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When the ash cloud clears I get great reception, all two eskimo channels!
— Dr. Evans to Adam, Bree and Chase

Dr. Evans was first seen in the episode Twas The Mission Before Christmas, Dr. Evans was trapped in Facility X, which is located in the frozen tundra. When a volcano hit the area, Dr. Evans was trapped in the facility with an invention called The Gamma Sphere. Being alone all of those years might have made him crazy. 

He is portrayed by Noah Wyle


Dr. Evans lives all alone in Facility X. To not be lonely, Dr. Evans created a holographic wife for himself. He is considered Donald Davenport's top scientist. Dr. Evans also helped create the bionic siblings; Adam, Bree and Chase. Finding Chase very annoying, Dr. Evans aggravates Chase in the episode Twas the Mission Before Christmas, but not enough to trigger Spike. Dr. Evans has appeared in only one episode.


  • He seems or seemed to have had a holographic wife.
  • It is unknown what happened to Dr. Evans, as the position of Chief Scientist was taken over by Dr. Ryan.
  • Dr. Evans is the first known doctor in Lab Rats, with the second being Dr. Ryan, and the third being Dr. Gao.
  • He and Dr. Ryan are the only two of Davenport's scientists we've seen so far.
  • He and Donald created the Gamma Sphere together. 
  • He thinks Chase is annoying because Chase kept on saying that he's the smartest person in the world.
    • He already knew Chase is the smartest person in the world because he knows about Adam, Bree and Chase's bionics.
  • He only gets the Eskimo 1 and 2 channels, with wires connected to a Viking helmet.
  • It is unknown if he knows Douglas Davenport
  • In Crush, Chop and Burn, Adam, Bree and Chase were sent to go to Facility X. If they had actually left, they would have trained with Dr. Evans.
  • He is the first non Dooley/Davenport to know about the sibling's bionic secret.


The pizza guy's four years late.
— Dr. Evans
This is my lab/bedroom/kitchen/that's pretty much it.
— Dr. Evans showing Adam, Bree and Chase around
Things have really gone downhill since my hologram wife left me. I'm kidding! We actually get along great. But since she's a hologram she's not really there for me.
— Dr. Evans about his hologram wife
Chase: You do realize I am the smartest person on the planet.

Dr. Evans: Mmm, and every time you have to say it, it diminishes it just a little bit.

— Chase and Dr. Evans
Chase: Can we patch the crack?

Dr. Evans: Patch the crack? Billion dollar technology, unstable energy source, sure, let's put a little chewing gum in there and see if that works.

Chase: Startin' to see why the hologram wife left.

— Chase and Dr. Evans