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(At the school...)

Bree: Guys, you will never believe what just happened. Jake Chambers asked me to the winter dance!

Chase: Jake Chambers! The Jake Chambers?

Bree: Yes!

Chase: Who's Jake Chambers?

Bree: The only guy who's even talked to me since people found out we were bionic. Apparently no one wants to date a girl who they think was revealed at this years auto show.

Chase: Yeah I hear ya. No one wants to date me either.

(Adam & Bree chuckle)

Chase: Oh really? Who are you going to the dance with?

Adam: No one.

(Adam & Chase walk off. Jake Chambers confronts Bree)

Jake: Hey Bree.

Bree: Oh, Hey Jake, what's up?

Adam: (Principle Perry imitation) Attention students: This is you principle, Principle Perry. Please report to the hallway is making a fool out of herself in front of a boy she has a crush on.

(Students laugh)

Jake: I'm going to just go.

(Jake walks away)

Bree: Why would you do that?!

Adam: Hey. If Perry were alive she would want me to do this.

Bree: She's not dead. She's home with a cold.

Adam: You don't know that. She could be dead by now, and this is how I choose to honor her.

Bree: Can't you embarrass someone else besides me?

Adam: I could.

(Adam pulls down Chase's pants)

Adam: But I'm better than that.

(Theme Song)

(In the lab)

Bree: Ugh. Adam is such a jerk. I can not believe that he embarrassed me in front of Jake.

Chase: Yeah. You were doing just fine on your own. Don't worry, I know the perfect way to get revenge. I have been working on an upgrade to Mr. Davenport's cybermasks. Now they're cybermasks and cloaks.

Bree: That's not revenge. That's you being a nerd.

Chase: These perfectly mimic the face and the body of the person you're pretending to be. Now you can impersonate Perry and bust Adam. Here is how I redesigned the electrical infrastructure.

Bree: Yeah, boring, let's get to the pain.

Chase: Okay. All I have to do is download a picture of Principal Perry and enter her height and weight.

(Bree gives Chase a puzzled look)

Chase: I got it off the back of her trading card. She used to play hockey in Croatia.

(Bree transforms into Principal Perry using the cybercloak and mask)

Chase: And voila.

(Bree looks at her reflection)

(Bree using Perry's voice)

Bree: Wow I look just like her. I sound just like her too. And I'm not even using my vocal manipulation.

Chase: I know. Voice modulation is built right in. And if you want to change back to your own voice, just press the other end of the tab.

(Bree's Voice)

Bree: This is so cool. This is going to be the

(Perry's Voice)

Bree: best revenge ever.

(Bree goes to hug Chase)

Chase: Let's just shake on it.

(Transition from The Lab to upstairs)


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