take my bathroom breaks.
— Donald to Leo
I think my kidneys just switched sides.
— Donald after geo-leaping
I told you it will never work. I built it!
— Donald to Leo about his invention
See these eyebrows? Borrowed 'em from my back.
— Donald to Leo about his eyebrows