I guess I need to learn to work with others. It just ain't my thang.
— Dr. Ryan

Dr. Ryan is a character who appears in Space Elevator. He comes over to the academy to test his latest advance in space technology. He's a top scientist of Donald, and according to him, Dr. Ryan is one of the greatest minds of their time. Chase was his assistant and rival.

He is portrayed by Mark Saul.


Dr. Ryan has a laid-back, surfer-dude demeanor. According to himself, he has trouble working with others.  


  • He is rivals with Chase.
  • He takes karate classes at the mall every Saturday, and rides his bike to get there.
  • He graduated college when he was only 14.
  • He claims that he has never been corrected before.
  • He was employee of the month twice, Donald said this has never happened before.
  • He plays air guitar.
  • Dr. Ryan is the second known doctor in Lab Rats. The first being Dr. Evans, and the third being Dr. Gao.
  • He and Dr. Evans are the only two of Davenport's scientists we've seen so far.
  • It's possible he replaced Dr. Evans as Chief Scientist, as the latter previously held the position.
  • It is unknown if he already knew about Adam, Bree and Chase's bionics like Dr. Evans did.
  • He lives in his mom's basement.
  • He doesn't like to work with other people.


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