Dougcus (Doug/las and Mar/cus) is the father/son pairing between Douglas and Marcus Davenport. Douglas made Marcus (along with Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel) though Marcus is an android.

Other Names

  • Mauglas (Ma/rcus and Do/uglas)
  • Marglas (Mar/cus and Dou/glas)
  • Doucus (Dou/glas and Mar/cus)
  • Douglus (Dougl/as and Marc/us)


Season 1

Mission: Space

  • Marcus was talking to Douglas near the end of the episode.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Marcus was talking to Douglas again.

Leo vs. Evil

  • They were talking on the phone.
  • It is revealed Douglas forgot Marcus' birthday.
  • Marcus and Douglas were talking again.
  • Douglas told Marcus off.

Bionic Showdown

  • Douglas and Marcus are both in their lair.
  • Douglas introduces Marcus to Donald.
  • Marcus tells Douglas to get off his back.
  • Douglas and Marcus argue about whether Marcus should take dance lessons.
  • Marcus and Douglas take Donald away.
  • Douglas tells Marcus to defeat Adam, Bree and Chase.
  • Douglas tells Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald that Marcus is an android.
  • Douglas doesn't want Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald to tell Marcus that he won't live up to a 16th birthday.
  • Douglas tells Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald that Marcus thinks he's getting a car.
  • Douglas tells Marcus to destroy Leo.
  • Douglas is angry when Marcus doesn't give him a high-five.
  • Douglas tells Marcus to get Adam, Bree and Chase.
  • Douglas is mad because Marcus didn't destroy Leo.
  • Douglas doesn't save Marcus.

Season 4

Bionic Action Hero

  • Douglas still considers Marcus his greatest creation.
  • Douglas wished Giselle could make a movie about Marcus.

The Vanishing

  • Douglas was shocked to see Marcus again.
  • Marcus want revenge on Douglas for lying to him his whole life


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