Electrical Generation, also called Electrokinesis by some viewers, is a hidden bionic ability. It is the ability to harness the static electricity in the air to form powerful lightning bolts.


This is a potent, but apparently easy to control, ability, making it exceptionally dangerous. The electricity generated by one man is presumably enough to kill an average human. Leo managed to control this ability almost immediately after discovering it.

Marcus also was exceptional with this ability, using it as one of his primary powers. Victor Krane apparently has this power as well, and was shown in Season 3 previews using it to knock down three bionic people at once (Adam, Bree, and Chase)


  • Leo Dooley (Parallel Universe): In the episode Parallel Universe, Leo is bionic and has the ability
    of Electrical Generation or as Leo likes to call it "Lightning Fingers".
  • Marcus Davenport: Marcus is able to generate a green version of lightning strikes when he used it to kill Leo, but Leo survived using one of Donald's protection vests. This version is called Lightning Manipulation.
  • Victor Krane: It is shown in the Season 3 sneak peek that Victor Krane is able to use it to knock down Adam, Bree, and Chase. He also uses it on Douglas in Taken. This version is called Lightning Generation. He also uses it in You Posted What?!? to take out Principal Perry and Douglas. He also uses it on Chase in Space Colony however in this episode his electricity was orangish-yellow.
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    Sebastian: Sebastian's Electrical Generation is the color blue, just like Krane's and Alternate Leo's Electrokinesis. Sebastian got this ability by secretly unlocking it when Chase gave him Mr. Davenports pass code. (Bionic Rebellion)
  • Dr. Gao: Dr. Gao has demonstrated this ability and used it on Chase.
  • Gamma Girl: Gamma Girl can manipulate Gamma Electricity.  


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