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Douglas: Come on, Marcus. It's me, your dad! Let's fix this. All you have to do... is release these restraints.
Marcus: No! My only mission is to destroy every last member of your precious family. Starting with him.
— Douglas and Marcus' conversation in The Vanishing

Douglas Orville Davenport is a major character in the Lab Rats franchise, serving as a major recurring character and former antagonist in Lab Rats and a supporting character in Lab Rats: Elite Force.

He is the younger brother of Donald Davenport, the biological father of Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, Chase Davenport and Daniel Davenport, the step-uncle of Leo Dooley as well as the creator of Marcus Davenport. He is also the one to give Victor Krane and Leo bionics. Due to Donald taking Adam, Bree and Chase from him, he is known as their uncle but had come to be considered as a second father to them.

Douglas the overarching antagonist of Season 1, the main antagonist of Season 2 and the central antagonist of Season 3. However, halfway through Season 3 he had a change of heart and became a “good guy”, leading him to being accepted by and joining the Davenport Family (moving into the Davenport Household). Due to his actions and personality since his change, he could be considered an anti-hero of the series.

He is also the former Co-Founder of Davenport Industries and in Season 4 he became the Head of Research and Development of Davenport Bionic Academy and possibly the Overseer of the Academy when Donald is out, prior to the Academy's disbandment.

He is portrayed by Jeremy Kent Jackson, who reprises the role in Lab Rats: Elite Force as a recurring cast member.


Douglas was the Co-Founder of Davenport Industries alongside his older brother Donald, but got booted out and had Adam, Bree and Chase taken away from him after going behind Donald's back and used the bionics on humans in order to get them to do “garden variety bad guy stuff.” He faked his death after this and no one knew he was still alive, not even Donald.

He revealed that he was alive and that he was the Lab Rats' real father in Season 2 as well as his plans for using the Lab Rats for evil was also explained. They also found out that Marcus is a Bionic Android made by Douglas in order to get revenge on Donald and obtain the Lab Rats, but he failed and Marcus was destroyed.[1]

Douglas returned a couple episodes later and tried to recruit Chase, but was tricked and frozen in a block of ice when he tried to shoot Donald.[2] Later on, he was released by an ally by the name of Victor Krane.[3] Also, Douglas hacked Donald's bank accounts and company in order to get his revenge for taking Adam, Bree and Chase away from him. Douglas ended up blowing up Donald's lab after he captured Adam, Bree and Chase.[4] He and Krane ended up having a disagreement about killing Adam, Bree and Chase. After the two had a falling out with each other, Douglas begins to questions his actions and realized that he does care about his kids as he doesn't want them killed. Wanting to fix things with Donald and his kids, Douglas tried to warn them about Krane but they didn't believe him, although Adam, Bree and Chase do question his intentions because they have met him. However, Douglas was able to convinced Leo as he not only reminded him that he knew about him and Marcus before the rest did but also showed footage of Krane implanting himself with bionics. After being discovered by Krane, Douglas faked his death again when he tried to kill him.[5] Afterwards, he would help the Lab Rats a couple of times, saving them from Krane[5] and making a new chip for Bree.[6] These new actions lead to Donald begrudgingly accepting Douglas back into the family and allowed him to live in the Davenport Household.[6] In You Posted What?!? Douglas and Leo were the only ones to escape the FBI, but they were founded by Krane and Leo got his arm completely crushed in a quick fight, resulting in Douglas giving Leo a bionic arm in an attempt to save it.

Douglas started working at the Bionic Academy that Donald formed when they had nowhere to put the Bionic Soldiers. He was initially just there to check on things and Oversee the Academy when Donald was gone, but he was later hired as Head of Research and Development for the island though he struggled to invent anything safe enough for the student due to being use to developing deadly weapons for years and doesn't know how to make anything good.[7] It was revealed in And Then There Were Four that Douglas had secretly made a fourth bionic kid name Daniel, who came to meet the Davenport Family for the first time.

In the spin-off/continuation series known as Lab Rats: Elite Force, Douglas has made a few appearances. He helped create the team's mission suits, alongside Chase, (Need for Speed) and helped when they had a security breach (The Intruder) as well as showed up when there was suspicious activity in the area (The Attack). In the series finale of Elite Force, The Attack, Douglas found out that Reese was actually evil, but she attacked him before he could do anything and left him in serious condition with his pulse fading, which is the last we ever see or hear about him in the show. It was later confirmed by his actor on Instagram that Douglas survived the attack, but his condition or effects of the attack beyond this is unknown.


Douglas shares many traits with Donald. Both men are geniuses who are very arrogant and possess a very large ego. However, unlike Donald, Douglas was formerly ruthless and uncaring; he had no problems with turning children into weapons, starting wars, and causing destruction if it benefited him. He was completely amoral, devious and willing to do anything to benefit his goals. Back then, he only cared about succeeding in his goals and benefiting himself, through various underhanded and illegal activities. He also didn't have any problem with the idea of murdering children if they got in his way, thus making him a truly evil man, but he has developed a change of heart, and now helps the Lab Rats fight villains who are as evil as he used to be, especially Victor Krane who he seeks revenge on for double-crossing him. He even stands up for the Lab Rats when Donald is wrong to be angry at them.

He did seem to have some level of care for Marcus, his creation; the two had a strained father/son relationship. Nevertheless, he had no problems with the fact that Marcus was not going to last 'till his sixteenth birthday, as androids burned out quickly, and seemed to regard him as little more than a weapon. He was shown to be impassive once Marcus had been killed when the lair had collapsed.

Strangely enough, the one thing he cared a lot about (besides his creations) was his dog, Otis, whom he took in as a stray and gave bionics to.

Despite his more sadistic traits, Douglas did have a lighter side; he's pretty reckless, like Donald, and often berated him in a childish manner, such as stealing his catchphrases and calling him "Donny," which Donald hated. He once called his brother out on a past disagreement for consistently breaking his toys. He states that he possess "much better hair" than Donald Davenport and equates to his level of intellect. He also loves music, which is seen throughout the series.

Douglas has actively proclaimed that he is not "that bad of a guy" stating openly that it was never his intention to harm anybody, contradictory to the fact that he had ordered Marcus to eradicate Leo when the threat of exposure came to pass, and that he simply wished to take revenge upon his brother. He protested the option of increasing Adam's strength when both the latter and Bree were being forced to attack their brother Chase, as he felt that "it was not safe" and that such action would "really damage him," whether he was referring to either Adam or Chase was not completely clear, although some would argue that Chase was the likely candidate and that Adam was safe while under the effects of the Triton App, the latter however had passed out from exhaustion of his abilities.

During the counter episode to "Sink or Swim" he appeared to become appalled at the prospect of harming Adam, Bree and Chase as he claims them often to be his kids. Douglas stated that the moment Victor Krane Showed interest in physically harming either Adam, Bree or Chase, the two former partners were automatically on unrelated pages.

Douglas has a compassionate regard to his three children and even to an extent his brother as while Leo was ordered to be physically harmed, he did no further physical damage while his brother was in captivity with the Lab Rats, although knowingly assaulted the original lab with his brother and Leo inside of it. He appears to love his children obsessively to the point where he will stop at nothing to get them back and humiliate Donald, Leo and Tasha for taking them away from him.

Douglas has shown to defend Leo when Donald had become particularly enraged towards them both, informing Donald to "lay off the kid, [as] he was just trying to help," Douglas has taken to often referring to Leo as "the kid" in a good natured manner, unfortunately having followed several attempts to kill Leo, once Douglas had actually spoken to him he appeared to begin developing a soft spot for Leo in relation to the love for his three children.

He appears to be partial to the following agenda of building bombs, invading small countries and robbing elderly woman and showing no remorse for this (although these admitted actions were not carried out within this particular order).

Even though Douglas is now on the Lab Rats' side, he may still do questionable things every now and then, as noted by his brother, including breaking rules, upsetting the balance of power on the team and looking into Donald's personal files, though it's mostly just to tease him. Currently, he is not bickering with his brother as often. It was shown he does care about his brother, as he was greatly worried that his brother was in critical condition after Krane wounded him.


Prior to Show

Douglas Davenport was born in 1975 he was often mocked by Donald his whole life, and knowing people only respected Donald and considered Douglas lesser by comparison, inspired Douglas to become a bitter, anti-social, scheming genius bent on vengeance and hatred.

The Davenport brothers in 1992 after they created Davenport Industries

In 1992, he and Donald started Davenport Industries, and together created technology designed to enable robots to do things humans couldn't do. However, knowing robots would burn out quickly, he went behind Donald's back and created four genetically engineered humans (Adam, Bree, Chase, and Daniel), then implemented a bionic version of their technology into them. The technology was designed for robots, not humans, which is why they glitch. Douglas planned to turn them into bionic super soldiers and sell them off to the highest bidder, be they warlords or dictators.

Discovering his brother's evil plan, Donald took Adam, Bree, and Chase away from him. By this time, Douglas had already created another bionic superhuman—Daniel Davenport, who was still a baby when that all happened. Living on the run, Douglas put up Daniel for adoption, as he knew he couldn't raise him with all that has happened and wished for Daniel to have a chance at a normal life. Douglas faked his death to escape from the authorities (and their mother, who they both agreed never stopped calling) and spent years plotting his revenge, which is when he created Marcus and infused him with all of Adam, Bree, and Chase's powers purely for the purpose of initiating his plan. Donald took in Adam, Bree and Chase and, unable to remove their bionics, raised them as his own, intending to teach them to use their bionic powers for good rather than evil as his brother had intended. 

After that he met up with Victor Krane who agreed to fund his work only if Douglas were to share his work with him after that Victor Krane implanted himself with Bionics after that he kidnapped bunch of Bionic Soldiers when they were young and planned to use them as henchman as they got older behind Douglas's back.

Plot in Show

In Spider Island, it is revealed that Douglas used to study the possibility of bringing extinct species back to life using fossils. In Brother Battle it is also rumored that he once reanimated Donald's dead hamster. This may or may not be true, but after the events of Spider Island it most likely is true.

In Exoskeleton vs. Grandma, when Rose wanted to know what who Adam, Bree and Chase were, Donald told her that he adopted them when his brother died, that up until Bionic Showdown was thought to be a lie.

In Concert in a Can, Marcus mentions that he and Douglas moved a lot. It is unclear if he was telling the truth, or was part of his act to gain their trust.

Douglas is first seen only sitting on a chair behind his back watching the Lab Rats using the hidden camera and tablet at the end of the Season 1 finale, Mission: Space.

In Speed Trapped, he is seen talking with Marcus about how he wants to lure the Lab Rats into his lair and use them for evil.

In Leo vs Evil, it is revealed that Marcus has a cranky relationship with his father. He has forgotten his son's birthday at least once. At the end of the episode, after yelling at Marcus for screwing up, we finally get to see his face as he says that "I hope they enjoy their night together. It's going to be their last."

He isn't present until Bionic Showdown when he puts his plan into action; hacking Eddy and break into Donald's home, he and Marcus kidnap Mr. Davenport. Using him, he lures Adam, Bree and Chase to his lair, where he reveals that he is their real father and creator. He then traps them in an electric cage that disrupts their bionics, rendering them powerless. Donald reveals the truth about their origins to the kids. They, however, refuse to be his soldiers, when Douglas reveals he set up a mind control device in their chips meaning they don't have a choice. However, he when he tries to activate it, Donald reveals he set up a blocking device over his program years earlier. But Douglas just hacks it, leaving six minutes until he breaks through. Upon Leo arriving, Douglas allows Marcus the privilege of killing him. They manage to break lose, but it's already too late, as the hacking device has gotten through. Donald kicked the device out of his hand, and the two descended in a fight over the remote while Marcus fought Adam, Bree and Chase. They were briefly interrupted by Leo bursting in with Donald's exoskeleton, but Marcus quickly defeated him. Donald managed to destroy the remote however, stopping Douglas. Marcus tried to kill Leo once and for all; however, in the rage of the moment it unlocked one of Adam's hidden abilities, and he let out a blast powerful enough to cause the room rumble. The alarm sounded, and, realizing the game was up, Douglas fled. The building collapsed unto Marcus, thus killing him.

In Avalanche, he travels to Antarctica to save Chase from an avalanche and brought him to his tent in the snow and attempts to turn him over to his side by offering to infuse him with every bionic ability ever made. However, his plan fails, and Donald's freeze ray trapped him in a huge block of ice, and he was locked up under special security.

The character made a new appearance in the Season 2 finale, No Going Back. In Avalanche, he was locked up frozen in an ice block. However, a mysterious person wearing a ghost mask broke in and used bionics to free Douglas from his trap in the ice. Douglas, now furious at Donald, hacks into his bank accounts and his home systems, so seriously to the point where even the FBI can't take care of it. He cancels all of Donald's credit cards, withdraws all his money, and gets it to the point where Donald is broke and his house is being sold by the bank. Adam, Bree, and Chase, who have accidentally exposed their bionics to Principal Perry, decide to initiate an emergency plan and flee from the Davenport household. Douglas shuts down every working thing in the lab, and broadcasts himself all over the monitors. He announces that he has escaped, (Leo and Donald find out how using a tablet with security footage) and says that he knows the lab rats have left and now he is going to retrieve them. Donald announces that Douglas will not get near the kids, but Douglas pulls out a detonator and activates it, setting off dynamite in the lab. Leo and Donald escape to the elevator just in time, but they were trapped inside the elevator, not yet knowing how to escape.

In Sink or Swim, he arrives at the cargo ship Adam, Bree and Chase are hiding in, and posing as Donald to save them. He then takes them to his lair, where he reveals the truth, before setting his partner, Victor, upon them, to disable them. When they wake up, he reveals he's now working withVictor Krane, another billionaire who's funding him in exchange for Douglas biconically enhancing Krane. He then imprisons them in a titanium ring force-field, and refuses to reveal his evil plan to them, well aware they would use it against them. After Adam, Bree and Chase escape, Krane criticizes him, but Douglas reveals he restored the Triton app, meaning he can now remotely control them. He then waits until they get home, before taking over and turning them against Donald, Leo and Tasha. Douglas enjoyed toying with them and forcing them to run around, but impatient Krane tells him to kill them already. Douglas complies, but Leo and Donald manage to break Chase from his control. So Douglas sets Adam and Bree against him. Krane forces Douglas to use lethal force against Chase, however they are defeated when Chase manages to override his control. Krane criticizes him, Douglas reassures him by telling him he just has to update the Triton App, Krane tells him to go ahead, but when he uses it, he needs to destroy Adam, Bree, and Chase. Douglas questions this as it wasn't part of his plan, however, Krane declares his plan a failure and that now they're using his plan, leaving Douglas looking unhappy about the change.

In The Jet-Wing, it's revealed that Adam still considers Douglas their real father.

In Mission: Mission Creek High, after Donald presents the new lab, Adam asked if there was mini fridge, which Donald denies. Adam then claims that Douglas would have a mini fridge.

In Scramble the Orbs, Leo invents two Defense Orbs to protect Adam, Bree and Chase from Douglas and Krane. Unfortunately, the orbs malfunctioned and Leo was forced to destroy them.

In Taken, it seemed Douglas tried to regain trust from his brother, Donald, yet Donald still doesn't trust Douglas. Douglas saves the kids and in return Chase saves him from Krane. Unfortunately, before Douglas is able to finish off Krane, Donald shows up, distracting Douglas enough for Krane to escape. Donald then demands Douglas to leave his house, not able to trust his brother.

In Three Minus Bree, after Bree destroyed her chip because she wanted her freedom, but realized that she was being selfish and wanted her chip back, Donald tells her that since Douglas built her chip, he had no idea how to fix it.

In Which Father Knows Best?, Leo knew that Donald wasn't making any progress fixing Bree's chip. Douglas was hiding from Krane and went undercover as a food vendor in the park. Leo convinces him to help rebuild Bree's bionic chip. When he finishes, Donald politely kicks him out of the house, but not without thanking him. Donald soon regrets it, and allows Douglas to stay with the Davenport/Dooley's. It seems as if Douglas is good now.

In You Posted What?!?, he gives bionics to Leo. He also convinced the government to take Victor Krane and S-1 into custody, rather than arresting the Lab Rats.

In Armed and Dangerous, he decides to train Leo to uses his bionics properly after he sees the burnt table at Mission Creek High School.

In Brother Battle, he helps Chase unlock his laser bow ability, but after Donald tells him it will affect their team work on missions he unlocks Adam's Vortex Breath.

In Face Off, Douglas and Leo compete to see who can become vice president of Davenport Industries. They discover that Davenport tricked them to teach them a lesson about snooping through his stuff.

In Merry Glitchmas, when Rose blamed Donald for Leo having bionics, Donald told her that Douglas gave him bionics and not him. Unfortunately Rose still blamed him since Douglas is still his flesh and blood.

In Rise of the Secret Soldiers Pt. 2, Douglas gave Leo a new ability. He helped defeat the bionic army. Douglas seems to have disappeared shortly after the battle ended.

In the Season 4 premiere Bionic Rebellion Pt. 2, the Lab Rats tell the Bionic Soldiers that Douglas is the Lab Rats real father.

Douglas makes his Season 4 debut in Under Siege, presumably watching over the academy while his brother is out. Douglas helps investigate suspicious attacks on the academy while having to put up with Perry again. In the end it's revealed that Leo's been the one attacking the academy in his sleep because Douglas never gave him a capsule to stimulate his bionic arm. After Perry's niece Kerry stopped Leo, Douglas gave Leo arm capsule to recalibrate his bionics.

In Bionic Dog, Douglas reveals that he found a stray dog when he and Krane opened their first evil lair together. He saved his life with bionics, nursed him back to health and named him Otis. He reunites with Otis during the episode, but later finds out that Krane had given him the mission to eliminate him. Douglas doesn't want to hurt Otis when the dog is trying to kill him. At the end of the episode, he extracts Otis's chip and sends him to live with a nice family.

In Mission Mania, Douglas becomes the Head of Research and Development for the academy, "but only on a trial basis" according to Donald. With the help of Spin and Bob, he builds different devices, such as a lie detector chair, Pencil Bazooka, and the Stabber 2000. At the end, he adds a lie detector to the mission emergency line to filter emergency calls from non-emergency calls.

In Spider Island, Douglas watched over the island while Donald took the students on a field trip. He spent the whole day with Chase reanimating a dead sea spider. While Chase and Douglas go to the mainland for terrarium supplies, Leo disobeys Douglas and lets out the spider. Douglas then works on hunting down the spider with Chase, Bree, and Leo, to extract some venom to make an antidote for Adam. At the end of the episode he is seen playing cards with the kids. 

In Spike vs. Spikette, Douglas decided to catalog the abilities of all the Bionic Soldiers, because he knows Victor Krane installed mysterious and possibly dangerous hidden abilities in each soldier. Douglas later discovers that a timid girl, Kate, has a Commando App, and decides to figure out how to remove the app, because he deemed it too dangerous for her to have.

In Bionic Action Hero, Douglas reveals that an old friend from college is making a movie based on the Lab Rats. After Giselle's evil plans are revealed, Douglas helps the Lab Rats to defeat the androids. Unfortunately Douglas inadvertently caused Giselle to go to his old lair and retrieve the remains of Marcus and rebuild him.

In One of Us, Douglas and Chase discover that Krane implanted the Bionic Soldiers with a doomsday virus that will make them self destruct in 10 hours in case he fell. After Chase installed is own virus in them to take out Krane's Douglas deactivated Chase's, saving everyone.

In The Curse of the Screaming Skull, it is revealed that he has a lot of evil inventions stored at an inhabited island, one of the things he made, a hate virus, was brought back to the island which infected some of the bionic superhumans.

In And Then There Were Four, Douglas gets a phone call from his youngest child, Daniel, after putting him up for adoption when he was a baby. After speaking to Daniel, Douglas tells the rest of his kids about their brother as they convinced him that they want to meet Daniel, which he agreed. However, Douglas tells everyone that Daniel doesn't know that he's bionic but does have a chip like the rest of his kids. Once Daniel arrives, Douglas introduce himself and the rest of his new family to him. Douglas and Daniel spends some time bonding as he's happy to get to know his youngest child. While Daniel is not in the same room with him, Douglas tells Donald that he decided to tell him the truth about his bionics. However, Douglas was too late to tell Daniel as he found out on his own and Adam told him that he along with Bree and Chase are his siblings. After Daniel helps save the island, Douglas apologized to him for not telling him about his bionics and he decided to give another chance.

In Space Colony, Krane says he gave Dr. Gao the same bionic secrets Douglas gave him.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Much like Donald, Douglas is a genius of multiple fields; he is even smarter than Donald, creating technology such as short range teleportation, which Donald hadn't mastered yet. He also claimed and proved to be the better programmer. It was he who made Adam, Bree and Chase and gave them their bionics in the first place. He was also able to hack Eddy, Davenport Industries, and Donald's bank account all without being caught. Douglas has lots of intelligence on bionic abilities and he has shown capable of giving Chase his Laser Bo ability, Adam's Pressurized Lung Capacity, Bree ability to turn Invisible, and Leo's Energy Transference ability. Douglas even created a virus while thinking on his feet to fry all of Giselle's systems. However, he has trouble decrypting Victor Krane's software.
    • Medical Knowledge: Douglas is savvy about medical treatments. For example, is aware of common practices of how doctors deal with amnesic patients. However, the credibility of his knowledge is questionable as he never completed his doctorate, because he flunked out due to screaming at the sight of needles. He did show skill in repairing severely damaged limbs such as when he repaired Leo's arm after it was damaged.
    • Excellent Strategist: Douglas is an accomplished strategist, able to come up with incredibly complex and brilliant plans quickly.
    • Detective Skills: In You Posted What?!?, it is shown Douglas does have detective skills, and made careful observations while trying to investigate the natural gas pipeline.
    • Cooking: Douglas went to cooking school as a result he can cook very well. He can even cook street food, when he became a vendor while hiding from Krane.
    • Piloting: Like his brother Donald, Douglas is a skilled at flying a helicopter. This was shown in Sink or Swim when he rescued Adam, Bree, and Chase while being disguised as his brother.
  • Impressions: Douglas claims he does a killer Krane impression, and Douglas said he used to kill it at their dinner parties (before Krane threatened to kill him). When he pretended to be Krane while trying to get Taylor to remember how to deactivate a doomsday app, she hoped that if she was going to explode, she would take out Chase and Douglas.
  • Martial Arts: Just like Donald, Douglas is an accomplished fighter, able to take Donald on at an equal level. He claimed he was the better fighter of the two; however this was not proven, as their fight never reached a climax.
  • Triton App: He can hack the bionic systems and takes control of the target, causes the victim's irises (colored part of the eye) to glow green. Can only affect the bionics circuits, not their human attributes, this weakness is exploited by Chase when breaking control of the Triton App, but faints almost immediately after.


  • Destructiveness: Douglas has a tendency to reflexively design gadgets or objects that have a chance of causing destruction.
  • Fear of Needles: He was kicked out of med school for screaming every time he saw needles.
  • Hair: In Bionic Showdown, when he was fighting Donald, he told him to keep his hands off his hair. He also happens to think his hair is flawless and, as he said many times before, much better than Donald's. Also, in You Posted What?!?, Leo accidentally burned Douglas' hair tips, and Douglas was upset when that happened.


  • Cyber-Mask: Douglas uses a cyber-mask to disguise himself. After Victor Krane betrayed him, he used his cyber-mask to pose as a street vendor while hiding from him.
  • Chip Extractor: Douglas carries a chip extractor in the event he has to remove a bionic soldier's chip. The Lab Rats have used this in Chip Switch to switch their bionic abilities.
  • Futuristic Weapons: Douglas possesses energy based weapons, such as ray guns, some of which possibly are meant to stun targets, but some can be lethal. Either he made them, or he borrowed them from Donald.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Season 1

Season 3

Season 4


  • Adam, Bree and Chase are his children, which most think is because he implanted and created their chips, but he may be their biological father as he and Chase seem very similar. There is also a lot of evidence throughout the series that proves he's the father of the lab rats. The Lab Rats now consider him their second father.
    • It is known that they are genetically engineered and is likely that Douglas used his own DNA to create them, thus making him their biologically father.
    • In And Then There Were Four it is revealed that he created a fourth bionic kid named Daniel, who was adopted out when he was a baby, and first meets his family in the same episode.
      • He becomes an official student of the Academy.
    • The only people outside the Davenport family who know Douglas is the Lab Rats' real father are Krane, the Bionic Soldiers and Giselle.
  • As of Taken, Douglas is now a good guy.
  • Douglas had faked his death after being booted from Davenport Industries and was on the run from the FBI. Falling in a volcano may or may not be the way he faked his death.
    • He also faked his death again after Krane tried to kill him, and he stated that he was getting good at faking his own death.[5]  
  • Had the Lab Rats died in Back From the Future, he would not have been able to kidnap them and blow up the lab.
    • If the Lab Rats had never encountered Douglas, they would most likely have never encountered Victor Krane.
  • Douglas likes Smooth Jazz.
  • Douglas once turned his brother's dead gerbil into a zombie. The fact that Douglas reanimated an extinct species of sea spider proves the former to be true.  
  • Douglas has gotten in trouble with the law at least once, having been to prison four times.[8]
    • He also gave a going-away speech for at least one of these occasions.
    • One of Douglas's previous crimes involved scaling a wall, meaning it was a heist, or burglary.[9]
  • Douglas is the only main antagonist to survive.
    • He was attacked in Lab Rats: Elite Force, resulting in severe injuries. It was revealed by his actor that he survived, but nothing was said about his condition or any effects that the attack left on him.
  • Douglas created a bionic android named Marcus, with whom he shares a strained 'father-son' relationship and called him 'son' with Marcus in turned called him 'dad'. Despite caring for his human children more and leaving Marcus behind to be crushed by the crumbling lair, Douglas had stated that Marcus is his greatest creation and still seems to care about him.
    • Douglas didn't seem phased that Marcus would reach his 16th birthday, but he did care enough not to tell him and allowed him to be happy and excited about his birthday since he believed he was getting a car.
    • He tried to convince Marcus to not kill Daniel, wishing for Marcus to also be a part of the family and they could even adopt a kitten.
    • Douglas brought back parts of Marcus in order to re-build him and program him to be good so that they could be a family.
  • Though Douglas wished no harm to come to the Lab Rats and did not try to kill Donald, he found Leo a threat to his plans since he found out about Marcus, and Douglas wanted him dead. As of Taken they had started to become friends, and are now considered close.
    • Douglas went to Leo for help warning Donald about Krane, knowing that Leo would believing him since he was the only one smart enough to know about Marcus.[5]. Leo later on went to Douglas for help making Bree another chip since Donald could not replicate Douglas' work[6]. He even referred to Douglas as ‘dad’ in order to convince him to help; while he was desperate and likely was only trying to convince Douglas, Leo calling him ‘dad’ even while Adam, Bree and Chase (Douglas’ children) don't refer to him as such suggests he and Douglas are close or were beginning to become close by that episode.
    • Douglas was greatly worried for Leo when his arm was crushed, even attempting to lift the beam himself despite being hurt. He then ran to get help for him, and gave Leo bionics in his arm once it was said Leo would likely never be able to use that arm again due to the extensive damage.
    • Douglas destroyed Marcus for good in an attempt to help Leo when the latter two were preparing to fight.
  • Douglas is smarter than his older brother Donald. He is a better programmer than Donald, as he was able to decrypt Donald's Triton app block in 8 minutes and easily hack and deactivate Eddy and get into Donald's house as revealed in Bionic Showdown and was able to hack Davenport Industries and Donald's bank account without being traced to his location in No Going Back. However, any software made by Victor Krane would take months for him to decrypt.
  • He gave Leo bionics as of You Posted What?!? after Leo's arm was crush beyond repair, causing Douglas to give his arm bionics in order to save it.
    • He made Leo an arm capsule to keep his bionics from forcing him going on a rampage again as of Under Siege.
    • Douglas uses Leo's bionics to open up pickle jars. He went up to Leo and begged him to open up a pickle jar, stating that he had not eaten all day.
  • He hates it when Donald (and Perry) calls him "Dougie". However, Tasha called him "Dougie" once and Bree has called him "Dougie" a few times, and he didn't seem to mind.
  • Donald foreshadows the existence of his brother in Exoskeleton vs. Grandma, as he says that Adam, Bree and Chase are his brother's children who he adopted when he died. Though he did not formally adopt them, he did believe Douglas to be true as he faked his own death.
  • It was revealed in the episode Avalanche that Douglas took some cooking classes in the '90s and is a really good cook according to Leo in Which Father Knows Best?.
  • He can relate to Chase the most out of his three biological children due to being the youngest, always having the spotlight stolen by an older sibling and a older sibling that tease him.
    • He may also be able to relate to Chase because they are both smarter than their older siblings, but are not as popular so nobody appreciates their inelegance.
  • It's implied that Douglas builds weapons for dictators and terrorists, and is wanted by the F.B.I., and in Avalanche when asked if he was going to build a bomb or take over a small country he replied, "No. Well, not in that order." He also said he was going to steal money from old ladies. Back then, he had a somewhat goofy personality, but was a truly evil man who had no morals, though he's no longer like this.
  • He doesn't want his mother to know he's alive because he claims that she never stops calling.
  • Along with liquidating all of Donald's money from his back account, Douglas is guilty of blowing up Donald's lab, as seen in No Going Back. It's unknown what happened to all the money Douglas stole, but it is possible that Krane took it all and used it to upgrade his bionic army.
    • Though he had bought 2,000 dollars worth of hair dye, colored contacts, a speed boat, and a plane ticket.
  • Douglas had a new masked partner, named Victor Krane, a man who implanted himself with bionics. Douglas, according to their deal, also shared all his research with him. (Krane pays him and any information / knowledge that Douglas finds, he shares with Krane).
    • Krane then gave everything he learned from Douglas to Dr. Gao.
  • Douglas' life was saved by his youngest, Chase, in Taken, right after he tried to save all of them.
  • Douglas wants Victor Krane to interact with him to keep his plans from getting boring, possibly meaning that he misses Marcus. Seen in episode Sink or Swim, Douglas pats Krane on the back and Krane looks at him very seriously. And Douglas said in Sink or Swim, "Time to have some fun! Chest bump!" Douglas chest bumps Krane, but Krane doesn't chest bump back, causing Douglas to land flat on his back on to the floor. Victor Krane does not like it when Douglas is acting goofy during their plans.
  • According to Douglas, he and Krane were friendly with one another at one point—he stated they went as Brad and Angelina on Halloween.
    • They most likely fall apart after Krane started growing more and more unstable as he implanted more bionics into himself. The final push was when Krane planned on killing the Lab Rats, causing them to ultimately become enemies.
  • While he is evil and wants to use bionic powers for evil, he does seem to care about Adam, Bree, and Chase. In Sink or Swim, when Victor Krane asks him to destroy Adam, Bree, and Chase he says "That was never part of my plan" meaning that he wants them alive, and he also saves them from Krane in Taken, as well as tells Leo that he never planned on hurting them, just using their powers to do "garden variety bad guy stuff".
  • His face was first shown in Leo vs. Evil , as we only see him sitting with his back to the camera in a chair every other episode he was hinted to be in before. 
  • Like Donald, he is also irrationally obsessed with his hair. In Sink or Swim, he says that he is a genius too, but with much better hair.
  • He was dismissed (or as Donald liked to put it, "flunked out) of medical school due to his screaming at the sight of the needles.[1]. Oddly enough, this didn't seem to be an issue when he assembled a harpoon that used a needle. (Spider Island). This would imply Douglas has Trypanophobia (fear of injections) as opposed to Belonephobia (an abnormal fear of sharp pointed objects, especially needles).
  • Douglas needed Leo's bionic arm to open a pickle jar.[10]
  • He likes the TV show "Funeral Mishaps."[11]
  • He calls his inventions "toys."
  • He forgot Marcus' birthday.[11]
    • Douglas believed that Chase's birthday was June 1, but Chase informed him it was August 5 and sarcastically told him he was close.
  • It is unknown if he will be accepted back into Davenport Industries by his brother as the series progresses. However, in Face Off, Donald makes it clear he cannot trust him or Leo yet to be involved with his company at a high level. However, Donald only lets Douglas work at the Davenport Bionic Academy's R & D.
  • Krane shocked him in the past. In Face Off, he proclaims, "At least when Krane shocked me, he explained why."
  • Mr. President doesn't accept Douglas to tell him a mission.[12]
  • Even when he was working with Victor Krane, he wasn't completely evil, considering he took in a stray dog, Otis, and saved his life with bionics. As a result, Otis was one of the few beings he cared about, and while Douglas wanted to enslave Adam, Bree and Chase, he still suggested spending quality time with them on their off duties, to show that he still loves them.
  • Douglas possibly made the first bionic animal when he gave a stray dog, Otis, bionics to save it's life after taking it in.
  • He wanted to impress Donald by making weapons, he also wants to be back on his good side.[7]
  • He appears to be taking turns with Donald being in the lab at the Davenport Household and being at the Davenport Bionic Academy, which would explain why Donald was absent in the episodes that Douglas was in. 
  • He experimented on the kids' bionics while they were sleeping. According to him, they 'didn't even notice'.[13]
  • It's possible either Douglas or Donald gave Leo a arm capsule to stop him from going on a rampage again like in Under Siege when he went on a rampage due to not having a capsule for his arm.
  • He used to date Giselle in college, but she broke up with him, which he says was the worst day in his life.
  • Douglas had two partners who betrayed him: Victor Krane and Giselle, both of whom ended up being the main antagonists of Season 3 and Season 4 respectively.
    • When they betrayed Douglas, Douglas knew Krane was evil, but he didn't know Giselle was evil when she betrayed him.
    • Though he had actually betrayed Krane first by warning Leo about him, which lead to Krane trying to kill Douglas.
      • Despite betraying Krane, Douglas never tried to hurt him, possibly still thinking of the times when they were close and wanted to continue the partnership but also secure he kids' safety.
  • According to Leo and Chase, his jokes are terrible.
  • His middle name is Orville.[14]
  • In Bob Zombie, he almost marries Perry in order to reclaim half the island. Fortunately, Bree tricks Perry into giving them back the island, so they don't get married.
    • At the wedding, he chose Leo as his best man. It is unknown if he is the one who chose Chase as the flower girl since he looked surprised when Chase walked out while Leo and Adam just smiled humorously.[14]
      • It is possible that Leo may have chosen Chase since he smiled at Douglas when the latter was confused by this, or Perry chose him but Leo knew about it prior.
  • Douglas says in Bob Zombie he always makes two of everything, which would explain how he had another Triton App remote in Sink or Swim and another remote (which he probably gave Donald) to control Leo's bionics in Left Behind.  
  • Douglas loves his bracelets, believing five is the right number.[15]
    • He even made Marcus's eyebrow into a bracelet.
    • He sometimes wears Tasha's bracelets.[16]
      • Stealing Tasha's bracelets is the reason why Bree doesn't trust him.
  • Out of all of Douglas's children, Daniel and Marcus are the only two of his children to refer to him as "Dad".
    • Chase called him "Dad" in an episode of Elite Force after Douglas got his birthday wrong and sarcastically told him "but close, dad." He and Bree also introduced him as their "uncle" and the said: "well actually he's our dad" in Elite Force.
      • But Bree laughed, saying "like we'd ever call him that" in a joking fashion.
    • Adam has called him "Uncle Daddy" as well as said that he is their real father.
    • Leo also called him "Dad" once in an attempt to get him to help Bree, and got aggravated when Douglas pointed out his wasn't his father which make Leo state "well, you're everyone else's dad!"
  • He has been absent for 4 out of 11 one hour specials (Crush, Chop and Burn, Bionic Rebellion, Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med and Space Colony.)
    • It's implied he didn't appear in Bionic Rebellion and Space Colony because as Krane's former partner, he would've easily figured out in a shorter amount of time the handiwork of Krane (or someone working for him). He also didn't appear in the crossover, probably because he would've easily figured out Chase's virus and how to cure it.
  • Douglas is one of four Disney XD villains to turn good. The others are Wallace and Clyde from Mighty Med and Lanny from Pair of Kings.
  • Out of everyone in the Davenport Household that he sent a friend request to while he was still evil, Adam was the only on who accepted and claimed that Douglas' updates were funny.
    • According to Adam, one of his updates were: "Looking forward to a weekend of evil ;)."[5]
  • Terry Perry has a crush on him as seen in You Posted What?!?.
  • Douglas wore the same jacket in Armed and Dangerous that he previously wore in Bionic Showdown.
  • Douglas is the second person in the Davenport Household that doesn't have brown eyes, the first being is Chase.


Love the new lab Donny. Ooh, tunnels. Industrial, yet classy.
— to Donald in Taken
Douglas: Listen, I don't have a lot of time. Krane will be back soon... he went out to get his head waxed.

Donald: Fascinating. You know what, it might sound like I'm hanging up.

Douglas: Wait! Wait, wait, wait! This isn't another trick, you're in danger. Krane has completely lost it!

Chase: Oh wow! So the guy who keeps implanting himself with bionics is unstable? Who could have seen that coming?

Douglas: I'm serious.

— to the Lab Rats in Taken
Leo: Hey! What about me? I'm dangerous.

Douglas: Yeah, there's always a chance you might faint on somebody.

— about Krane viewing only Adam, Bree and Chase as threats in Taken
Donald: And after all you've done to this family, why should we trust you?

Douglas: Well, uh... gimme a minute.

Donald: Take all the time you want

Douglas: Oh, thanks, eh-

Donald: *cuts connection*

— when warning the Lab Rats about Krane in Taken
Leo: (scared) Aahhh! ... I mean; (tough) Aahhh!

Douglas: Relax.

Leo: I am relaxed. I'm very relaxed! Let's do this spikey, let's get real! *throws punches*

Douglas: *stands and effortlessly blocks punches*

Leo & Douglas: ...

Douglas: Ya done?

Leo: Oh, giving up I see.

Douglas: *rolls eyes and looks around*

— trying to speak with Leo alone in Taken
Douglas: You're smart Leo. You knew about me and Marcus before anybody else. So you have to believe me about Krane.

Leo: .... Alright. Talk.

Douglas: Krane and I use to be on the same page. Get my kids back, use them to rob banks, pull scams, you know garden variety bad guy stuff. But I was never gonna hurt them!


Douglas: I said THEM.

Leo: *shocked look*

— in Taken
Douglas: Look, I'm scared Leo, and you should be too. Watch this. *pulls out phone, upbeat music plays* Sorry, that's my 40th birthday party. We had a burger truck. *laughs*

Leo: *awkward fake smile* Stop it.

Douglas: This is it. *plays video of Krane*

Leo: *shocked* Yeah, that dude's no joke.

— trying to show evidence to Leo about Krane in Taken
Krane: I work alone now. I don't need you anymore.

Douglas: Okay.... Well, ya coulda told me that before I gave you my share of the month's rent.

Krane terminating his and Douglas' partnership in Taken
Hi kids, good to see ya.
— after saving the Lab Rats from Krane in Taken
Yeah, that's what I wanted you to think. I'm getting pretty good at faking my own death.
— to Krane in Taken
Kids... you might wanna leave for this next part.
— to the Lab Rats as Krane prepares to kill him in Taken
Douglas: Gaahh, no! Y-ya let him get away!

Donald: *aims weapons* Get. Out. Of. My. House.

Douglas: *puts down weapon and steps back*

Chase: No! Mr. Davenport it's okay. Douglas saved us from Krane.

Donald: Saved you? He's the reason we're having to fight Krane in the first place!

Douglas: Don, I can explai-

Donald: You're lucky I'm letting you go. Now get out of here before I change my mind!

Douglas & Donald: *stares*

Adam: Hey, if you're gonna blast him can you get it over with? 'Cause this is getting really uncomfortable.

Douglas: *leaves in defeat*

— in Taken
Leo: Excuse me ma'am, I'm looking for a guy named Douglas. Short, creepy, porcupine hair.

Douglas: I wouldn't call it porcupine hair. *turns off cyber mask* It's really more of a spikey lion's mane.

Douglas: How'd you find me?

Leo: Well... I could make up an impressive story about a high-tech satellite search that narrowed down your exact coordinates, but truth is... you butt-dialed me.

Douglas: *sighs*

Leo: Look, we need your help. Bree wrecked her chip.

Douglas: She what?! It took me years to perfect that thing!

Leo: Yeah, well, it took her three seconds to destroy it.

Douglas: *aggravated groan*

Leo: I had no other choice. You're the only one who could help Bree.

Douglas: I wish I could Leo, but I don't even have a lab anymore.

Leo: I'll sneak you into our's while Big D's out.

Douglas: I don't know....

Leo: Please. .... Dad?

Douglas: *confused* I'm not your dad!

Leo: Well you're everybody else's dad, I thought it might work!

Leo trying to convince Douglas to help Bree in Which Father Knows Best?
Leo: Big D's gonna be back any minute. Do something!

Douglas: I'm sorry, I couldn't hear ya. Could ya say it a little louder!

Leo: *walks away*

Douglas: There! That's as close to the original design as I could get.

Leo: If your micro chips are as good as you pita chips, I think we're in good shape.

— Douglas trying to fix Bree's chip before Donald finds out in Which Father Knows Best?
Bree: Wait... you're not gonna, like, turn me evil are you?

Douglas: Already tried. Didn't take.

Leo: Don't worry Bree, I think we can trust him. What bad guy makes baba ganoush this good?

— as Bree accepts the chip Douglas made in Which Father Knows Best?
Leo: I thought you knew what you were doing?!

Douglas: I'm a little rusty, okay!

Donald: *walks in, stops* How did he get in here?

Leo: I let him in.

Donald: *shocked*

Leo: But, before you get mad... you have got to taste this. *offers the food*

— after the Bree's new chip didn't work properly in Which Father Knows Best?
Donald: How could you betray me?!

Leo: Hey! In my defense... I'm just a little boy.

Douglas: Oh lay off the kid, he was just trying to help.

Donald: Help her?! She's worse off than she was before, I was this close to fixing this!

Douglas: Oh I saw your chip, you were not close.

Donald & Douglas: *mockings each other*

Bree: *speeds past* Do something!

Donald: Bree, do you mind? The adults are trying to have a conversation.

Douglas: *gesture of agreement*

Donald's dismay at Leo getting Douglas for help on Bree's chip in Which Father Knows Best?
Leo: How are we suppose to stop someone running at the speed of sound?

Douglas: Spike strip?

Donald: Sure, why not? Worked for Wile E. Coyote

Bree: *runs past* Aaaahh!

Donald: Look, maybe we can construct a giant airbag.

Douglas: Oh, yeah, 'cause that's not cartoony at all!

Donald: 'Spike strip'? Where'd you get that idea? Your hair?

Douglas: Where'd ya get the airbag idea? Your belly?

— trying to figure out a way to stop Bree in Which Father Knows Best?
Leo: It worked!

Donald & Douglas: I know, I'm a genius! *glare at each other*

Donald & Douglas: *whisper* I'm a genius! *glare at each other*

— after successfully stopping Bree in Which Father Knows Best?
Douglas: Hey boys.

Adam: What?

Chase: Douglas? What's going on?

Leo: He fixed her chip.

Douglas: Actually, WE fixed her chips. *turns to Donald, puts arm around his shoulders* That's right, the Davenport Boys together again.

Donald: Yeah, not quite... *pulls away* Look, I'm grateful for your help, and I couldn't have done it without you... but I can't forgive you for what you've done to this family.

Everybody: *awkward silence*

Donald: You should go.

Douglas: Oh...

Chase: But you can't throw your own brother out on the street.

Adam: What not? I do it to you.

Donald: He's tried to hurt us too many times.

Bree: But he's also saved our lives. Twice.

Leo: Plus, dude can cook.

Douglas: Speaking of, you've eaten 60 bucks of my food. Pay up.

Leo: You heard the man: out!

Adam: Come on Mr. Davenport let the guy stay.

Chase: Just give him a chance.

Bree: This isn't fair!

Douglas: Guys, it's okay. He's right. I messed up. See ya around. *leaves in defeat*

— after Douglas and Donald fixed Bree's chip in Which Father Knows Best?
Douglas: What are you guys doing here?

Donald: Uhh, we, uh, we're going on, uh, family jog. You know, Leo gets winded on the last mile so we all have to carry him. Haha, can't go alone. Bye! *turns to leave*

Bree: Oh no you don't. *turns him around*

Donald: Okay, I have been a little harsh yesterday.

Douglas: A little?

Leo: Don't push it, you're sleeping in a push.

Douglas: Continue.

Donald: I've realized that everybody deserves a second chance... even you. So as soon as you apologize for all the things you've done to hurt our family, and... say that I'm better than you, maybe you can come stay with us for awhile. But if you don't want to, you don't have to. *turns to leave*

Douglas: Oh, no, no! It's... clear that you need me. So, I'm sorry and thank you. Now let's go home!

— Douglas and Donald finally make up at the end of Which Father Knows Best?
Donald: Drive my motorcycle? I don't think so. Everybody knows the big guy rides in front.

Douglas: Well I'm not just sittin' there with my arms wrapped around you.

Donald: I'm not crazy about it myself.

Douglas: I'm not touching your tummy!

Donald: No, you are not.

— after making up at the end of Which Father Knows Best?


  • In One of Us it was stated that Douglas tried to kill the Lab Rats 522 times, though in previous episodes he had made it clear that he did not wish to hurt the Lab Rats and it was never part of the plan for harm to come to them.
    • Though he had endangered Donald's life and tried have Leo killed, but never attempted to harm and even tried to protect them Adam, Bree and/or Chase (going as far as to risk his life to save Chase in Avalanche! back when he was still evil).
  • In Spider Island Douglas stated that after some many years of hurting people, he could finally help something live though this is incorrect as Bionic Dog revealed that he had taken in a stray dog while working with Krane and nursed it back to help, even giving him bionics to save it's life.
    • He also gave life to Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel as well as created Marcus, which are other examples that contradict his statement in Spider Island.
  • Despite apparently making Marcus after Daniel, Marcus did not have Daniel's ability while he had the other Lab Rats' abilities. It is also likely that he did not even know Daniel's abilities since he didn't understand why Daniel grabbed his leg to replicate Marcus' bionics during the fight in The Vanishing.


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