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In minutes, the human race will be a distant memory, and my new race of super humans will thrive.
— Dr. Gao in Space Colony

Dr. Gao is a character who appeared as one of the main antagonists in Space Colony. He is an evil doctor who works with Victor Krane. He wants to destroy humanity and control bionic super humans as a new race on Earth. At the end of Space Colony, it is shown he was arrested. However, he might still have his bionics and is known to be currently alive.

He is portrayed by Ping Wu.

Abilities And Powers

  • Genius-level intellect/Master tactician/Master engineer/Master Biologist: Dr. Gao, like Krane was a genius, and fellow scientist, he was able to create a faceplate for Krane that helps him breathe. When Krane gave him the bionic secrets, Dr. Gao was able use that knowledge to create liquid bionics, liquid fluid with compounds that solidify when injected and create a bionic infrastructure inside the victims body.
  • Geo-leaping: Krane gave Dr. Gao the ability to geo leap after he saved his life. This is one of his signature bionic abilities.
  • Force Field: In Space Colony, Gao uses a red Force Field dome to protect himself from the bionic team.
  • Triton App/Mind Control: Dr. Gao can use the Triton App to control bionic soldiers with his brain.
  • Energy Transference/Radiation Absorption: Dr. Gao has demonstrated this ability when Adam shot his heat vision at him, Gao absorbed it and threw it back at him.
  • Electrical Generation/Electrokinesis: Dr. Gao, like Krane, can generate electricity and use it as a weapon, as seen when he used it against Chase. His electricity color is yellow.
  • Super Agility: Dr. Gao was shown to have acrobatic agility when he was dodging Adam's laser vision.
  • Stealth He was able to sneak up on Leo and transmit the Triton App onto him without making a sound or alerting Adam, Bree, and Chase.


  • He is the third known doctor in Lab Rats, with the first two being Dr. Evans and Dr. Ryan.
    • He is the first evil doctor in the show.
  • He is the first human to receive liquified bionics.
  • Dr. Gao is Victor Krane's fourth partner in the series, with the first three being Douglas Davenport, S-1 (Taylor), and Otis.
  • Similar to Victor Krane, they both want to control bionic superhumans.
    • Additionally, he thinks of the human race as nothing more than a memory (if his missile launch was successful), which is similar to Krane's belief of normal humans being inferior.
    • Also, Dr. Gao is bionic, just like Victor Krane.
  • Krane gave Douglas' bionic secrets to Dr. Gao.
  • Dr. Gao is the fourth guest character in the series that is a villain/criminal, The first and second were Lexi and Tank in Bionic Rebellion, and the third was Criminal in Left Behind.


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