Energy Transference is an ability that is used to drain the energy out of any power source. Leo and many others have this ability. Theoretically, it might also be used to bring someone back to life, though this has dangerous side effects unless multiple people do it at the same time.


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Leo using Energy Transference to revive Donald

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The Bionic Soldiers reviving Leo in Bionic Houseparty

  • Leo: This is one of his main bionic abilities, as he used it to defeat Taylor in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, and used it to revive Donald in Bionic Houseparty.
  • The Incapacitator: He is a supervillain who uses this ability to try and take energy from other things. He has to keep absorbing energy or he cannot use his powers. 
  • Victor Krane: Krane uses this ability to absorb Donald's Thermal Blast and Adam's Heat Vision.
  • Sebastian: He is shown using it along with other bionic soldiers to bring Leo back to life in Bionic Houseparty.
  • Bionic Soldiers: A few other soldiers have this ability, as seen in Bionic Houseparty.
  • Dr. Gao: Dr. Gao has first demonstrated this ability when Adam shot his heat vision at him, Gao absorbed it and threw it right back at him.



Krane using his Energy Transference

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