Dooey Dingo is the school's mascot of Mission Creek High School. In Crush, Chop and Burn, a blond haired girl is under the suit. She can also be very provocative, as seen on the first episode with Adam. She chases him around, either to try and get his steak or because she had a crush on him. Her advances causes Adam to get upset. Adam's flame vision glitches and he sets the costume's head on fire.

Dooey makes a second appearance in Death Spiral Smackdown, when Gordo and Distructo fell on him when they get knocked off of the spiral by Adam and Leo.

In Llama Drama, a student from Dearfield High School manages to steal the Dooey Dingo suit from Mission Creek High. So Adam sneaks into Dearfield to try and get Dooey back.

In Spike vs. Spikette, Dooey's head was among the items Adam and Leo had brought to the island via drone


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