Do you know how long it took me to build the courage to walk over here and ask you to the dance? I had to practice with my mom!
— Ethan to Bree in Leo's Jam

Ethan is a boy that goes to Mission Creek High School. He went to the school dance with Bree in Leo's Jam.

He is portrayed by Garrett Backstrom.


He is a teenager who wanted to ask Bree to the dance, but was too nervous. It was the same for Bree, who ran away every time she saw his face. They were finally able to dance with each other when Bree put on heels and couldn't run. Bree always ran away when she sees him. In Smart and Smarter, they officially became a couple and flirt with each other as often as possible, however he was never shown again after this episode.


Season 1


Season 4


  • He has romantic feelings for Bree.
  • He practiced asking Bree to the dance with his mom.
  • His surname isn't revealed.
  • Bree and Ethan talk equations to each other.
  • He sits beside Bree in chemistry class.
  • He has dated Bree.
  • Bree calls him her "Decimal Point" (Smart and Smarter).
  • It is unknown whether he's still friends with Bree or not after they broke up.
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