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FBI. I need to see Donald Davenport.
— The FBI Agent to Tasha Davenport

The FBI Agent is a friend of Donald's who comes over to the Davenport Household. He tries to help Donald find out who is hacking into his secure network. He is portrayed by Ben Cornish.


The FBI Agent is first mentioned once Donald and Leo learn about the hacking of Davenport Industries, Donald tells Leo he will contact a friend of his in the FBI.

Later, there is a doorbell ring at the Household. The bionic teens don't answer it, so when another one rings, Tasha comes down to answer it. When she opens the door, the Agent tells Tasha that he needs to see Donald Davenport. Bree grabs Adam and Chase and super-speeds out of the room, causing a wind. The FBI Agent asks what it was, and Tasha calls for Donald.

He is not seen again, but Donald mentions him when he's talking to Leo. Leo asks what happened and Donald said he just left after giving him all of the information, but Donald tells Leo that the FBI Agent said the hacking was beyond anything he's ever seen, and that it would be weeks before getting leads.


Season 2


  • He and Donald are yoga buddies.