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Donglas (Don/ald and Dou/glas) is the pairing between Douglas and Donald. They are brothers, and are formerly enemies. They started Davenport Industries together, but Donald kicked Douglas out. Even though Douglas was accepted again, he has a tendency to go behind Donald's back, though Donald is somewhat used to it. Despite this, Donald leaves Douglas in charge of the Davenport Bionic Academy when he's gone.

Other Names

  • Dogald (Do/nald + Dou/g/las + Don/ald)
  • Dougald (Doug/as + Don/ald)


Season 2

Bionic Showdown

  • They fight over Adam, Bree and Chase although they want to stay with Donald.
  • They make references to their childhood. When they were kids they always fought over the remote and Donald broke Douglas' toys (inventions).


  • Douglas says Donald didn't appreciate him and always stole the spotlight.

No Going Back

  • Douglas hacks Donald and spends all his money.
  • Douglas blows up Donald's lab.

Season 3

Sink or Swim

  • Douglas pretends to be Donald.
  • Douglas (and Krane) controlled Adam, Bree and Chase with the Triton App to attack Donald (and Leo and Tasha)


  • Douglas warns Donald that Victor Krane is out of control but Donald thinks Douglas is the main threat.
  • Donald kicks Douglas out of the house and threatens to shoot him even though he saved the lives of Adam, Bree and Chase.

Which Father Knows Best?

  • Donald and Douglas fix Bree's chip together and do a victory dance.
  • Donald still kicks him out because he thinks he can't forgive him. Then he realizes everyone deserves a second chance so he lets Douglas stay in his house for a while.
  • They start arguing again by the end.

You Posted What?!?

  • Donald wanted to hold a press conference and make Douglas the fall guy.
  • Donald and Adam, Bree and Chase saved Leo and Douglas.
  • Donald is initially mad at Douglas for giving his son bionics, despite it saving his life. Donald was more worried about what Tasha will do to him.

Brother Battle

  • Donald is mad at Douglas and blasts him across the lab for giving Adam, Bree and Chase new bionic abilities, causing Adam and Chase to fight.
  • Donald gets into an argument with his brother.

Face Off

  • Douglas and Leo go through Donald's personal files and think he's looking for a vice president for Davenport Industries, when he was looking for a second-in-command for his softball team.
  • Donald pranks Douglas and Leo by pretending he really is looking for a VP and makes them compete with each other while he tortures them.

Rise of the Secret Soldiers

  • Donald and Douglas work like a team to stop Krane.
  • Douglas feels guilty and sad when Donald is hospitalized.

Season 4

Mission Mania

  • Douglas tries to get back into Donald's "good graces" by inventing things for the academy.

Spider Island

  • Donald left Douglas in charge again, and gave him instructions.  
  • Donald and Douglas said they missed each other when Donald took the bionic soldiers on a field trip.

The Vanishing

  • They worked together to make an upgrade for the Bionic Soldiers.
  • They were both strapped back in chairs by Giselle, and were forced to watch their children suffer.
  • Donald constantly encourages Douglas to take responsibility and be a dad.



You know, for an unstable sociopath your taste in music could be a lot better.
— Donald to Douglas in Bionic Showdown
After all these years we're still fighting over the remote?
— Donald to Douglas in Bionic Showdown
You broke it! You always break my toys!
— Douglas to Donald in Bionic Showdown
Or we could get some rock salt and make the evilest batch of ice cream ever!
— Donald about frozen Douglas in Avalanche!
But I love tormenting my brother!
— Douglas about Donald in Sink or Swim
Donald: After all you've done to this family why should we trust you?

Douglas: Give me a minute.

— Donald and Douglas in Taken
Get out of my house! Saved you? He's the reason we have to deal with Krane in the first place. You're lucky I'm letting you go! Now get out of here before I change my mind!
— Donald to Douglas in Taken
I never wanna see that waste of space again.
— Donald about Douglas in Which Father Knows Best?
We fixed her chip. That's right. The Davenport boys, together again!
I can't forgive you for what you've done to this family. You should go.
— Donald to Douglas in Which Father Knows Best?
After you apologize for all the things you've done to hurt our family, and say that I'm better than you, maybe you can come stay with us for a while. If you don't want to you don't have to!
— Donald to Douglas in Which Father Knows Best?
Douglas: It's clear that you need me, so I'm sorry. And thank you. Now let's go home!

Donald: Okay, um, I only brought the motorcycle so you're gonna have to ride on back.

Douglas: No, it's okay, I'll just drive it.

Donald: Drive my motorcycle? I don't think so. Everybody knows the big guy rides in front.

Douglas: I'm not just sitting there with my arms wrapped around you!

Donald: I'm not crazy about it myself!

— Douglas and Donald in Which Father Knows Best?
I'm only holding that press conference so I can blame everything on you.
— Donald to Douglas in You Posted What?!?
Yeah, it's ugly when brothers fight, isn't it?
— Donald after blasting Douglas across the lab in Brother Battle
At least when Krane electrocuted me he told me why!
— Douglas to Donald in Face Off
Donald: I'm proud of you, Douglas. You're going to be a great dad.

Douglas: Thanks Donny. And one day, I'm sure you will be too.

— Donald and Douglas in The Vanishing


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