He was my best friend.
— Donald about Eddy in Sink or Swim

Dondy (Don/ald and Ed/dy) is the friendship pairing of Donald Davenport and Eddy. Donald created Eddy, and Donald is the only person Eddy really cares about, along with Edie, another one of Donald's computer inventions. After Human Eddy, it seems they are no longer friends.

Other Names

  • Doneddy (Don/ald + Eddy)
  • Edonald (Ed/dy + D/onald)
  • Enald (E/ddy + Do/nald)


Season 1

Crush, Chop and Burn  * Donald introduced Eddy to Leo and Tasha.

  • Donald asked Eddy where the kids were.
  • Eddy told Donald that he replaced him with Tasha.
  • Eddy told Donald that the kids went to school with Leo.
  • Donald asked who gave Eddy cake.
  • Eddy asked Donald if they could ship Tasha away.

Commando App

  • Donald and Eddy played dodge-ball and Donald called Eddy a cheater.
  • Donald thought Eddy was annoying so he tried to get rid of him multiple times.
  • Donald designed Edie for Eddy.

Night of the Living Virus

  • Eddy got a virus and tried to kill Donald and everyone in his house.
  • Eddy's virus (Teddy) locked Donald in a capsule and tried to bury him alive.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Donald said he was sorry and he forgot about Eddy's anniversary of his five year activation.
  • Donald told Eddy he was talking to his wife.
  • Donald told Eddy it was showtime.
  • Donald asked Eddy what he did.
  • Eddy told Donald he froze the turkey. The turkey being Tasha.
  • Donald told Eddy to go ahead with the apology for Tasha.
  • Donald went down to the lab to shut down Eddy.

Missin' the Mission

  • Donald made Eddy a body.
  • Eddy was bumping into Donald's back a couple times.
  • They went on the mission, Eddy wasn't being very focused, which made Donald a little mad.
  • Donald sacrifices Eddy to complete the mission.
  • Donald revives Eddy but didn't even try to save his body along with Leo.

Season 3

Sink or Swim

  • Donald was sad because Eddy was killed when Douglas blew up the lab.
  • Donald called Eddy his best friend.

Mission: Mission Creek High

  • Donald revives Eddy.

Season 4

Human Eddy

  • Donald gave Eddy a human body.
  • Eddy brushed Donald's hair.
  • Eddy was sorry for hurting Donald, but seemed insincere about it.  


Eddy: Daddy's home!

Donald: That's never gonna stop being weird.

— Eddy and Donald
Donald: Eddy, that's cheating!

Eddy: And you weren't even trying!

— Donald and Eddy
Eddy: I love you, man.

Donald: I love you too... Vaguely disturbing smart-home system.

— Eddy and Donald
Donald: Actually, he knows more about bionics than you think. Isn't that right?

Human Eddy: That's right!

— Donald and Human Eddy


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