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Escape To The Bionic Island is a 4 part story arc which includes the last four episodes of Season 3. This story arc introduced the Davenport Bionic Academy, deals with the aftermath of Rise of the Secret Soldiers, and sets up Season 4.


Bionic Houseparty (February 2, 2015) - Davenport lays in critical condition after a battle. In an attempt to save him, Leo risks his life to perform a dangerous bionic process. Meanwhile, after being deactivated from the Triton App, Krane’s former bionic soldiers have nowhere to go and follow Adam home.

First Day of Bionic Academy (February 3, 2015) - To his dismay, Leo finds out that he will be a student at the Bionic Academy, not a mentor like Adam, Bree and Chase. Chase engages in a battle against a former nemesis and Adam mentors a younger student.

Adam Steps Up (February 4, 2015) - Davenport leaves Adam, Bree, and Chase in charge of the Bionic Academy while he celebrates his anniversary. Leo invites Janelle to the island, but gets distracted by his nemesis.

Unauthorized Mission (February 5, 2015) - When Leo is chosen for a mission over Spin, Spin recruits Bob to join him on an unauthorized mission to prove themselves. Meanwhile, Sebastian tries to help Chase get revenge on Adam, but his intentions may not be true.


Escape to the Bionic Island Week - Lab Rats

Escape to the Bionic Island Week - Lab Rats

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