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You were my creator and you left me to die!
— Marcus to Douglas The Vanishing

 Dougcus (Doug/las and Mar/cus) is the father/son pairing between Douglas and Marcus Davenport. Douglas made Marcus (along with Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel) though Marcus is an android. Ever since Marcus was resurrected, he wants revenge on his father for leaving him to die.  

Other Names

  • Mauglas (Ma/rcus and Do/uglas)
  • Marglas (Mar/cus and Dou/glas)
  • Doucus (Dou/glas and Mar/cus)
  • Douglus (Dougl/as and Marc/us)


Season 1

Mission: Space

  • Marcus was talking to Douglas near the end of the episode.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Marcus was talking to Douglas again.

Leo vs. Evil

  • They were talking on the phone.
  • It is revealed Douglas forgot Marcus' birthday.
  • Marcus and Douglas were talking again.
  • Douglas told Marcus off.

Bionic Showdown

  • Douglas and Marcus are both in their lair.
  • Douglas introduces Marcus to Donald.
  • Marcus tells Douglas to get off his back.
  • Douglas and Marcus argue about whether Marcus should take dance lessons.
  • Marcus and Douglas take Donald away.
  • Douglas tells Marcus to defeat Adam, Bree and Chase.
  • Douglas tells Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald that Marcus is an android.
  • Douglas doesn't want Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald to tell Marcus that he won't live up to a 16th birthday.
  • Douglas tells Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald that Marcus thinks he's getting a car.
  • Douglas tells Marcus to destroy Leo.
  • Douglas is angry when Marcus doesn't give him a high-five.
  • Douglas tells Marcus to get Adam, Bree and Chase.
  • Douglas is mad because Marcus didn't destroy Leo.
  • Douglas doesn't save Marcus.

Season 4

Bionic Action Hero

  • Douglas still considers Marcus his greatest creation.
  • Douglas wished Giselle could make a movie about Marcus.

The Vanishing

  • Douglas was shocked to see Marcus return.
  • Marcus is angry that Douglas left him to die Instead of saving him.
  • Douglas tries to reason with Marcus and pleads him to give up his evil and be a family with him again, but Marcus refuses to believe him.  
  • Douglas offers himself up to let Marcus have his revenge.
  • Douglas wanted to put him back together and reprogram him, but after seeing him regenerate, Douglas had to melt him, realizing there was no hope for him.


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